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Subject: My Resident Evil Ideas rss

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Alan Johnson
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The bare bones of an idea I am hoping to run once MERCS:Recon is released...a series of linked missions based off of the Resident Evil Movie(s), with each “Arc” covering one movie and/or game storyline.

Source: Original movie

One of your deep cover agents planted inside the Umbrella Corporation has requested an emergency extraction. Unfortunately, their transmission was cut short before they could provide their location or any other details.

Your Team is being sent in to a regional office to hack a secured server in an attempt to determine the location of your agent.

OVERVIEW: A normal game, no special rules or figures. Players must determine the location of the secured server, make their way to its location, then “hack” the server to find your agents location (okay, maybe some special rule for hacking the server if the base rules do not already provide for something along these lines – maybe).

MISSION TWO: Down the Rabbit Hole
The information obtained from your computer hack alludes to a secret Umbrella Laboratory hidden below one of their office buildings. Can you get in and find the hidden entrance before security is alerted to your presence???

OVERVIEW: Again, mainly a normal game. Find the secret entrance to the underground complex.

MISSION THREE: Agent, Alice and/or T-Virus
You have successfully entered Umbrella’s secret underground lab. Now you just have to find your missing deep cover agent.

OVERVIEW: There are a number of options that you could go with for this mission:
a) find the agent and escort them out
b) maybe work in a tertiary objective to find and retrieve the T-Virus and/or its antidote
c) maybe work in an “Alice” NPC and/or OpFor that could be a help and/or a hindrance to the players

You could actually combine the possible results above and tie it to a chart based on how well, or how quickly the players have completed the previous two missions. For example, if both of the previous mission were successful, their mission is simply a find the agent and escort the agent out. However, if one or more of the previous missions were failed, the agent turns out to be an infected mini-boss. Etc.

Randomly mix in some “infected” figures in the OpFor.

The underground lab’s Artificial Intelligence Security Program, The Red Queen, has locked down the facility. Your team must fight their way to the computer core and shut her down if you have any hope of escaping.

OVERVIEW: Search for the location of the Computer Core and shut it down. Could develop a special Breach and Clear scenario, or some special rules for a section of the map that the players must traverse to recreate the laser deathtrap.

Probably use nothing but infected for OpFor. Maybe develop a couple of harder “mini-bosses” that could be encountered (infected dogs!!!) as the security level increases.

MISSION FIVE: Escape and Evade
The Red Queen has been shut down and your escape route is clear…well, except for all of the infected still roaming the halls.

OVERVIEW: Sort of a reverse mission. Players start at the center of the map and must work their way out of the building. Maybe have 4 stairwells, one on each side of the map with one being the safe exit while the others are teaming with infected that swarm out of the stairwells and engage the players (which door do your try first?!?). Maybe a “mini-boss” awaits behind one of the exit doors (a la Nemesis).

- Throw in some rules for the possibility of becoming infected.

- Throw in some rules to recover health between missions.

- Characters that die can be replaced with “survivors” that have been found while making your way through the complex (another deep cover agent, an surviving agent from a competing Faction Team that was overwhelmed by the infected, maybe even Alice…) – this breaks the “feel” of the story just a bit, but hey, this is a game after all and no one will be having fun if they are sitting there twiddling their thumbs while everyone else is still playing the game.
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Josh Burchett
United States
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Avengers! Cowabunga!
I know this is a late response but this is a very good idea. As far as being infected, the infected module may explain how to become infected? If the mission lasts a certain amount of time an infected merc may turn on his fellows. I think Recon can proxy with other games (i.e. Zombicide) to create stories and sci-fi events.

When Recon arrives at my door step this Resident Evil variant sounds good.
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