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Subject: [WIP] Spell Dome rss

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Anjovi Kulam
Prince George
British Columbia
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Reference Pictures

Note: The goal of this game was to simply bring a good amount of gameplay while cutting down on rules/components overload. Ideally the game should be able to be learned relatively easy and even easier to teach. The diagrams should contain any information that a player will need to make sense of the rules.

I hope to hear from you and I thank you so much for your time!


Hiya folks!

The Premise

In spell dome each player will control a wizard who casts spells, summons minions and generally manipulates the elements to kill one another. The game emphasizes on collecting/managing resources, tactical positioning/flanking and hand management. They will be channeling energy points from the 4 various elements each turn and be using them to cover the different spell costs and waiting for the opportune times to use them. The particular spells/abilities/load out given to the wizards are determined at the beginning of the game and are only revealed once the player first casts the spell.

Magical runes of the spell dome will spawn throughout the game providing player’s the means of collecting the ‘ether’ element. This ether will provide player’s the means of casting more powerful
(ie. late game) spells that can build the odds in ones favour...If they survive long enough.

Player’s depending on the hand dealt to them will be creating unique strategies to play off of these mechanics and provide much of the game’s overall variety.

Here's were I extrapolate my twists on the whole thing to help you determine whether or not this one's a keeper


Components List:
-6 wizards
-6 health markers
-112 mana chits
--25 Fire mana
--25 Water mana
--25 Wind mana
--25 Earth mana
--12 Ether mana
-12 minion chits
--6 Minion 1 chits
--6 Minion 2 chits
-12 minion health markers
-6 player mats
-6 tree markers
-140 spell/ability/item cards
-36 Battle Cards
-1 game board
-1 D6

Game Setup:
1) Place board in center of table, layout mana tokens and cards at side of the board.
2) Give each player:
-1 health marker
-1 minion (1sword) token of designated color
-1 minion (2sword) token of designated color
-2 minion health markers
-6 battle cards (2 swords, 2 shields, 2 cracked shields)
3) Place the wizard tokens and the tree token in their starting position.
4) Shuffle the Main card deck and hand each player 6 cards from the deck to use.
We recommend letting players reshuffle their hand if they want to.
5) Roll the D6 to decide who goes first. Remember to place your health markers on 15!

Game Board:
These are the various components that make up the arena and the general gameplay.

Starting Rune
This is where the 1st rune is placed at the beginning of the game. Each rune collected provides
one ether, which is the element used to cast special spells or trade in for 4 mana of player’s choice.
Pillars are non-traversable, block line of sight for certain spells and deal 3 damage to a player
if they are pushed into them.
When a player moves onto or is pushed across this tile they will receive 5 damage.
When a player moves onto this tile they can choose to move their wizard to any of the other portals around the board. This activates automatically so it does not cost an additional action point to use.

When a player is pushed into a portal the player who pushed them will determine were they go.

]Rune Spawn Locations
The runes will spawn in these locations (determined by the dice roll)

Player Start
These tiles are were players will place their wizards.

Out of bounds/Wall
Players may get pushed into the outer wall to deal 3 damage similar to the pillars.

Game Mechanics:
These are the general game mechanics that player’s will want to keep in mind while playing.
Hit Points
The player’s general health, once it reaches 0 the player is eliminated.

Mana (Tiles)
The resources required to cast spells from cards and lay down an arcane stream on the board. Whenever a mana of a particular element is depleted/emptied the 1st mana point will cost the amount of 2. Otherwise player’s will have access to 6 mana points of their choice each turn.

The player will be able to use 1 action point to move their wizard to a tile adjacent to them or to any arcane stream that is in their full control. You will then choose the direction that they face.

Arcane Stream
Player’s may use 1 action point to lay down a row of element tiles (1 color) onto the board. It can be placed down any were provided: It is adjacent to player or arcane stream player is attached to, It is placed in a straight line and if extending off of an arcane stream already on the board it must be of the same element type.

The arcane stream is used for teleportation (see movement), blocking player movement (they can’t move through it) and pushing opponents in the direction it is placed. Once on the board if only one player is adjacent to it they will assume full control of it. In other words if you want to make a player lose that control you must only move your wizard adjacent to it or attach yourself to it by casting a stream yourself.

Spell Casting
The cards in your hand will determine the particular spells you have access to in the round. You will only reveal to other players what your spells are when you 1st place them. You will then have access to them for the remainder of the game.
-Regular Spells
These are the spells that are 1 shot and carry out a particular action. Some require the attacker and attacked to go into battle phase. Certain spells will give players a + battle bonus.

-Environment Spells
These are spells that make an impact on the playing field. When a player plays one of these they will arrange the pattern depicted on the card (using the symbol side of the mana tiles) onto the board and lay their spell card by the side of the board for all player’s to reference. These spells don’t require the battle phase but can only be casted once (unless told otherwise on card)


Minion cards are played to summon creatures onto the field to assist a player. They will be represented on the field by either:
1Sword Icon or 2sword Icon. The card will be laid down next to a socket containing said symbol(along with health tracker) and player will put their designated minion tile on the board.

Minions will be casted on the field to assist players. They will each have 2 action points and stats/abilities will be depicted on the card. These minions don’t activate the battle phase and simply do damage on players if they can get into range. They do require at least 1 battle card to be damaged though when player’s want to deal damage to them.

When a minion is killed you’ll remove their designated marker from the board, and discard the card into the main deck.

Battle Phase
When a certain spell/ability requires the battle phase each player will go through 2 main phases followed by an optional phase.
1) The attacker will lay down 2 of their battle cards face down. The defender will then decide how many cards that they will place face down. Each player’s cards will be placed side by side facing there opponent’s cards.
2) Both players will then reveal their cards. The player’s cards across from each other will be resolved 1st. If the opponents have an active card afterwards they will then resolve the 2 remaining cards. Defender wins draws.

The cards authority over one another.
Sword > Broken Shield, Broken Shield > Shield, Shield > Sword

- If the attacker wins the attack will hit and do damage depicted on the card.
- If the defender wins they will have the choice to:
Dodge: Give up 1 action point of their following turn to move their wizard and dodge damage
Block: Give up mana regeneration of their following turn to keep their wizard in place and block the damage.

3) If the winning player chooses they may double down and go for either a critical hit(attacker) or counter attack(defender) depending on if it’s the attacker or defender who wins. Player’s will repeat phase 1 and 2, though only with 1 card and the winner of the previous phase will place their card down first. If the player who initiates this round loses they will simply lose the entire round (simply changing the hit from the 2nd phase to a miss and vice versa.)

Critical Hit – Deal twice the damage as indicated on the card (2x)

Counter attack (defender) – allows the player to case a spell that’s guaranteed to hit provided the spell is 1 AP and they have the required mana.

If the opponent does not have any battle cards remaining for either of these battle phases they will simply lose the encounter.

Battle Cards
Each player will have 6 of these cards at the beginning of the game (2swords/2shields/2cracked shields) and will be used during battle phases and other attacks. Each time a card is used it will be discarded near the player for later use.

When the cards are all used, the player will wait 1 turn and then they will pick up all 6 of the cards to be used again. Otherwise player’s may use focus ability to gain back cards.

Battle + bonus
Certain spells will give the player a bonus during battle phase. For every 1+ bonus a player will either get to add on battle card from their discard or take 1 from the opponents hand to reveal and discard.

Other ways to get bonus is by flanking the opponent. All bonus points from spells/flanking stack for particular attack.

When you attack a player’s wizard from the side or behind, you will get a battle + bonus in the battle phase. If you attack from the side you will get +1 bonus, when you attack from behind you will get a +2 bonus.

At the game’s start a rune will spawn in the middle of the map. The player who lands on this tile will get +1 ether mana to use. The ether can also be traded in to give the player 4 mana of their choice or recover 3 hitpoints (this must be on player’s turn)

Once a player collects a rune a new one will spawn in a new location based on a D6 roll. (i.e 1 goes to 1, 2 goes to 2 and so on.)

If the dice roll already has a player/stream/minion/etc. occupying it’s space it will go to the center space. If that space is occupied as well it will not spawn. Once all players have had a turn the d6 will be rolled again.

Player Turn:
At the beginning of each player turn they will get the choice of whichever 6 mana tiles (mana pools that are empty cost 2 to initially start generating.) they want and are available. They will also have a choice to discard one of their un played spell cards and draw 1 from the deck.

Each player will be given 2 Action Points (AP) to use in their turn. They may spend these action points to do the following actions.

Player may move to an adjacent tile or one adjacent to a fully controlled arcane stream.
2)Arcane Stream
Player may place their mana tiles onto the board to form a stream.
3)Cast Spell
Player may cast spell as indicated on card. A certain spell may take multiple action points and will be carried over to following turn(s) if need be.
Player may choose to use 1 AP to draw one battle card of their choice from their personal discard pile.

Once the 2 AP points are used, the next player will go. Rinse and repeat until all players but 1 are dead.
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