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Well it only took two days (and many hours) but we got through an entire campaign from beginning to end (and in order, from 1-10). A few notes:

- We did not use the Brotherhood Expansion info from this site, just the basic rules
- While the Dark Legion player for each mission was randomly determined, no player was allowed to be the DL a 2nd time until after everyone had taken a turn as the DL. Each player gor to be the DL twice (5 players x 2 = 10 Mission Scenarios).

Here’s the breakdown:

Mission 1: Skirmish (Cybertronics DL): success
Mission 2: Trapped! (Mishima DL): failure
Mission 3: Centurion (Bauhaus DL): failure
Mission 4: Kill Everything (Imperial DL): failure
Mission 5: Destroy Computer (Capitol DL): failure
Mission 6: Hold the Line (Capitol DL): failure
Mission 7: Exit through the Portal (Mishima DL): success
Mission 8: Destroy Teleporters (Imperial DL): failure
Mission 9: Ezoghoul (Bauhaus DL): failure
Mission 10: Nepharite (Cybertronics DL): success!

Here’s how the teams stood at the end of the game:

#1 Imperial (6th level, 145 Promo, 17 Credit)…230 points
#2 Mishima (6th level, 138 Promo, 17 Credit)…223 points
#3 Bauhaus (6th level, 136 Promo, 16 Credit)…216 points
#4 Capitol (6th level, 108 Promo, 18 Credits)…198 points
#5 Cybertronics (3rd level, 43 Promo, 5 Credits)…68 points

While many of the primary missions resulted in failure, many of the secondary missions were successful. Most squads had plenty of credits and Promo Points by the end of the campaign and were fairly un-stoppable except for tactical errors.

I’d also like to point out that except for Cybertronics, nearly all the corporations were able to “stay in the game.” Capitol had to play a lot of catch-up, but did an excellent job doing so: going into Mission #9 they were still only Rank 4 (red), but in Mission #10 they were the un-disputed MVPs, destroying the Nepharite Overlord, about a dozen legionnaires, at least one razide, and several necromutants. They completed both their prime and secondary missions and both survived. Their armaments:

Mitch Hunter: Violator Combo
Big Bob: Deathlock Drum with Explosive Rounds

It was Big Bob that did the majority of the killing (including the Nepharite and necromutants) and earned the “most improved award” of the campaign after dying four times in the first six missions.

What happened to Cybertronics? They started slow and fell behind. Once the DL moved into ranks 3 & 4 (and especially 5 & 6) Cybertronics found themselves unable to equip themselves with weapons that could hurt monsters/earn Promo Points. Going into Mission 10 the ‘borgs were still only 2nd level (they only went up to 3 after playing the DL in the final scenario).

The weakness of Cybertronics became a liability to ALL the corporate teams…none of the other players were using DT cards on Cybertronics and most were being helpful. However, the Big C had the mis-fortune of continuing to be assigned to Primary Missions (like “destroy the portals” and “hunting the ezoghoul”) and often this would lead to a big let-down; if the DL player could finish the other primary team, Cybertronics were unable to complete the mission (note both Missions 8 and 9 were failures).

Things that were learned:

#1 It’s All About Tactics

- A rank 6 Max Steiner gets cut to pieces by legionnaires by walking into a kill zone (wide open spaces like Area 1 and Area 8), despite being armed with nimrods and laser sites. This happened twice in the last two missions.
- A rank 6 Murdoch was able to defend an entire kill zone armed with nothing besides a deathlock drum, by staying put and keeping his back against the wall, (4 attacks per round with black dice, making centurions and legionnaires come to him).
- A rank 1 Valerie took out the ezoghoul in Mission 2 with a punisher short sword and a cyber-arm, a “weak spot” DT card, extra attacks, and careful positioning. This before the ezoghoul had reached the 3rd area.
- Lack of planning (no purchased teleportals, spatial phazers) prevent any of the Doom Troopers from reaching the exit. This doesn’t happen by Mission 7.

#2 Don’t Over-Estimate Yourself

- A rank 6 Yojimbo armed with a cyber-arm, violator combo, and teleportal, decides to take out the ezoghoul in Mission 10. He succeeds by his lonesome only to be cut down by the Nepharite Overlords.

#3 Teamwork Does Matter

- Yojimbo and Hatsu went through one portal and destroyed it, leaving Coral and Attila behind to destroy the 2nd. It never happened.

#4 Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

- Max Steiner was loaded for bear in the Ezoghoul Hunt mission. He was cut down and neither Valerie, nor Cybertronics, had the weapons necessary to slay the ezoghoul.
- More than once, (in the early missions), a squad would spend credit on big guns and special gear leaving their CC team member with naught but a knife. Inevitably it would come down to the guy with a knife. BUY THOSE PUNISHER COMBOS!

#5 Throw Enough Lead At It…

- Any fire team trooper got taken down when surrounded by enough legionnaires
- Any Doom Trooper gotten taken down when surrounded and shot by enough DL forces
- Objectives are easily cut off with a mob of DL figures in tight corridors

#6 Equipment Selection: the Great Equalizer

#7 Discretion Is The Better Part of Valor…But Anything’s Possible

- Valerie Duvall was able to cut down Ezoghouls with a punisher short sword more than once (though she had a cyber-arm); but if no one on the squad has more dice than the enemy’s armor rating, it’s time to retire the field!

#8 Adaptability Is Key

- As a legionnaire had already broken through line (Mission 6), team Mishima decided to accomplish their secondary objective and get out. Yojimbo took the genetic scraping and Hatsu left the field…then Yojimbo got killed. End result: no credit.
- Valerie Duval used a teleportal to get to the exit portal (Mission 7) during turn 3, but Max was waiting to use his DT card until turn 5 (it didn’t become apparent that a standard exit was hopeless till after turn 3). However, during turn 4 Max got jumped by a Nepharite and knocked down to 1 point. He teleported on turn 4 (to escape) and then had to live through a legionnaire barrage (beginning of turn 5) before exiting the portal for the win.
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Engar of Ager
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Nice report.

I think it would be better if DL player is always determined randomly. This way player who has least credits and promotion points would have at least chance to earn them more as DL player. (Cybertronic in this campaign.)

Lack of planning: doomtroopers didn't take teleporters or molecular phasers. This is just typical. Players are so greedy that they don't want to waste their credits on teleporters because they pick more likely cyberarms and distruptors.
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Mats Carlsson
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Nice report. I'm just confused on one point. I get the impression that credits were awarded for secondary missions even though the primary mission failed. As I understand it that is not possible when all DT-groups have secondary missions, you have to do the primary to be able to get anything for the secondary. You still have to complete the secondary to keep the DL player to get credits for them.

Maybe it was a mission were only some of the DT-groups had secret missions, then it makes sense.

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