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Subject: DC Deck and HU Deck Combination rss

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Emmanuel Diaz
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EDIT: Admin has approved my file submission.

I've seen some combinations/mix here and decided to try it out.
(I just bought the HU set and haven't played it that much yet.)

What i wanted to accomplish
- Card Draw/Discard Pile Combo
- Attacks and Defense Balance
- * cards collecting Balance/Specific card collect
- Fun/Special Cards Effect(Suicide Squad,Kyle Rayner)
- Superhero Balance (Deck will work whichever SH you use)
Problem is the main deck has 160 Cards.

Can i get some input?
Here's my set (Card Name and Card Count).

Equipment 18
Heroes 25
Location 5
Super Power 13
Villain 24

Equipment 16
Heroes 24
Location 1
Super Power 10
Villain 24
TOTAL Main 75
Total Cards 160

Row Labels Card Count
Batarang 2
Blue Lantern Power Ring 1
Green Lantern Power Ring 1
Helmet of Fate 2
Legion Flight Ring 2
Mind Control Hat 1
Orange Lantern Power Ring 1
Sciencell 2
Skeets 2
Soultaker Sword 2
Star Sapphire Power Ring 1
Yellow Lantern Power Ring 1
Crimson Whirlwind 1
Daughter of Gotham City 2
Deadman 2
Hawkgirl 2
Hero of the Future 2
Jason Blood 1
Katana 2
Kyle Rayner 1
Plastic Man 2
Raven 2
Saint Walker 2
Superboy 2
Warrior Princess 1
Winged Warrior 1
Wonder of the Knight 1
World's Mightiest Mortal 1
Apokolips 1
Gotham City 1
Metropolis 1
New Genesis 1
OA 1
Canary Cry 3
Force Field 2
Power of the Green 2
Shazam! 2
Starbolt 3
Teleportation 1
Black Lantern Corps 2
Deadshot 2
Dr Sivana 2
Granny Goodness 2
Jervis Tetch 2
Killer Croc 2
Larfleeze 1
Mr Zsasz 2
Ocean Master 2
Parasite 2
Red Lantern Corps 2
Talon 2
The Demon Etrigan 1
Green Arrow's Bow 2
Lasso of Truth 2
Nth Metal 2
The Batmobile 3
The Bat-Signal 3
The Cape and Cowl 2
Utility Belt 2
Catwoman 3
Green Arrow 3
J'onn J'onzz 1
Kid Flash 4
King of Atlantis 1
Princess Diana 1
Robin 3
Super Girl 2
Swamp Thing 2
The Dark Knight 1
The Emerald Knight 1
The Fastest Man Alive 1
The Man of Steel 1
Titans Tower 1
Bulletproof 3
Heat Vision 3
Super Speed 4
Bane 2
Bizarro 1
Cheetah 2
Clayface 2
Harley Quinn 2
Lobo 1
Poison Ivy 2
Scarecrow 2
Suicide Squad 4
The Penguin 2
The Riddler 2
Two-Face 2
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United States
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Re: DC Deck and HU Mix
i don't know how much input i can give (having only played the based about 10 times & HU is in the shrink) but i am VERY interested in this conversation because eventually i hope to combine them as well.
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Emmanuel Diaz
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Re: DC Deck and HU Mix
DC Card list and computation has been approved. See link on topic starter post.

Here's a feedback i got from another forum.

c/o Zuty
So I just played two quick games. I used Raz in my first game and Vandal in my second along with 8 random Super Villains from both the main game and Heroes Unite. I was Flash in both games using a special house rule me and my friends use for him. (You go first. For each different named non-location card you play during your turn that tells you to draw a card, draw an additional card.)

Both games flowed extraordinarily well and I got over 90 points at the end of each game which is a fantastic score to get in the solo game. I do have some suggestions and questions:

-I'd swap the three copies of Batmobile with Aquaman's Trident. Batmobile isn't a terrible card, but Aquaman's Trident is superior in every way. Most of the time, Batmobile just gets you power and nothing else. Aquaman's Trident not only gives you power, but allows you to put any card you buy/gain on the top of your deck which I've found INCREDIBLY helpful.

-High-Tech Hero is such a great card. Is there any reason you excluded it?

-Why the lack of raw +Power cards? The first thing I noticed when putting this together was that cards like Gorilla Grood, Doomsday, Brother Blood, and Super Strength aren't in the deck. I still managed to get over 20 Power several times over the course of both games, but I am just curious why you excluded the higher costing raw +Power cards.

My reply was
When i created the list i made some computation in trying to identify the ave cost and power generated by the cards per set (Main - HU). Not to bore you with the details... but the average for the 2 sets was around 8.6 cost and power generated was 3.5 (this is with some base estimates for cards with power generated conditions). This doesnt account for any combo you might have in game.

- Batmobile and Whirlwind has almost the same function, so i selected batmobile as it is more powerful since you draw 5 cards instead of 4(whirlwind).
Also, I was thinking it gives more flavor to the game when you can discard your hand, this also triggers S-H flash so you get six cards instead of 5 with whirlwind.
You do have a point with the Trident, though there are cards in HU that lets you put a card from your discard pile to the top of your deck (Entrigan, Jason Blood, i forgot the other).
I'll look into what i can swap so trident will be on the deck.

- High-Tech hero, well i cant really recall. I think i was just trying to decrease the hero cards and just decided to take him off since there are a lot of cards that triggers Equip and Super power already. I selected Power of the Green which functions more with locations (lower version of Swamp Thing).

- Good that you noticed, its one of the things i was weighting, as stated above, i tried to put values on the cards for computation and seeing that HU set has high cost cards i had to trim some of them down. With the combo left on the deck, as you saw, i dont believe it decreased the power generated that much and still made the line-up manageable start of the game.

Let me know what you think.
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