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Subject: Trollfens + Frothy Beverages rss

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Theaty Hannington
United States
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As Roganna the Shade Elf and Augur Grisom the Prophet Dwarf came along looking for a town and finding an inferno, they frantically searched the bodies for survivors. The damage they saw didn't quite match up with the monsters that were present, leading to a suspicion that these monsters were just the mop up crew. They discovered a survivor and, grabbing him, made a break for the exit. The monsters mounted a solid, two-deep defensive line across the exit, leaving the entrance unguarded. The elf turned and booked it for the unguarded entrance, slowing just long enough to heal the dwarf. The dwarf sprang back up, partially patched up, but by then they were both cut off from the entrance by a fleet-footed, flaming dog. Then harpies and fire imps started to swarm as flesh moulders circled the two heroes. The elf carrying the survivor was knocked out and the survivor was killed by the laughing harpies as a flaming dog dragged it off. The dog found a ring on the corpse and took it obediently to his master. The heroes reflected that, though both are loners by nature, perhaps some more allies would help to solve the riddle of this swamp. However, since they're already here and the situation appears dire, they decide to plod on and hope somebody else has heard the rumors and come to the swamp.

Overlord: 1
Heroes: 0

Our two heroes came upon Pathfinder Duric the Orc and Dezra the Vile Mage tracking a cart through the mud. Banding together, these four heroes snuck up on a giant troll pulling a cart of prisoners over a log in a swamp. A prisoner screamed out and, well, the troll shoved the cart into the water to drown the prisoners. Then he jumped on the cart to help it sink faster, but he was too fat and the cart disintegrated, freeing the prisoners on the other side of the cart from the heroes. The heroes all but wiped out the monsters, but the monsters were able to massacre the villagers first. The short, fat Dwarf prophet almost drowned a bunch of times, forgetting he had a ring that was like a Magical Mae West Life Vest. The mage ended up killing half the monsters in a single shot. The speedy elf tried to hold off the harpies but they ignored her and tore the prisoners to pieces. The Orc made his presence known with his pet, the Rabbit of Caerbannog, slaughtering Zombies like they were weak. Which they are. But he killed a ton of those respawning shamblers.

Overlord: 2
Heroes: 0

The heroes found a locked door guarding a fire-lit stone house. The Orc got curious and grabbed a shiny thing off the ground, which cause a hideous harpy with a high-pitched voice to swoop down and attack him. The Orc noticed she had a key and attempted to kill her to get at it, hit her for 5/6 of her hit points, and failed his second hit -- a theme which ran through the rest of this encounter: Orc swings at master Harpy, Orc misses; Orc's Rabbit of Caerbannog bites at master harpy, Rabbit misses; master harpy disappears. Meanwhile, the fat dwarf inadvertently invented volleyball as burrowing plague worms kept popping up beneath him exactly like Orca tossing dead seals into the air. Except he wasn't dead yet. The elf ran over to save him, but got cornered by the Ettin who had the other key. The mage could never get a clear shot off at enough enemies to use her Nuclear Magic Missile BS Attack, but the heroes hacked and slashed their way to the win anyways -- supported by strong arrow attacks from the elf, who gave up on healing the perpetually-down dwarf after a while to whittle down the Ettin; numerous harpy killing blows by both the Rabbit of Caerbannog and the Orc, seriously, one shot every time on the minion harpies, but still couldn't kill the 1 HP left for the entire game master harpy; and the mage decimating plague worm after plague worm. The dwarf basically just stood up and got knocked down a bunch. But he finally found his feet long enough to snag the key and enter the house, winning the encounter for the heroes, but not before they collected a bunch of valuable stuff off the ground. In the house, they found a shop and got some new weapons that were less-corroded from all the swamp water. These might be good for them as next round will see Act 2 monsters. However, they didn't get any extra armor.

Overlord: 2
Heroes: 1

The four heroes found a fortress where the overlord had a bunch of monsters chained up. His lieutenant was wandering around freeing them. The heroes wanted to know why, so they entered. The Elf remembered visiting this place before the sickness started spreading. More importantly, she remembered a secret passage. From the entrance to the swamp filled ante-chamber, four levers could be seen. The mage was first out of the gate, sprinting to her right to check a lever that crumbled in her hands. She turned and braced himself for a Harpy onslaught. The Elf went straight ahead and her lever opened the secret passage that the dwarf and orc slipped through, surprising three plague worms and a chained Ettin. With the heroes split up, the lieutenant was able to free a mutant shadow dragon while the harpies knocked down the mage. The master harpy blocked one entrance to the secret passage. Then the plague worms knocked the orc down and blocked the other entrance to the passage. From there it was hopeless for the heroes. The last two heroes left standing were cornered with both the exit and secret passages blocked. They passed out quickly, their weakly reviving friends cut off from helping them. The heroes managed to dispatch just one single monster, a minion harpy, before the overlord won the day, and the campaign.

Overlord: 3
Heroes: 1

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