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Subject: Spirit hut is a bit overpowered rss

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daniele cerboneschi
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Provided that I'm a huge fan of Jambo game (so as to develop a Vassal module of it, with both expansions, almost finished) but after over 50 matches over my belt, I'm quite sure that the fourth hut (Spirit hut) is a bit overpowered because:

1) no action marker is needed to use it (but it burns 1 action+1 card of the opponent)

2) it blocks both animal and people card with a very little cost (1 ware) and the owner can choose to use it or not after seeing the opponent people or animal card

3) it is also useful like a mini-market stand, because the player can put on it 1 ware any time he wants (freeing room in his market stand)

So with the Spirit hut in play cards like Guard and Sprit of ancestor are quite useless and the small market stand decreases drastically its value.

I've tried some house rule variant:
-altering its activation cost: 1 action marker like store hut
-altering its activation cost: 2 action marker like trading hut
-forcing the owner to choose between protection from animal or from people but not both

with general improvement in the game balance, obviously in my absolutely personal opinion.

Though to a lesser extent, I consider the victory obtained by colection of all relics too simple regarding the "normal" condition of 60 gold or more.

I'm curious about your opinion about those points and above all about your favorite setup (vanilla game, only cards without huts/carpet and so on); for now I'm playing without relics and spirit hut and I enjoy very much the experience.

Thanks for attention,

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Mark L
United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
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I've only played with the Spirit Hut a couple of times, but it did seem a little overpowered. Making it a cost one action to move a ware onto it might solve that. I think a cost of 2 actions might be excessive; remember that any ware you move onto it is effectively gone -- you can't move it back even if you want to. If your opponent rarely plays animal or people cards on you, you might wish you'd hung onto that ware.

But I'm not convinced it makes the Guard and Spirit of the Ancestors useless, though obviously it makes them less valuable. If your opponent has 2 animal/people cards, they can play one first to try to make you use up your Spirit Hut, then hit you with the other. So you need to consider whether to use the Hut when you can or save it for a possible follow-up card, which is a nice tactical consideration. Keeping a Guard or Spirit of the Ancestors in your hand makes using the Hut less of a risk, and if there is no follow-up it means you don't need to burn a ware to replanish the Hut.

To your other question, I don't have a "favourite" way to play, I like to mix things up. Not too keen on vanilla, as there are so many possibilities with the expansions it seems a shame not to use them! I do prefer to only use 1 or 2 different huts in a game, though, as I think using more overcomplicates things. And I wasn't impressed with the Relics. Haven't tried the carpets yet. Hopefully next time!
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