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Subject: Butler Aiming Clarification? rss

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John Doe
United States
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Can anyone clarify what happens in the following examples:

aim the hyperspace gate at any planet in the {defense's} target system

Any planet in the target's/defense's system?

What system, his home system? The system the offense originally aimed the hyperspace gate at?

This vagueness confounds me.

I assume it is the former but still, I feel their is a lack of clarity.

In my case I am thinking what happens if the Offense draws their own color and tries to remove an enemy from one of his home planets.


1) Offense draws card for a system he already has ships on in a certain planet(s) located in that system.

Butler aims gate at a planet offense already has ships on, if Offense wins would he merely fortify his existing colony? If offense loses, his existing ships on said planet would remain untouched correct?

Vs a foreign colony with only the offenses ships on it , would the offense have to face the defense again, and after winning place his ships upon his already present colony ships?

2)Offense draws his own color, then decides he wants to attack an opposing player who has established a colony one one of his home planets.

Offense decides not to tip the butler.

What happens now?

Does the Butler A) get to redirect the hyperspace gate to one of the defending players home planets?

What happens when the Offense draws his own color and decides to uproot an enemy or reestablish a colony on one of his unoccupied home planets and fails to tip the butler?

OR Does Butler B) get to redirect the hyperspace gate to an entirely new player on one of the offenses home systems?

I apologize, I understand this may seem clear to some or many of you.

Regards, John
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Roberta Yang
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The Butler aims the hyperspace gate anywhere the offense could legally aim the hyperspace gate normally.

1) If offense wins when aiming at a planet where the offense already has a colony, the offense's ships in the encounter fortify the existing colony. The defense is whoever's system is being aimed at, regardless of whether the defense actually has a colony on the planet.

2) The Butler gets to aim the gate at any planet in the offense's system where the gate could legally be aimed, which means any planet in the offense's system except for a planet on which the offense has a home colony and no other players have foreign colonies. If the targeted planet is completely empty, the offense automatically wins and lands; if the targeted planet is not empty, the offense chooses a player with a foreign colony on that planet, and that player is the defense.

The Butler always makes decisions for the offense from the pool of decisions that would already have been legal for the offense to make. The Butler doesn't get to do things like aim at a foreign system when the offense drew their own color, because that's not a legal decision the offense could have made.
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