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Subject: Night King "overlord" Deck Variant rss

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Judd Jensen
United States
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Like many people, I find the choices of the Night King player to be rather uninteresting and somewhat repetitive.

After thinking about the problem for a long time, I decided to create my own Night King "overlord" type deck by using the spells, monsters and feats from the class decks. I used 50 Grey "enemy" cards that the overlord can use by spending gold (instead of Menace). I also included 15 red "hero" cards which the Overlord must give to one hero of his choice when they are drawn. When the Night King gives the cards to the heroes he gains gold equal to the red "menace" cost of the card. The full card list is below. Before I get to that though, there are a few rule modifications I reccomend:

1) Instead of spawning patrols as normal, the Night King player must now use gold to buy the monster cards from his hand and place them on the board as a patrol. This allows him the freedom of spawning powerful or weak patrols depending upon how much gold he wants to spend. Once a monster patrol is spawned in this way, its card is placed in the undefeated track and is permanently tied to its undefeated counter until slain. Note: Patrols never give rewards so ignore the "Rewards" section of the monster cards.

2) The Night King and Heroes must play their cards during the appropriate phases. So if the card has a boot symbol, it must be played in a hero's movement phase. If it has the menace symbol, it must be played at the start of combat. If it has a book symbol, it must be played as the card specifies.

3) The Night King starts with 6 cards and 1 gold per hero player. Before the game starts he can use that gold to spawn monster patrols from his hand. At the end of each Night King phase he may choose to discard one card and then draws back up to 6 cards.

4) The new deck can be used in addition to the Night Kings normal ability to influence combat. He may still use gold to buy any type of counters he desires and spend them as normal.

5) A hero may only use one red "hero" card per combat. If multiple heroes are fighting in the same combat (ie in a fortress for example), they may each use 1 red "hero" card to influence that combat.

Here is the complete card list:

sauronGrey "Night King" Cards sauron

Dragonlord Terzit(Remeber: ignore its reward)
Plague Dragons
Dragonlord Khogard (Remember: ignore its reward)
Emerald Dragon
Cave Troll
Thakog the Attended
Korgat the Destroyer (ignore his before combat ability)
Minotaur Shaman
Gnoll RaidersKatjie hunter
Hydra Dragon
Frost Giants
Charnel Wagon
Rock Hound
Gyre and Grak

Recall Agony
Maddening Wail
Ice storm
Fire Adept
Withering Touch
Magic Drain
Touched by Chaos
Soul Drain
Lightning Bolt
Fire Blast
Arcane Mastery
Dragon Storm

Minotaur's Strength
Furious Roar
Blood of Giants
Feral Hunger
Grasping Tentacles
River Stalker
Mortal Strike
Hurl boulder
Terrifying Visage
Webbed Lair
Rapid Regeneration
Beserker Fury
Natural Armor
Assassin's Strike
Savage Assault
Mark of the Hydra
Fire Breath
Aura of Dread
Acid Blood
Stone Skin

Red "Hero" Cards

Spell Wall
Mana Fire
Bestow Blessing (This Card only heals the one hero... ignore the ally statement)
Phase Shift
Gate of Regiroth
Awaken Tree Ents

Spiked Pit Trap
Siphon Glyphs
Daring Charge
Double Strike
Sword Song
Leaping Strike
True Shot
Heart Strike

If you have any questions, please let me know. I think the use of the Overlord type deck will make the Night King position a lot more interesting and give the player a lot more options to think about. Please let me know what you think... and doubly so if you actually give it a try.

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J. P.
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this sounds very interesting, I just started to play the Class decks with the basic game, but I'll try this out.

I never had a problem with the normal options for the NK player, but of course I like the aspect that every player has got some secret cards.

And: what about the balancing? The heroes won't be able to win against a Dragon challenge at the beginning of the game, so there will be more knock outs and/or escapes as in a normal Midnight game - and there are enough in a normal game...

Has anybody tried it out?
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Michael D. Kelley
United States
Silver Spring
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Glad I checked the forums first, because I was just about to post a very similar variant.
The main difference was that the heroes would still have the "good" cards from their class deck, and that the spending of menace would work the same (Night King would spend the hero's accrued menace to play the bad cards).
But I think I like your version much better .
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Lindsey Dubb
United States
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Has anyone tried this out? How well did it work? It looks to me like it could be a nice improvement to the standard Midnight rules.
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