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I picked up Dangerous Waters from my FLGS recently as a birthday present for myself, despite having read nothing about it on BGG (craziness!). The one thing that has always bugged me about the base game is: how are there that many people in the house? And what is the deal with all the flammable material just lying around? I liked the idea of an industrial setting, because it seemed just a bit more realistic - there are going to be a lot of people on a work site, and they are not all going to follow their evacuation drill properly. Some of them are new and will just forget, and a lot are going to run towards the emergency and try to fight the fire themselves. It's also quite normal to have a lot of hazardous and flammable materials lying around (often in the wrong places - people have a tendency to leave these things where it's convenient for them) as well as running through overhead pipes and things. There will also be plenty of ignition sources.

I was pretty excited to try this with my game group, but since it's been ages since I played even the base game, I figured I had better give it a solitaire play-through first.

To minimize the number of rules I would have to check, I chose a very simple setup of three random explosions, three Hazamts, no initial hot spots, no specialists, and four players. Two victims and one false alarm were removed from the POI pile before starting.

The game began with a fire in the main hallway (fortunately that explosion was contained by the fire door), a fire raging in the small office at 8,6 and a fire right in front of the flammable storage cabinet at 8,1. Initial Hazmat placement was in the kitchen, across the hallway in non-flammable storage (as a former safety inspector, this in no way surprises me), and in the hazardous materials storage room at 8,3. The first three POIs were in no immediate danger.

At the beginning of the game, the fire in the hazardous materials storage room spread rapidly, causing the rest of the Hazmat in that room to explode and leaving the team with a Hot Spot for the rest of the game.

Red and Orange went first, fighting the fires near them in the office and hazardous storage, respectively. Yellow and Green, who both entered from the other end of the board, also focused first on the biggest risks, with Yellow quickly disposing of the Hazmat in the kitchen, and Green extinguishing the fire in the main hallway.

While Red and Orange continued to battle the flames, Yellow and Green began sweeping the boat for victims. There were a number of False Alarms, and smoke continued to spring up in their path, which had to be dealt with.

Red finally managed to contain the fire in the small office, and hurried down the hallway to the L-shaped offices - a message had come through the radio that someone might be trapped in there. Red entered the smoke-filled office and began searching. Unfortunately, due to an Advance Fire roll on a later turn, the smoke in the office Flashed Over right in Red's face just before he was able to find the victim. She was Lost in the rapid spread of the fire.

Meanwhile, Orange entered the engine room, which was also filling with smoke. More victims were discovered in the engine room, and Orange rushed them to safety past the still-smouldering hazardous materials storage room.

Once the office fires were largely contained, the team spent most of the rest of the game concentrating on the critical engine room. Several victims turned up in this area, and although the room was very smoky, the team was able to contain the fires that did start up before they got too serious. There were a number of explosions in the hazardous materials storage, however, leading to a new Hot Spot late in the game and jamming one of the fire doors into the engine room.

This turned out not to be a problem, and the team was able to evacuate all the victims.
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