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Ed Anderson
United States
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I'm not going to lie, of all the skeptics out there I was probably the worst. King of Tokyo is a dice based game where players seek for victory points by rolling certain dice combinations, collecting energy to buy abilities, or holding control of Tokyo for a specific amount of time. If you know much about me then you know that I hate dice. They are little pockets of disaster just waiting to happen. Luck can be a fun element to a game, but when it becomes the main focus, I'm out. So when I heard about the carnage that was gaining in popularity I figured I had to give it a chance. Lo and behold, Board Game Revolution had the game and I was able to rent it for ten days. Wonderful decision that I would recommend to anyone. I believe I only have one complaint about the game. And there so many things that I loved. I have searched high and low for this game and I found that consistently has the lowest price. **I say the game age is 10+ because that is what I think you will have the most fun with. 8+ is possible but I don't think it will play to the games potential.


1.) Potential - Unfortunately the game may get to the point that you just don't even have a chance. The game is designed so that you actually can do really well if the stars line up and you play some things really smart. However, I have seen it reach the point for some people where the game was barely worth playing anymore and there really wasn't a chance to win. This just kind of kills the mood not only for that person, but for everyone. A truly great game keeps every player engaged until the very last move.


1.) Fresh - The game didn't really resemble elements of other games that I had previously played. Not only were the setup and graphics unique, but the gameplay itself yielded something that I hadn't really felt in a game before.

2.) Dice - When someone can take something that I hate and make it not only bearable, but fun; now that is impressive. I have always hated dice, but this dice rolling was actually really enjoyable.

3.) Strategy - Despite the simplicity of the game there is actually a fair amount of strategy. You can win the game without going into Tokyo, and you don't really have to attack people if you don't want to. Sometimes an extremely aggressive tactic will win you the game.

4.) Simplicity - The game takes basically no time at all to explain and players can be pretty competent their first time around. There are a lot of games that players just can't expect to do well at their first or maybe even second time, but this allowed players to have a pretty good chance at winning even if they have never played before.

5.) Kibun - Although people were dying and you were forced to attack people from time to time, there wasn't a whole lot of tension throughout the game. Everybody was relatively willing to take damage and to attack without a lot of heartache. I was impressed with this because I don't really know how it was achieved. Members of my family that don't usually like aggressive games really enjoyed King of Tokyo.

All in all it was a great game. If you live in Utah I would recommend a trip to Board Game Revolution. You can rent the game for something like $5.00 and if you want to buy it afterward (or any other game in the store) you can use that $5.00 toward your purchase. Highly recommended. Let me know if you have any questions of input as far as the game goes.

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Alex Churchill
United Kingdom
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"If we knew what we were building, it wouldn't be called research!"
Sufficiently advanced mathematics is indistinguishable from magic
What about the dice rolling was enjoyable? It seems to have the worst elements of Yahtzee in that you can often find yourself needing to roll a particular combination to have any chance of achieving what you want to, and the winner seems almost entirely determined by the luck of the dice.
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