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Disclaimer: This is a transcript of one of my solo games using Mythic: Game Master Emulator. It was posted on Mythic Y! Group almost four years ago.

The Maiden’s Monastery
West of Gemshir, a small Duniran village, lies an ancient monastery, abandoned by those who sought to commune with the Divine Pantheon. However, starting a month ago, every night, by midnight, the bells of the monastery ring and in the next day a young maiden of Gemshir can not be found anymore.

Delka of Ocidentia
Priestess of Gwyanna
Delka knew the undead menace was not a boon to the mortals—it was a curse she needed to deal with, even when the other priests’ words seemed to be spoken with silver tongues. She had lost her family to gullveigs, and she vowed to never allow that happen again—no matter what it could cost her. With that in mind, she joined those who adored Gwyanna in order to learn from them, hoping to use that knowledge to someday fight the unliving threat.
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Hearts [2] – Undead Bane, able to cast spells that harm and repel undead creatures
Spades [2] – Natural Acrobat, able to perform feats of agility with ease
Clubs [1] – Exotic Beauty, her blue eyes and long black hair are as charming as her words
FX: Queen of Hearts – Ward of Life, channel the life energies linked to Gwyanna to prevent someone from dying.

Recurring Location: Maiden’s Monastery
1- DENNOG, the caretaker, too eager to please.
2- Moaning sounds coming from the Chapel of Hiljam, desecrated.
3- **To be generated
4- Angry SPIRITS from deceased women, attacking with chilling touch.
5- Ritualistic evidence of torture and death.
6- **To be generated
7- Mystical pentagram, nullifying all magic use.
8- Crumbling stones, triggered by the lost soul of a CHILD.
9- **To be generated
10- **To be generated

Jack of Diamonds, 3 of Diamonds, 10 of Diamonds, 1 of Spades, 6 of Spades

Establish Adventure Location – Maiden’s Monastery
The opulent monastery was surrounded by mists, far from the road, as if its very existence defiled the fabric of reality. Yet Delka looked at it with fierce eyes, having left the village of Gemshire behind four hours ago. The grayish walls somehow looked as if they were meant to prevent anything living inside from leaving, instead acting as a protective shield from the tribulations of mundane lives. Yes, the place looked ominous, but Delka wouldn’t quit now, as she knew her journey was only beginning.
Leaving the magnificent wooden gates alone, Delka walked around the walls, looking for some loose stone that could grant her a way to enter the monastery without calling someone’s attention. She was sure she would find a way in, but she had not idea regarding how long it would take her to do that.

World, Access 3D – Thing, Concrete / Betray / Opposition, Low Impact
Interpretation: A seemingly easy way to enter, but it’s trapped.
Is it a window? (50/50): No.
Does the passage require pressing specific tiles? (Unlikely): No.
Will the ceiling crumble? (Likely): Yes.
The mists of the afternoon slowly lifted and showed many sections of the wall damaged by the time or ancient ballistas. The first stones Delka tried seemed to be still strongly attached to the wall, but soon she found a somewhat irregular passage, almost in plain sight, with only two loose stone blocks in front of the entrance.
Holding on the ancient stones, the Priestess of Gwyanna slowly made her way to the passage, blessing her luck while crouching and moving with grace. However, when she was halfway through the passage—still a few paces to the other side—she heard the muffling sound of the attrition of stone, feeling the slight tremor of the collapse of the ceiling. Right beside her a massive block fell, and with dread she noticed the ceiling wouldn’t last too much longer.

Hero, Access 6S, use 1S – Delka, Natural Acrobat, Moderate Impact
Covering her eyes from the dust that was rising, Delka rolled to the side, evading another stone block. The passage seemed a little smaller now, but her will would not fail, and she lounged forward, almost in a cartwheel motion, reaching the other side. Behind her the passage collapsed at once, on a shaking event that could be heard from a good distance. Dusting her clothes, the woman shook her head knowing there was no going back now—at least not from where she came—and before her lied the mysterious building to be explored.

World, Access JD, use 10D – Being, Passive / Expose / Bureaucracy, Extreme Impact
Interpretation: A part of the monastery was never completed due to lack of proper funding when the place was built.
Is it an entire wing? (Very Likely): Yes.

Delka found herself on what seemed to be a large construction site. The walls were halfway in place, but there was no signs the place was once part of the monastery—it should be, but it seemed to lack more than the foundation stones on their places. Piles of dirt were all around, mounds of stones were tightly placed, and even rotten wooden structures dotted the unusual landscape.
After walking for a minute or two, the stench of death came to here—on a corner, a half buried skeleton could be seen, probably victim of a collapsed wall or something like that. For a moment the Priestess grabbed her weapon, but let go of it when sensed there was no harm in those bones… Anyhow, whoever was that victim, it deserved a proper burial, and while the woman murmured a prayer, she approached the skeleton.
However, when close enough, the undisturbed ground gave away, acting like a pit trap, sending the Priestess down, and with her a pile of stones… This time she was the one half buried…

Hero, Access 1S, use 6S – Ally, Barthold, treasure hunter, Moderate Impact
…or so that seemed. While the stones were falling, a swift hand grabbed Delka by her arm, just in time to prevent her from becoming another victim. She was safe, at least for now, but who was that figure who suddenly appeared from nowhere?
“Who are you?,” she asked, placing her hand on her left ankle, feeling the exact spot where a stone had hit her.
“You’re welcome, lady,” said the other, clad in a leather armor and holding a small knife. “If I could foresee you wouldn’t thank me I’d let you meet your destiny.”
She shook her head. “I didn’t mean to be inquisitive, sir, but we both seem not to belong to this place. In any case,” she extended her hand, part as a compliment part as needing help to stand once again, “my name is Delka.”
“Barthold, lady, is how they call me,” he helped her move away from the dangerous spot. “If you think you’ve found a good place to acquire riches, you’re completely wrong. This dreadful place is empty.”
“So you are a thief?,” she asked with a smile. “Too predictable.”
“Not a thief, young lady… I’m a treasure hunter.”
“Hunting the treasures that belong to another. A thief nonetheless.”
“And that makes you what?,” he asked with a smirk. “Are you looking for treasures?”
She sat and pressed her ankle—the pain was going away. “I’m looking for answers. I’ve felt something disturbing here, and I won’t leave this place until I find what it is.”
“I won’t be able to help you with that, but we may share a path for now,” said Barthold, looking around. “But I bet we should leave this place before midnight.”
“Are you afraid of dark?”
“I’m afraid of staying here after the dark.”

World, Access 1S - DENNOG, the caretaker, too eager to please, Low Impact
Did the crumbling sound alert him? (Very Likely): Yes.
Is he armed (Unlikely): No.
“Hey! Who goes there?,” asked a third voice, almost elderly. Someone holding an oil lamp was approaching them.
“Who are you?,” asked Delka trying to pierce the night with her eyes.
“Can’t you ask something different when you meet someone?,” asked Barthold, noticing the man meant no harm.
“I’m Dennog, caretaker of this monastery,” he was already near them, but the lamp seemed to give him a strange look. “Are you two hurt?”
“We’re fine,” answered Delka. “Aren’t you surprised to see us here?”
“Not at all,” said Dennog, raising the lamp to better see the duo. “This monastery was once a sanctuary to those who sought a living away from the civilization, so I won’t question why are you here or how did you enter,” he gave a toothless smile, “but next time use the main gate—it’s the easiest way.”
“So you consider this place a sanctuary?,” asked Barthold.
“Of course, and I welcome you both. If you care to join me, I’ve made a good stew, and I’m sure it’s still hot. Shall we?”

Hero, Access 3D – Character Assumption, Delka knows how to pass as an interested lady when she wants more info, Low Impact
The quick stroll toward the main building was a lot easier with Dennog serving as a guide. It was not enough to grant Delka more than few clues regarding the dangers of the unfinished wing, but at least the three were unharmed.
The kitchen had a pleasant smell, and Barthold’s eyes were shimmering with the possibility of free good food. And the stew’s aroma was surely intoxicating.
Delka, on the other hand, was not touching her plate, more concerned about what Dennog could have to say.
“Don’t you like stew, my darling?,” asked Dennog, seemingly happy for seeing Barthold’s appetite.
“I’m afraid I’m not hungry…”
“Are you sure?,” asked Barthold, placing his now empty plate aside and motioning to grab Delka’s. “You don’t mind if…”
“Go ahead, Barthold,” she nodded, quickly glancing at the caretaker. “Do you live alone here, Dennog?”
The man gave a half smile. “Yes. This is my own fortress of solitude, but I’m glad to have you and your friend as guests tonight.”
“It must be hard to take care of this monastery by yourself…”
“It’s easier than it seems, as I don’t oversee the unfinished sections. This was once meant to be a majestic place, but time took its toll and nothing much remains.”
“I see,” said Delka. “And what about the life outside these walls?”
“News from the nearby villages? I doubt they would concern me.”
“You may be right,” pointed the Priestess, noticing Barthold seemed a little tired. “If you don’t mind, I think we should rest now.”
“Of course, of course…,” said Dennog. “I’m a fool for having you both awake until now, as you are probably tired.” He stood and opened a side door. “Here, please accept this storage room as yours tonight. It’s not the best place on the land but…”
“It’s fine, Dennog,” she interrupted him. “We are glad for your warm welcome.”

World, Access 6S – Being, Passive / Inform / Messages, Moderate Impact
Interpretation: Someone has left a written message.
Is it a warning? (50/50): No.
Is it a journal? (Unlikely): No.
Is it something meaningless? (Very Unlikely): Yes.

“Aren’t you really hungry?,” asked Barthold when they were left alone. “That stew was divine.”
“I’d have eaten if the food was not poisoned,” she replied while looking around the storage room.
“What do you mean by poisoned?!”
“Do you really think Dennog wants to take care of us as if we were the best guests of Dunir? And the scent of the herbs used was almost a written confession—no one uses that amount of spice.”
“Oh, come on, yo…,” Barthold gasped, unable to complete the sentence.
“If I understand correctly, Dennog used a slow poison, capable to paralyze every single muscle… You should stop breathing soon.”
Barthold was on the ground, trying to grasp some air. His face was white.
“Of course I know how to prevent that from happening. Let me see if I can find something here…”
“Quic…,” the pain was more than he could handle. “I’m…”
“Here, let me see…”
While the treasure hunter tried to do something to save himself, grabbing every single shelf as if holding on them would be enough to give him more time, Delka mixed a few common herbs. She didn’t seem on a hurry.
“Hel…,” he said once again, pushing another shelf. This time many jars fell and rolled on the ground.
“Now everything is ready,” she said, giving him something to eat—the flavor was horrible, but the result was almost immediate. While he recovered, however, Delka noticed some pattern behind the now empty shelf. “What is it?”
Carefully she dusted the wall, leaving the marks of claws or bones visible. Something was written there, but she couldn’t understand—it was either a strange language or gibberish, but she had no clue about what it was.

Hero, Access 10D – Character Assumption, Barthold is able to find a not so obvious way out, Low Impact
After a few minutes Barthold was fully recovered. “You should have told me the food was poisoned.”
“And alert Dennog?,” she was still looking at the writings. “It’s better if he thinks we are dead.”
“Do you think so?,” Barthold stood and looked at the writings too. “This place surely makes people go crazy.”
“To the point of writing something meaningless on the wall as if one’s life depending on it?”
“Probably,” said Barthold. “And that means there must be something around here.”
“Like what?”
“Like this,” he said, pushing a wooden panel, resulting on a loud “click”. The wall behind the writing moved to the side, revealing a dark passage.
“Those were not words! Someone was trying to desperately open this door!,” exclaimed Delka. “Good job, Barthold.”
The man waved his hand. “It was nothing. I just hope Dennog won’t follow us here…”
“I’m more concerned about what may live inside the passage… Dennog was never a threat…”

World, Access 10D, use JD – Dangerous unfinished sections of the monastery, Extreme Impact
Is it a trapped passage? (Very Likely): Yes.
Is a slope that goes down? (50/50): Yes.
Is it a ramp of sorts? (Likely): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) A pit trap? (Likely): Yes.
After closing the passage behind them, Delka and Barthold faced once again the darkness. If someone had used that path it was a long time ago, but no signs of that even existed. The rough walls seemed to hold enough secrets on its surface, but what was visibly disturbing was the passage was becoming more steep while they walked.
“I’ll go ahead,” said Barthold. “I’m more used to this kind of tunnel than you are.”
“What a gentleman,” joked Delka, letting him pass. “Or is this a way to get to the treasure first?”
“Come on, can’t we act as if we were trapped in a dangerous monastery together? This bickering won’t make us go much farther.”
Delka laughed while they moved, now needing to hold on the walls to avoid tumbling forward. The steepness was really a concern, specially now the ground seemed to be made of plain rocks.
“Watch out, Delka,” he said, moving to the side. “I think one of the stones I’ve stepped on just moved.”
“Moved? How?”
“I don’t know. Just be prepared for anything when I walk again. Ready?”
“Now!,” as soon as he said that, Barthold jumped forward. He, however, was quicker than Delka, and the Priestess was not able to follow him, feeling the ground beneath her disappear for a moment as if a rocky trapdoor had suddenly activated.
But Barthold could only hear a scream of fear. She was all alone now.

Hero, Access JD, use 3D & 10D – Character Assumption, Delka is able to invoke spells that affect the living and the dead, Low Impact
Delka could feel her heart beating faster and faster while she was falling, unsure of how much time she would have until reaching the bottom. Everything was too fast, and even her mind was racing as a galloping mare on the plains. She still screamed with fear, but that shouldn’t prevent her from focusing.
She needed to do it.
Uttering a prayer to the Mistress of Life and Death, Delka channeled Gwyanna’s power hoping to make able to survive. For a single instant the Priestess was able to feel every single being around here, from the tiniest vermin to the most noxious rat. In her mind the circle of life and death followed its path, and she knew what she was doing… channeling the life of all those beings to her own.
A tear formed on Delka’s face when the words of power were finally said, and the twisted look of the Goddess of Life and Death was filled with an insane joy. In a moment all life around Delka extinguished, while she received that channeling essence as a dark blessing.
Delka had reached the bottom of that pit, but it was unharmed.
All those tiny beings received the blow in her place.
And now she needed to know where she really was.

6 of Diamonds, 2 of Hearts, 5 of Hearts, 3 of Spades, 8 of Clubs

Establish Adventure Location – Maiden’s Monastery
“It’s of no use,” she muttered to herself. “I can’t climb this.”
She looked around, wondering why someone would have created such a deadly trap on a monastery, as if there was something truly valuable protected inside those walls. Yet her eyes could only faintly notice the walls around her… and the bones on the ground. However was prey to that trap met her end quickly here.
“May your souls find rest now your bodies are no more,” said the Priestess of Gwyanna leaving the place in respect. That chamber became a graveyard, yet no marks indicated those who there fell.
And all that was left to her was the path ahead, somehow lit by small glowing stones on the ceiling—it was not much, but it was enough to allow her continue on her journey.

World, Access 3S – Trapped Passage, Low Impact
What kind of trap is there? (Complex): Delay / Plans
Is it a cage? (Unlikely): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) A cage inside another cage, as a matryoshka doll? (Very Likely): Yes.

The path extended for thirty or forty feet, always following a straight route, ending on a small iron door. There were no markings on the knob, but Delka could feel a small breeze flowing from the narrow space between the iron hinges and the wall. As she had experienced before, reason told her to look for traps, but there was nothing to be found… at least nothing she could have noticed.
It was then that she touched the door knob. Taking a glimpse of the glowing stones reflected on the iron door she spotted something wrong—looking up she saw a massive nested cage ready to fall upon her!

Hero, Access 3S – Natural Acrobat, Low Impact
An instant was all she had, but an instant was all she needed. Noticing the impending danger the Priestess used the door as a jumping platform and evaded the cages, landing safely.
“By the Goddess! Who would imagine that someone could survive that fall to be entrapped here? This… is devious…”
But she knew that the answers wouldn’t appear from nowhere. However, some were in front of her—the cages were somehow rusted, but they were kept together by a new chain, obviously indicating someone had prepared the trap recently…
Yet, what is recent for a piece of iron? The cages could have been there for dozens of years, but the chain would remain almost like new for a couple of years. Maybe she was just a little paranoid…

World, Access 5H – Ritualistic evidence of torture and death, Moderate Impact
Is it a torture room? (Likely): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) Is there fresh blood on the main apparatus? (Unlikely): No.

Leaving the nested cages behind, Delka moved past the iron door just to find herself on a small corridor ending in another door, this time a wooden one, covered by arcane markings. At the same time she felt a little dizziness.
“My head… What lies behind this to make a Priestess of the Death and Life feel this way?”
She opened the door slowly, covering her eyes for a moment while the still lit torch on the eastern wall greeted her.
But the light was not what hurt her—the stench of blood and death around her was overwhelming, although there was more… inside her mind the screams of girls and women, full of terror and despair, filled her thoughts, making her unable to think clearly for the time being.

Hero, Access 2H, use 5H – Undead Bane, Moderate Impact
Delka was not able to tell how long she fought against the screams, tumbling forward to the large instruments used to cause the death of so many innocent women. Trying not to lose her balance, she held on the lever that was tied to the guillotine, causing the dreadful blade to fall upon the empty table at the same instant the spirits of those who had being murdered by it joined forces and assumed a terrifying translucent appearance!
“You will suffer our fate!,” screamed the spirits in different voices. “You will be one of us! You will live in eternal pain!”
Delka walked back. One step, two. The voices in her head faded away, concentrated on the spiritual form before her, which grew as it approached.
First the fear went away. Then she smiled.
It was not a smile of cleverness, but one of compassion. Delka felt the pain of those women even before they reached out to her in their unique spiritual form, knowing their lives had passed away without a proper closure.
And suddenly she realized the Goddess had guided her there to give them that closure. Delka’s smile grew wider.
“By the Eternal Circle of Death and Life, I command you to hear me, spirits of the fallen!”
The spiritual form paused, but only for an instant. Their goal was nothing but giving the living woman what they’ve felt for ages.
“We are not here to be commanded by a mortal, woman!”
“I am nothing but a tool of Gwyanna, and it’s Her commandment you’ll obey! I free you from the unliving bonds and hereby give your souls the rest they deserve! Go now, in peace, forever!”
The screams went louder, in a mix of pain and joy, and then faded away, back to the silence. There was nothing more left there, as even the torch flickered one last time and died.
Delka was exhausted, but the lone tear that rolled on her face was one of bliss. The blessing of Gwyanna was with her.

World, Access 2H – Moaning sounds coming from the Chapel of Hiljam, desecrated, Low Impact
Is the Chapel adjacent to the torture room? (Unlikely): No.
Is there a stairway up in the room? (Somewhat Likely): No.
Is there a secret passage? (Likely): Yes.

The darkness that befell the torture room made it seem even more sinister than it was, but all that was left there was the dry blood of the victims. Yet the place was a dead end, as no other exits existed there, even when one considered improbable to see the pit trap as the only way in.
The Priestess walked around, looking at the devious instruments of agony uttering a prayer for the ones that suffered there but never gathered the strength to manifest—like those women did. And that prayer was heard, as a wailing voice seemed to cross one of the walls, right beside the now unlit torch. It was a sad voice, almost a chant, but there was no visible way to reach out to it.

Hero, Access 6D – Character Assumption, old religious buildings had secret passages and shared their signs
Delka placed her hands on the wall, trying to figure out the exact direction the sound came. It shouldn’t be hard, considered the voice seemed near.
While she looked to the plain wall, she felt the thin breeze once again. “Where?,” she asked, knowing there was a path before her—one she just hadn’t seen yet.
The Priestess moved away from the wall, trying to see the big picture there. That was part of a monastery, a religious building, and there should be some common architectural patterns to be found. At least universal symbols of hope, peace or guidance… even in a torture room.
Then her eyes paused upon the unlit torch. “It must be it!”
As the torch was rotated, like a disguised lever, a section of the wall opened, revealing a stairway up. With that the moaning chant rose, but somehow it seemed to be just a whisper. Delka didn’t wait a second more, and quickly moved toward the new way.

World, Access 6D – Written messages or symbols, Low Impact
Are there words from Hiljam’s priests? (Very Likely): Yes.
Is there someone alive there? (Unlikely): Yes.
Male? (50/50): No.
Who is she? (Complex): Transform / Evil.

The stairs led Delka to a large chamber full of burners, all of them with incandescent stones and herbs, as sweet as the white smoke. On the ground she could easily read the first verse of the Chant of Hiljam—“Let the Light of Life Lead the Lost”. She was in another part of the monastery, a chapel dedicated to the God of Light and Wisdom…
Her steps echoed while she pressed onward, following the moaning sounds. She was certain she would find another lost spirit needing redemption, but fate would play with her first.
On a large altar lied the spirit form of a woman, dressed in plain white, arms and legs bound by shackles of darkness. Her lament was still a whisper, but Delka could easily discern her voice as the one she had heard before. However, next to her, was someone else. Alive.
“I don’t need another sacrifice tonight, woman,” said the hooded figure holding a curved dagger with a shrieking feminine voice. “Don’t interrupt me and live.”
“How vile can be your darkness to bind and desecrate a free spirit?,” Delka’s voice was full of anger. “I demand to know your name!”
“Oh, my…,” said the hooded figure. “So you think you are a paladin of justice?,” she laughed. “I won’t be interrupted tonight, child, but I welcome you to join my prey!”
“I am no paladin, witch! I’m Delka, Priestess of Gwyanna!”
The laughter diminished. “So you think you have power over here? You are in Hiljam’s soil, Child of Death!”
“Child of Death and Life, witch! The Eternal Circle accompanies me, and the wheel is about to turn… ending with your life as well.”
“Do you dare to threat me?,” once again the witch laughed. “I hold the power of the magic! This is my sacred groove!”
“You are insane,” Delka was circling around her slowly, trying to find some weakness on the witch—it was clear she held too much power, specially by posing like that in the chapel in honor to another god.

Hero, Access 8C – Exotic Beauty, Low Impact
“What do you want, witch?”
“You would not understand, Child of Death… and Life. This chatter will only delay the inevitable.”
“Whatever you want,” Delka approached her slowly, “it is not worth the sacrifice of a soul. Tell me.”
“Wait right there, Delka,” ordered the witch, not wanting to allow the Priestess to come so close. “Another step and this spirit will suffer forever.”
“Let her go, witch. I’d even exchange places with her…”
The witch seemed to smile, but then looked inside Delka’s bright eyes. “Would you? That would be so…”
“Free her and I’ll take her place.”
“You don’t know what you are asking for, Child of Death and Life,” she once again looked into her eyes. “Your life was never as harsh as mine.”
“So tell me,” asked Delka, with a softer tone. “Tell me what you want.”
The witch paused, but acquiesced. With a slow motion she left the hood fall behind her back, revealing a pale face, as white as marble, and deep dark eyes, almost as black as her long braided hair. That face was stiff, almost too rigid to be human…
“See what I’m telling you, Delka? You don’t know what is being like me…”
The Priestess could see her mouth didn’t move while she talked—that was a mask of sorts.
“A mask? You don’t have any reason to hide here…”
“No?!!!,” she screamed. “Let’s see if you will keep saying that once I reveal my face!”
With a swift move the witch took off her mask, showing a half putrid face, muscles abound, deformed skin… One half of her face was as hideous as demonic, the other was angelic. Whatever curse someone put on her affected her in a way there was nothing beautiful to be seen there.
“If I sacrifice enough spirits, my beauty will return!,” once again she looked into Delka’s eyes, but the Priestess evaded the look, which caused a rampant of anger. “You called me insane and now you can’t stand looking at me! Maybe you are right, Child of Death! Maybe you should exchange places with her!”

World, Access 8C – Crumbling stones, triggered by the lost soul of a CHILD, High Impact
Is the soul related to the woman on the altar? (Likely): Yes.
Is the soul her sole child? (50/50): Yes.
Was the child killed in the torture room? (Unlikely): Yes.

Delka moved back, expecting to draw the witch’s attention to her, allowing her to free the spirit by uttering a silent prayer. However, the witch didn’t move.
“But I’ll finish this first, Child of Death! Nothing will thwart my plans! This spirit will be mine and soon I’ll have yours!”
With a quick move, the witch raised her curved blade and aimed for the heart of the spirit. Delka was too far away to prevent that…
“Mootheeeer!,” a childish voice boomed, shaking the entire chapel.
The witch looked upward, trying to understand what was happening. Suddenly, the ceiling of the chapel started to crumble, revealing the night sky while the stones were falling.
“Mootheer!,” the voice reverberated once again, and even the altar where the spirit was bound trembled, splitting in three parts. The stone blocks that fell were becoming bigger and bigger.
“I’ll find another spirit elsewhere,” the witch’s voice could hardly be heard. “Rest in peace, Child of Death!”
The whole ceiling seemed to fall, and Delka realized she was pinned by a column. But even that pillar was already shaking.

Hero, Access 5H, use 2H – Undead Bane, Moderate Impact
Delka was not able to move, as there was no safe place inside the chapel. She then tried to sense where the spirit child was, but the random destruction was not a good environment to channel the mystical energies.
“Moo…,” began the spirit child once more, just to be joined by Delka.
“Mother! That’s it!”
Timing her movement, Delka jumped toward the altar, where somehow the spirit was still bounded. She should have been a fair woman when she lived, but maybe too young to bear a child. Yet Delka didn’t have time to think about that, as the world was literally falling apart around her.
“By the Sacred Flow of Life, I release you from these shackles, begging you to return to the land of eternal rest!”
With that the four shackles disappeared, freeing the spirit, who stood near Delka as if wanting to thank her.
“There’s no time for that! You don’t belong here anymore!”
The spirit waived her arms, and the Priestess knew she was trying to say something. It was then that the spirit child appeared, next to her. It was just a child on Delka’s eyes, still clad on a plum-like dress. The child held her mother’s arms.
“I’m a Priestess of Gwyanna, and it’s my solemn duty to guide the death. There is nothing more holding you two back in the mortal world, so go back to our beloved Goddess!”
The chapel was ruining, but the two spirits were still there. If the child was still able to speak she didn’t seem so, but the mother insisted in waving her arms. And Delka was already in despair when she felt the ground crumbling too, having to jump to the altar.
However, from there she was able to understand what the mother wanted—she was waving her arms toward a broken piece of Hiljam’s symbol. “Are you a devotee of Hiljam?!”
The mother stopped waiving and nodded. A large block of stone fell over her, but nothing happened to her spiritual form.
Delka silently shook her head. “Sometimes, Gwyanna, you make me pass trials I don’t understand…,” her voice was nothing more than a whisper, but her eyes took a glimpse of another part of the symbol of Hiljam on the ground. Would those two parts fit? There was not much time to think about it.
Leaping from broken structure to another, Delka reached the half of the symbol on the ground, coughing when she was rising to get hold of the other part. She was now back to the crumbling pillar, but the two halves were on her hands.
“By the Power of Gwyanna, I free you!”
The symbol of Hiljam was once again one, and the shaking ceased at once. Looking at the altar, Delka could not see the two spirits anymore, but she knew they were now in the arms of the Goddess… and maybe she would be there too if she was not fast enough.
With a sigh of relief, she placed the symbol of Hiljam on an intact alcove and left the chapel. After all, there were a lot of questions yet unanswered.

6 of Clubs, 7 of Spades, 10 of Spades, 10 of Hearts, 7 of Hearts

Establish Adventure Location – Monastery’s Courtyard/Garden (all entries Mythic generated)
The night sky was Delka’s only companion now, as she left the Chapel of Hiljam and saw herself on a large courtyard. From where she stood she could see the main building and the unfinished wing, but she would not return there… not yet.
There was more going on the she expected at first, when she had just left Gemshir. It involved souls in unrest and foul rituals… and the Priestess of Gwyanna would never allow such things. Yet, holding her sickle as a shining waxing moon, she walked through the courtyard, entering some kind of large garden.

World, Access 6C – Being, Aggressive / Procrastinate / Dispute, Moderate Impact
Interpretation: Someone leads Delka to a sidequest, delaying her progress.
Is the being a human? (Somewhat Likely): Yes.
Male? (50/50): No.
Tell me about her. (Complex): Develop / Riches.

The garden harbored eight monuments in honor to the gods, each one bearing one of their symbols represented by marble statues. The starlight gave them a somber appearance, and even the carved faces seemed to assume rage-like features instead the serene expression they usually carried. Delka sighed—whoever made them was more focused on revenge than virtue.
Suddenly she heard a metallic sound, bringing her to the world of mortals again. Turning her head she noticed the statue of Gwyanna.
“A sign from the Goddess?,” she asked, walking toward the monument. Curiosity and respect were driving her there, but what she found was a heretic desecration: the statue was missing her head!
“By the…!,” and she was abruptly interrupted by another sound—footsteps this time, running away.

Hero, Access 7S, use 10S – Natural Acrobat, Moderate Impact
“Stop!,” she yelled, chasing away. She ran through the bushes and stone patterns, trying to reach whoever was fleeing her. But the garden would not provide so many places for cover, and the marble head was a heavy load to carry, all of which gave Delka some advantage.
The chased figure, however, was agile too, using part of the terrain to her advantage. Moving around a dry fountain, the runner jumped over the central stone and reached the other side, clearing part of the way.
But the Priestess was as swift as a wild nightingale, following the runner with grace, to the point of cornering the stranger on a stone gazebo. “I’ve told you to stop,” she said, holding her sickle with prowess.
With a slow motion the runner turned to face Delka. It was a woman with dark hair, a little younger than the Priestess. “I’m not used to follow orders, you know?,” her voice was soft, yet firm.
“What did you think you were doing back there?,” asked Delka. “The head you hold is a religious symbol.”
“And also a source of income,” pointed the other, holding the head with her left hand. “The eyes of onyx are valuable gems.”
“Another thief?!,” asked Delka.
“Not a thief. A treasure…”
“…hunter?,” interrupted the Priestess. “You are in league with Barthold, aren’t you?”
The thief’s expression was of genuine surprise. “So you’ve met him already…”
“Yes,” dryly answered Delka.
“So in honor to you, friend of my friend, I’ll return the head… and the onyxes. Is that adequate?”
“This is just a job, sickle yielder. If this is truly valuable to you I’ll find something else around here…”
Delka shook her head, thinking that was the best agreement she could have—after all, the monastery was not hers to protect. “Leave the head and get out, treasure hunter… This night has been a lot stranger than it should be…”
The thief nodded and placed the head of Gwyanna on the ground. “Thanks,” she added, quickly jumping the fence around the gazebo and disappearing in the darkness.
The Priestess walked slowly, holding the head of the statue on her hands. “I pray for your guidance, my Goddess. I really need your assistance tonight, Gwyanna…”

World, Access 7H, use 7S – Thing, Abstract / Antagonize / Tension, Extreme Impact
Interpretation: A wandering soul possesses the holy statue.
Does she talk? (Very Unlikely): Extreme No.
(Extreme?) Is she completely silent? (Likely): Yes.
Is she someone who was murdered inside the monastery? (Somewhat Likely): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) Did she never leave the monastery? (50/50): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) Is she the (sinful) daughter of a priest? (Likely): Yes.

Delka carried the head of Gwyanna with ceremony, returning to the place where the statue rested. Thieves, murderers, lost souls… and now heresy. If that was a test of faith, it was a very tough one.
“May you never be disturbed again, my Goddess,” she uttered placing the head back on the statue. Once she was certain the statue was one again, she stepped back, thinking about her next step.
It was then the eyes of the statue glowed. Delka was paralyzed by surprise. “My… Goddess…”
But Gwyanna, or the statue, ignored her words, moving toward her, arms flailing wildly. The twisted look on the Goddess of Death and Life’s face seemed even fuller of rage.
“My Goddess, I’m all but a humble servant and…,” the Priestess was interrupted by the statue’s marble arm, hitting her on her face, as a slap of a dread mother against a defiled child.
Delka spurted in tears—not tears of pain, but shame.

Hero, Access 6C – Character Assumption, a Priestess needs to endure the trials of her Goddess, Low Impact
“What have I done to displease you?,” asked Delka in despair. “I always served you in ways that…”
Once again Gwyanna hit her, this time pushing her body against the statue of Hiljam. Delka closed her eyes for a moment, trying to convince herself she was having a nightmare of sorts, not wanting to believe her own Goddess would act with such cruelty upon her.
“Is this because I’ve fixed the symbol of Hiljam?,” she asked, this time trying to evade the fury of blows. “I was freeing a soul, my Goddess!”
The statue pressed onward, quicker this time, almost in grabbing movements now. The onyx’s eyes still glowed.
“I’m your servant, Gwyanna!,” Delka cried, looking around trying to see an escape route. Her eyes, however, could only see the faces full of rage of each statue of the gods.
Gwyanna came closer, and her Priestess was not able to flee anymore.

World, Access 10S – Being, Aggressive / Decrease / The intellect, Extreme Impact
Interpretation: Someone is trying to overcome the mental defenses of the victims in order to make them easier sacrifices.
Is this an Indirect impact? (Likely): Yes.

Delka crouched, trying to protect herself, hands covering her face full of tears. In her despair she was not looking directly to Gwyanna anymore, head down, taking a glimpse of the shadows only. And she saw the shadows growing, as the statue bent over her and held her firm, lifting her from the ground while the marble hand searched for her neck.
The Priestess gasped, but the statue forced her to face the onyx’s eyes. The continuous glow pierced into Delka’s soul as a pungent dagger.

Hero, Access 7H, use 10H – Character Assumption, since she restored his symbol, the priestess may invoke Hiljam’s protection, Moderate Impact
The statue was moving Delka around while forcing them to meet their gaze, but seeing the manifestation of her own goddess punishing her was too much for the poor priestess, who was almost giving up.
But the starlit sky remained there, and those tiny stars near the horizon almost formed a small arrow… pointing to Hiljam’s statue. The face of rage was there, deeply carved on the marble, but there was something more there…
…and Delka asked for his protection. It was a silent prayer this time, as if she didn’t dare to ask aloud for the First Among the Gods for help, but it was enough to give her a bit of strength.
And when she finished her prayer, the statue of Gwyanna let her go, causing her to fall on the ground. Looking at her Goddess, who seemed even bigger now she was once again crawling n the ground, Delka tried to keep her resolve.

World, Access 7S, use 7H – Soul of a priest’s sinful daughter, Extreme Impact
Does she want to kill Delka? (50/50): Yes.

The statue stomped forward, this time with even more brighter glows in her eyes. Delka evaded to the side, but the marble statue kicked her in her back, causing an agonizing pain as some bone was shattered. The Priestess cried in pain and dropped her sickle rolling over some bushes. When Delka tried to stand, she noticed her left leg was also bleeding…

Hero, Access 10H, use 7H – Undead Bane, Moderate Impact
She pressed her wound and looked at the statue that was still moving toward her. Pain, loss, shame… but not doubt. She was Delka, Priestess of Gwyanna, a woman who was able to bind and free souls, a woman who sworn to prevent the undead menace from destroying other families.
And Delka would not be able to do anything like that if she was down on the garden of that monastery. She knew there was some foul force behind the murders, and her task would not be done until she could deal with whoever was causing them.
The statue was approaching her, but Delka was quicker than that. “My Goddess, you have a face of sadness and a face of joy. Your domain is Death and Life! But I’m not ready to journey to the realms of dead, so I’ll decline the blessing of pain you are about to give me… I’ll serve you better alive than dead.”

World, Access 10H, use 10S – Let’s call her the Sacrificing Pupeteer for now, Extreme Impact
Indirect? (50/50): Yes.
Does the Sacrificing Pupeteer want to keep Delka alive for now? (Likely): Yes.

The eyes of Gwyanna emitted another glow, halting the statue for a moment, only to begin her mad ploy again, walking toward the Priestess. The Goddess seemed restless, and Delka could do little against the divine power behind that image, or so that seemed.
But this time there was no murderous rage, as the marble statue seemed more inclined in grabbing her than striking her. Or maybe that was the little game the Goddess was playing, letting her Priestess feel alternating emotions, as contrasting as Death and Life.

Hero, Access 10S, use 7S – Natural Acrobat, Moderate Impact
Delka would not be able to fight, but she could try. Her sickle was not too far, but the curved blade would be useless against the marble skin… and deeply inside she doubted she would be able to harm the physical manifestation of her Goddess using a weapon that was considered sacred by every follower of the Death and Life.
The statue approached, but even feeling the pain Delka was able to roll to the side, leaving the bushes while setting her feet on the stone pavement of the garden. When Gwyanna turned to face her, still without a single sound, the Priestess had already grabbed her sickle back, using it as an improvised crutch to leave the place. Delka knew she wouldn’t be able to go too far, but at least that move would give her a little more time…

(Delka Status: Incapacitated)

4 of Hearts, 9 of Clubs, Queen of Hearts, 7 of Clubs, 1 of Clubs

Establish Adventure Location – Monastery’s Courtyard/Garden (Delka Status: Incapacitated)
As Delka tried to move, the marble statue followed her on a relentless chase. As the Priestess walked, with the help of her sickle, she glanced behind a thousand times, acknowledging Gwyanna drawing near—but the statue didn’t produced a single sound, as if simply floated, barely touching the ground, and that was even more unnerving, as the woman was not able to gauge how long it would take to confront that divine image unless looking back.
But soon Delka reached the gazebo once more, hoping the fences would help her evade the statue for slightly longer…

World, Access QH – Sacrificing Pupeteer, Extreme Impact
Indirect? (50/50): No.
Did Delka meet him/her in person before? (Unlikely): Yes.
Is she the witch whom Delka fought earlier? (Very Likely): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) What is the ulterior motive this time? (Complex): Return / Suffering.

As expected, the statue soon came to the gazebo. The onyx’s eyes still kept that hypnotic brightness, as if they could see through every soul, demanding blind obedience, bringing some kind of murderous essence.
“Why do you flee, Child of Death and Life?,” asked a voice behind the marble statue. Delka recognized it quickly. “Are you afraid of you own Goddess?”
“My Goddess would never have trouble to kill me if she wanted, witch. But I would never bow to the side of Death as the circle needs to be balanced by Life.”
“Such daring words… Do you think you are able to control your fate?”
The Priestess could see the witch approaching, finally standing close to the marble statue. The white mask was once again covering her face.
Delka backed herself on the fence. “Until I’m called to the other domain of my Goddess, I’ll stand by myself.”
The witch laughed. “You are a fool to believe your Goddess has all this power, Child of Death and Life. Gwyanna bows to me!”
“Liar!,” screamed Delka. “Your mouth is full of lies!”
“Is it?,” asked the witch waving her fingers. The statue of Gwyanna placed one knee on the ground.
“If your Goddess obey me, wouldn’t be wise for you do the same?”
Delka was silent. The witch had a point.

Hero, Access 1C, use 9C & 7C – Ally, MELISSA, female thief / treasure hunter, BARTHOLD’s companion, High Impact
“Don’t listen to her,” said another voice from behind Delka. It was the thief she had found earlier.
The witch laughed. “Tonight I’ll be able to complete enough sacrifices, or so it seems. Even the bravado of that girl won’t help her at all.”
“Who are you calling a girl, masked face?,” she moved quickly to Delka’s side. “Are you fine, friend of my friend?”
The Priestess held on her sickle and nodded. She was not fine, but she would never admit that now.
“A perfect reunion,” said the witch, “and I’ll gladly put an end on it. Obey me, Gwyanna, and bring death to them!”
The marble statue commenced her move, standing and approaching both women, arms flailing once again. The witch laughed.
“Heresy or not, my friend,” said the thief, “I’ve decapitated that statue once and I’ll do it again.” She drew a pair of long daggers.
“She’s… my Goddess…,” Delka seemed a little confused. “You can’t defeat a Goddess.”
“I’ll deal with her. The witch is yours.”

World, Access 4H – Being, Aggressive / Oppress / A path, Moderate Impact
Interpretation: Someone closes all escape routes.
Is that caused by the witch? (Very Likely): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) Does she use magic? (Likely): Yes.

“Come to me, Child of Death and Life, and meet your own demise!,” exclaimed the witch, raising her hands to the sky, curved dagger still on her waist.
Suddenly the entire gazebo seemed to spin, with a gust of wind circling it at unsettling patterns. The wind moaned, as if a hundred souls were called by it, and the fences around the gazebo broke, one by one, their wooden splinters forming a solid barrier controlled by the frightening air string.
Meanwhile the statue lunged forward, trying to hit the thief. Marble against steel, and soon one dagger was already broken, the bent blade joining the wooden chips on the barrier. The thief held her other dagger with both hands, but didn’t say a single word.
“This will be your tomb, Child of Death and Life!”

Hero, Access 7C, use 9C & 1C – Character Assumption, Delka, as a priestess of a Goddess of Death and Life, on the impending scenario of her own death she becomes stronger, High Impact
With no more fences to support her weigh, Delka forced herself to stand. The statue of her Goddess ignored her, focusing on her newly found friend, and the witch was already drawing her curved dagger.
“I’ll indulge myself the pain later,” remarked the Priestess of Gwyanna, holding her sickle. Even with some erratic steps she was resolute enough to face the witch.

(Delka’s Incapacitation removed)

World, Access 1C – Being, Aggressive / Attract / Hope, Low Impact
Interpretation: Someone shows a weakness that doesn’t exist.
Does the witch fake a weak spot? (50/50): Yes.

The witch held her curved dagger at her chest, uttering some arcane enchantment. As Delka approached, the witch’s wicked voice went louder. “May this dagger concentrate all my powers, becoming a slaying blade. Let the mystic powers guide the blade to the ultimate ruin of the Child of Death and Life!”
On the other half of the gazebo, the statue was forcing the thief toward the edge, pushing her against the wind, which would cause an excruciating death as the mystical energies commanding it were increasing even more.

Hero, Access 9C, use 7C & 1C – Character Assumption, Delka, she knows how to use her sickle in combat, High Impact
“The dagger!,” thought Delka, balacing herself on the trembling gazebo’s floor. She held her sickle and slashed wildly, giving the chance to the witch to riposte. Dagger and sickle traded sparks as the blades touched each other, and the sound of the parried metal was only obfuscated by the moaning of the wind.
“Cease and your death will be quick, Child of Death and Life,” said the witch, dodging another blow while moving around. She had the upper hand now.
“Never, hideous face!,” Delka’s words hurt more than the steel, and the witch almost howled while hacked away with her dagger.
Delka smiled. She had found a way to distract the witch… Another wild slash followed and the masked woman positioned her dagger to parry the sickle—but the Priestess of Gwyanna already expected that move, swiftly pulling her weapon inward, hitting the witch’s blade with tremendous strength, to the point of disarming her.
With the edge of Gwyanna on her hands, Delka threatened the witch once more, “All your power was on that curved dagger, hideous face. It’s all over now!”

World, Access 7C – Soul of a priest’s sinful daughter, High Impact
Is she driven by murderous rage? (Very Likely): Yes.
Does she overcome the Pupeteer’s will (since she is involved on the fight against Delka)? (Likely): Yes
Does she keep attacking Melissa, the thief? (Likely): No.
Does she attack Delka instead? (Somewhat Likely): Yes.

The witch laughed. She was disarmed, but the dagger meant nothing to her—that moment of hope could define Delka’s demise. “It won’t be over until you’re down, Child of Death and Life!”
“Watch out!,” yelled the thief. The statue had disengaged and moved to flank Delka, standing too close now.
That however, was not on the witch’s plans. “Back off, Gwyanna, as this is my fight. Destroy the rogue while I have my delight in the Priestess’ blood.”
The marble statue attacked nonetheless. With a strong move, the fierce strike hit Delka on her right arm, sending her sickle to the ground. The Priestess was weaponless.
The witch was a bit perplexed, but her eyes seemed to smile. Delka wouldn’t survive for much longer.

Hero, Access 4H, use QH – Undead Bane, Moderate Impact
Delka held a scream when she saw the witch’s reaction—she was not controlling the statue anymore. And if her Goddess was free to act as she wanted and still faced on her soul, she would fight her holy image with the divine channeling she learned. If Gwyanna was against her, that would never work, but if that was only a test of her faith, she would prove herself worth.
On that very instant, the thief stroke from behind, but the lone dagger was not able to even scratch the marble statue. The hit, however, was enough to make Gwyanna turn to the nuisance… delivering a punch who sent the rogue to the other side of the gazebo.
But that moment of pause gave Delka all the time she needed. Closing her eyes for a moment she focused on the circle of Death and Life, spinning the wheel of fate quickly, mixing both realms in one. She was the bane of the undead, and her aura of unrest would banish every undead manifestation around her.
She gave a mute yell and there was silence for an entire second. Her eyes now opened.

World, Access 9C – Thing, Abstract / Passion / Stalemate
Interpretation: The Sacrificing Pupeteer deemed Delka more valuable than she thought.
Does she flee right now? (Very Likely): No.
Does she use a distraction? (Likely): Yes.

The mystical energies around the Priestess of Gwyanna assumed a blueish color, exploding like a wave. The marble statue opened her mouth as if she was to scream, but no sound came. Yet, she was now immobile, held on a striking pose, still near the thief, who was still on the ground.
“You are what I seek tonight,” said the witch, keeping some distance—the winds now are reduced to a breeze. “Before the morning comes, you’ll be my last sacrifice, Child of Death and Life.”
Delka took her sickle once more, her eyes following the witch’s moves. “I’ve passed the test of my Goddess, witch. There’s nothing I fear now.”
“No?,” laughed the witch. “I’ll give you a reason to fear me,” she looked at the thief. “You may command the powers over the unliving beings, Child of Death and Life, but those who follow you are not that fortunate. And their pain will be yours!”
From her extended left hand a yellowish ray came, hitting the thief on her chest. The rogue roared as the stingy energy filled her body, enveloping her with a slaying power.
“Stop!,” demanded Delka, moving toward the witch.
“You’ll be followed by the dead ones, Priestess!,” the ray became more vivid and the thief screamed louder… and then collapsed.
“She will die, Child of Death and Life,” the witch dispelled her attack and slowly walked away from them, having the darkness as her cloak. “Pray for her, as it’s the only thing that you may do now.”

Hero, Access QH – Special FX, Ward of Life, Extreme Impact
The body of the thief lied down on the gazebo’s floor, void of life. Delka held another curse at the witch as the darkness harbored her, knowing there was no use in following her now. Her duty, as the witch pointed, was clear: as a Priestess of Gwyanna she would need to care for those who fell.
Delka kneeled beside her, lifting her head to observe her last expression. Pain and weakness could be found on those glassy open eyes… She never had a chance to evade the spell.
It was not fair, but then many deaths were like many lives—always unfair. Delka couldn’t even properly pray for her soul, as she didn’t have the time to learn of the thief’s name… and that hurt. They’ve fought together against an evil she was not able to comprehend yet, but they never shared more than a few words.
The Priestess looked back at the statue of Gwyanna. She had passed the test of her Goddess, but the price seemed too dear to pay. She had proven she was worthy of her divine enchantments, and yet the only one who depended on her fell to a devious spell.
Delka let the tears roll—no one would see them anyway. But she needed to assume her duties.
Turning to the dead body, she let the words flow with the softness of a morning flower.
“Those who guide the souls, come to her aid. Come to meet her, lords of the slumber, and receive her soul, presenting her to the Mistress of Death and Life.”
“May Gwyanna, who called you, take you to herself, and may her sickle shine bright as a lighthouse, guiding you on your eternal journey.”
“Give her the unending rest, Gwyanna, and may your words comfort her forever, as her soul is now yours, Goddess of...”
Delka interrupted her prayer. She sighed and looked once more to the statue, always bearing that twisted face of joy and sadness—the duality of life. She sought inspiration there, but found nothing.
What she was seeking could only be found inside her.
And so she channeled all the life energies she could muster. She had passed the test of Gwyanna, and as her Priestess Delka believed her prize would be to deny her Goddess that soul.
At least for now.
“As a guide on this realm and on the other, I call upon you, and oblige you to return to this shell of flesh. Your time has not come, as you’ll still serve the Goddess of Death and Life on this realm. By the powers of Gwyanna, I command you to rise once more!”
Delka closed her eyes. The thief opened hers.

8 of Spades, 2 of Diamonds, 4 of Diamonds, 9 of Hearts, 5 of Clubs

Establishing Adventure Location: Monastery’s Courtyard/Garden
“Are you telling me I was dead?,” asked the thief, sat on what was left from the gazebo.
“Yes,” answered Delka, pacing back and forth. “Gwyanna allowed me to bring you back, as you’ll have some part to play in the future…”
“And what am I know? A zombie? A…?”
“Nothing like that,” interrupted the Priestess. “You are what you always were… And I still don’t know your name.”
“I’m Melissa,” she said, standing on the edge of the broken building. “But you may call me Mel.”
“I’ll remember that, Melissa. But I fear this is not a place to be amicable… There’s a lot happening here.”
A metallic sound was heard. Mel turned her head at once. “What was that?”

World, Access 4D – Escape routes closed, Moderate Impact
How? (Complex): Ambush / Illusions

The metallic sound was heard again. And again. And again, soon becoming a cacophony, forcing the duo to shout to be heard.
“What is this?,” asked Mel, looking around. “It seems we’re surrounded!”
“I don’t know!,” Delka stepped forward, leaving the gazebo. “I’ll see what I can find. Stay here while you recover.”
“Take care, Priestess,” Mel held on her dagger, trusting she wouldn’t be forced to use it.
Delka nodded and followed the noise. Walking on the stone path she reached the center of the garden. The metallic sound was almost overwhelming, but there was no sign of what was producing it…
And suddenly a shell of rusted iron surrounded the Priestess. All sound was gone.

Hero, Access 5C – Character Assumption, Delka’s strength should be higher than rusted metal, Low Impact
“What kind of trap is this?,” asked her, looking around. She was inside a 5-foot radius oval structure, her steps echoing inside.
She held her sickle on an inverted fashion, using the wooden shaft as the hitting point. “I won’t risk rusting my blade. But I hope the wood is enough to create at least a crack here…”
Saying no more she hit the rusted shell, producing a booming sound.

World, Access 5C – Thing, Concrete / Praise / Allies, Moderate Impact
Interpretation: Something drew Mel’s attention.

The rusted shell fragmented in a thousand pieces when the sound faded, but then every single broken shard disappeared. It was nothing but am illusion.
“Why did someone cast an illusion spell on me? What did he want?,” wondered Delka while walked back to the gazebo. “It’s better to check on Melissa…”
But the thief was not there. She was gone.

Hero, Access 4D, use 2D – Character Assumption, Melissa, she would probably try to warn Delka, Moderate Impact
There was no sign of Mel there, but something was not right. A few minutes ago the wooden chips were scattered around the gazebo, but now the ones in the back were out of position, as if someone was dragging his feet to move them. The chips pointed to the monastery’s bell tower.
“Melissa was trying to say something here…,” said Delka, observing the large tower. “Maybe she went there…”

World, Access 2D – Being, Aggressive / Break / The Intellect, Low Impact
Interpretation: A mind blowing undead attacks.
Incorporeal? (50/50): No.
Child-like? (Unlikely): Extreme No.
(Extreme?) Elderly female? (50/50): Yes.
A kiskil? (Unlikely): Yes.

As Delka walked toward the tower she noticed even the grass was becoming fainter, as if the land was void of natural energies.
“Strange,” she muttered, kneeling and touching the grass. “I feel like no one usually comes near this tower, and yet the powers of Andora struggle to live here…”
A wailing sound then was heard. Dim at first.
“Who goes there?,” asked Delka, sickle ready.
The sound became louder. In the darkness the Priestess could distinguish a humanoid form walking toward her.
“I mean no harm,” she said, unsure if the creature had understood her.
And a cloud moved, letting the moonlight cast its brightness over the creature. The long hair was black, but the red eyes were glowing as two flickering torches. Yet the decomposing flash full of wounds produced a strange scent of decaying flowers.
“A kiskil?,” asked Delka with some terror on her eyes. She knew the lament of a kiskil was enough to rip any soul apart…
…and the wailing suddenly went deafening.

Hero, Access 9H – Undead Bane, Low Impact
“Your time in this realm is done, unliving beast!,” shouted Delka, rising her voice higher than the kiskil’s. She needed to evade listening to its voice if she wanted to live.
“Begone now, creature of slumber, as I obey! I’m Delka, Priestess of Gwyanna, and your very existence defiles the holy commandments of my Goddess!”
The kiskil went mute for a moment, then covered her face. Delka approached the undead creature.
“You unlife ends here!,” the Priestess put her sickle toward the being. “By the Circle of Death and Life, I free your soul forever!”
With a final shriek the kiskil fell, eyes closed, and its body slowly decomposed, soon becoming nothing but a puddle of white mass.
Delka uttered another prayer. The presence of such undead creature was upsetting, as it proved some woman was killed and not buried. Maybe there were other kiskils out there, and that thought made her proceed with more caution.

World, Access 8S – Thing, Concrete / Postpone / Wounds, High Impact
Interpretation: A healing balm is found.
Is it inside a backpack? (Likely): No.
Are there signs of struggle? (Somewhat Likely): Yes.
Is there another item on the ground? (Somewhat Likely): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) Is this Mel’s dagger? (50/50): No.
Is it Barthold’s knife? (Very Unlikely): Yes.

Leaving the remains of the kiskil behind, Delka found herself by the door of the bell tower. However looking around before entering, she noticed a small healing balm on the ground, near the entrance, by a few feet markings.
“What is this?,” she asked as she looked closer. “Someone was trying to use this…”
And following the markings she noticed another thing, a few paces from there, tossed by the tower’s wall. It shone when the moonlight covered it.
“This knife…,” she said, holding it on her hands. “It’s Barthold’s! He must be in trouble…”

Hero, Access 2D, use 4D – Character Assumption, Delka has some healing skill, Moderate Impact
Delka guarded the knife and looked at the balm once again. By its perfume and color she associated it to Ivorawk, as the violet tone surely was liked to the fabled Amethyst Tower. The balm was a little old, and the Priestess wondered if Barthold didn’t consider it as a trophy of sorts, having taking it from Winnes Dath of Ivorawk… and if that was a trophy, the thief would never use it unless his own life depended on it… His life or Melissa’s…
That led her to look for blood on the ground. If one of them was hurt, surely there was blood somewhere near.

World, Access 9H – Delka becomes more valuable as a sacrifice, High Impact
Does the bell ring? (Very Likely): Yes.
Tell me about it. (Complex): Spy / Hope

There was blood. It was a small trail but it directed her to the tower’s iron door. The lock seemed to be a little complex, but the engravings on the plate’s surface told a story of wards and perils.
Suddenly the bell rang. Twelve times. Delka instinctively looked upward and noticed someone was observing her from an upper window—but only for an instant, as if the Priestess eyes had forced whoever was there to hide himself. But even now, discerning no one else, Delka felt someone was watching her. It could be simply paranoia, but it could mean something else.
But turning her attention back to the door, the Priestess knew she wouldn’t be able to open it so easily… If she had a key, however…

Hero, Access 8S – Natural Acrobat, Low Impact
But who needed a key when the window to the next floor was open? Using her natural agility she ran toward the wall and jumped, holding on the spaced stones that formed the tower. It took her a while, but in the end she had climbed the structure, reaching the window where a few minutes earlier someone was watching her.
The Priestess smiled. With a small prayer to her Goddess she entered the tower. Somehow she knew the end of her journey was near.

5 of Spades, 3 of Hearts, 10 of Clubs, 4 of Spades, King of Spades

Establishing Adventure Location: Bell Tower (all entries Mythic Generated)
She was on a large room that probably took the entire floor. On the center there was a wooden spiral staircase going up and down, partially lit by candles on the handrails. They were almost intact and that meant someone took the time to light one by one recently. Delka also noticed may bookshelves on the walls, but her eyes seemed to be guided by the tiny flames of the candles.

World, Access 3H – Locale, Incidental / Oppress / Death, Low Impact
Interpretation: The entire floor is really a holy symbol of life.
Is it engraved on the floor? (50/50): No.
Is there a statue of Gwyanna? (50/50): Yes.

As Delka walked toward the staircase, she promptly noticed something on the ceiling. It was a large circle made of white plaques, taking almost the entire floor. While she followed the white circle with her eyes, she also perceived the small diagonal lines along the perimeter, forming a symbol she knew very well…
“The holy symbol of life,” she muttered. “Only a priest of Gwyanna would know how to create such a perfect ward…” She looked around and then found a bronze statue previously concealed by the staircase—another statue of Gwyanna, this time depicting only her joyful face, keeping her hair over the sad side of her features.

Hero, Access 4S, use 5S – Natural Acrobat, Moderate Impact
Delka approached the statue of her goddess and made a silent prayer. She knew Gwyanna would only have complete power when joy and sadness, life and death, were side by side, but the Priestess also felt that entire floor would serve as a ward against all undead creatures who dare to approach.
There was another question tough. Would that ward act to prevent an undead on the upper floors to leave the tower?
She would need to find out that worst way: facing whatever lived there. So, she positioned herself by the staircase, distrustful of its peaceful air as she had found too many traps already, and climbed it using the handrail—she would not touch those steps if she could avoid them.

World, Access 5S – Locale, Incidental / Trust / Possessions, Moderate Impact
Interpretation: Valuables are protected.
Is there a safe? (Unlikely): No.
Is there a clearly marked trap (Likely): No.
Is it another statue? (50/50): Yes.
Another god/goddess? (Very Likely): Yes.
Who? (1d7): Val’ys

Delka emerged on a floor with several golden orbs, each one circled by small rubies. It was a temptation to anyone looking for loot, as the riches there would be able to easily fill a baron’s treasure. On the center, flanked by large golden vases, there was another heavenly statue, this time depicting Val’ys, the artifice of the gods.

Hero, Access 3H – Character Assumption, Christine, priestesses don’t expect mundane rewards, Low Impact
“The one who forged our world, transforming Andora’s gift in our homes,” acknowledged Delka, still on the staircase. “Val’ys gave form to a desire, and he is him, tempting with desire… all those who seek plunder.”
She paused. “But everything here seems to be untouched, as if no thief… or treasure hunter… ever laid her eyes upon it,” she looked upward. “Maybe my dear friends needed to rush past this floor without even looking at all this fortune… Which means I need to run!”
Having said that, the Priestess pressed upward.

World, Access 4S – Being, Passive / Gratify / Riches, Moderate Impact
Interpretation: a guardian gives a prize to those who didn’t rob the tower.
Is him a physical entity? (50/50): Yes.
Male? (50/50): Yes.
Is he Dennog, the caretaker? (Unlikely): Yes.

“And here we meet again,” said a known voice as soon as Delka reached the new floor. “I’m glad, while a bit surprised, you made it so far.”
“Dennog?,” asked the Priestess, her hand searching for the sickle. “What are you…?”
“I take care of this monastery, young one, and I won’t let anyone take its treasures,” his toothless smile was almost creepy. “You proved to be worth, so here I am. Please take a seat,” he extended his hand pointing at a chair by a round table in the middle of the floor.
“I’d rather stay here, if you don’t mind,” she wondered what tricks he could have.
“It’s your loss, young one. I mean no harm.”
“And yet you tried to poison us…”
“Not you,” he lifted one finger. “You never wanted to rob the monastery.”
She shook her head. “This doesn’t make sense.”
Dennog walked around her. “Life doesn’t make sense. We don’t have a proper goal in life at first, but then we find that goal. Sometimes we discover that goal somewhere, other times someone gives us that goal. Yet it doesn’t make sense we need to find that goal…”
“What are you talking about, old man?,” asked Delka, looking intently at him.
“I’m just saying life would be easier if we didn’t have goals. I’ve never wondered the goals of my crow pets, and I doubt they have any…”
“And what do you want?”
“To fulfill my goal, young one,” he sat by the table, still expecting she would do the same. “When this monastery was built, many years ago, it was meant it should become a beacon of faith. But as people’s hearts change so often, one day a priestess of Hiljam decided his god deserved a higher place, demanding this tower to be built in his honor, with all the other gods below him.”
“Hiljam was the first god created, not the first god in importance!,” protested Delka, not considering Dennog as a threat anymore. “She surely was enlightened by her peers, right?”
“Everyone who tried to show her the truth faced a doomed fate,” Dennog was moving his finger over the table as if he was drawing something. “She had studied the sacred books and she mastered many things…”
Delka finally took a seat. Dennog still seemed lost in his thoughts.
“And she decided she should be Hiljam’s chosen, contemplating to become his ultimate tool throughout the land.”
“She invoked the God of Wisdom and Light on the top of this tower. When she was bathed by his pure luminosity, she gained a kind of immortality, but the god was too bright… She tried to cover her face, looking to the side, but even though the lights of Hiljam covered…”
“…half of her face?,” asked Delka, imagining her earlier opponent was that priestess.
Dennog nodded. “Hiljam never came back, and she lost her beauty. She believes if she is able to recover her splendor once more, the God of Wisdom and Light will return to grant her wish…”
Delka considered the situation. Another piece of the puzzle was now in place.
“And a few weeks ago she found a dark ritual that would grant back her beauty,” he continued. “It involved the sacrifices you are already aware of. Now she needs only two maidens…”
“Melissa!,” exclaimed Delka, looking back to the staircase.
“She is in danger, young one,” said Dennog. “But all the help I can offer you was already given… I hope you will do good use of the knowledge I’ve gave you.”

Hero, Access 5S, use 4S – Natural Agility, Moderate Impact
“Thanks, Dennog,” said the Priestess, rushing toward the top of the staircase, sickle in one hand, the other on her chest, on a humble move while she prayed silently. She needed to rush if she wanted to save Melissa and prevent whatever ritual the witch intended to perform.
She went through three floors, finally reaching the uppermost part of the tower. It was still a large room, with some balcony on the other side, but the prominent feature was a large copper statue of Hiljam, his face covered by a dark cloth with runic writings. There was no sign of the witch or Melissa.

World, Access 10C – Being, Aggressive / Excitement / News, Extreme Impact
Interpretation: A creature that is driven by the pleasure of acquiring knowledge
As Hiljam is a God of Wisdom, is the creature a servant of the god? (Likely): No.
Is the creature disguised somehow? (Somewhat Likely): No.
Is it an undead creature? (Unlikely): No.
Is he Barthold? (Unlikely): Exceptional Yes.
(Exceptional?) Is Barthold in league with the witch? (50/50): No.

From the balcony Delka saw a known figure approaching. At first she was able only to discern his silhouette, but when he stepped on the floor he was fully visible.
“Barthold?,” she asked, walking toward him. “Thank Gwyanna you are safe!”
He drew one dagger, pointing it to the Priestess. She halted.
“Your petty Goddess has nothing to do with this, Delka, but I’m glad we’ve met. Now I must ask you to make your last prayer before I kill you.”
“What? Are you insane?”
“Not at all, Delka,” he had a cynical smile. “I want the greatest treasure of this monastery, and you and Mel led me to it. You both are now disposable.”
“Dog! What have you done?”
He laughed. “Me? Nothing, Delka. Your witch needed two more souls to be sacrificed, and you and Mel proved to be just what I needed to bait her. Unfortunately I can’t allow you to proceed, as you could as well finish being as the final sacrifice… and we don’t want that, do you?”
“You are crazy, Barthold!”
“No, I am not,” he was moving like a spider contemplating a fly on its web. “I saw the book I want, so you are not needed anymore. Mel’s sacrifice was… unfortunate, but now the witch will only need one more maiden’s soul. If I kill you, the witch will need to find another soul, and that will give me time to steal that treasured book. When I do that, no more sacrifices will ever be needed, as the witch will lose her source of power.”
Delka held the sickle in a threatening way. “You are a monster!”
“Don’t go calling names on me, Priestess,” his eyes followed her moves, and he seemed to be able to hold his ground. “I’m not happy by having lured the other maidens here, but it was the only way…”
“You are a murderer!”
“I’ve never touched them…”
“You led them to their death, knowing there was no escape!”
He sighed. “Enough chatting, Delka. If you don’t want to say a prayer I’m fine with this.”
And he lounged forward.

Hero, Access 10C – Exotic Beauty, Low Impact
“Wait,” she said, parrying the blow. “I can’t believe you are doing this! You…”
The dagger moved once more, turning the parry more difficult. “I’ve said enough chatting, Priestess!,” Barthold was inside the reach of the sickle, enjoying the protection of his short weapon against her.
“How could you let Melissa be sacrificed?,” she asked, trying to move back, shoving him to the side using the shaft of her sickle. “She trusted you!”
“And you trusted me,” he jumped at the right moment, striking once more, almost hitting Delka’s leg. “Disappointing, no?”
“Can’t you see what you are doing here in exchange for a book?,” she asked, jumping backward. The copper statue was now on her back.
“Where you see a book I see a priceless treasure, Delka,” he feinted and juggled the dagger from one hand to another.
“No treasure is more important the life!,” exclaimed her, trying to counter-attack.
“So says a Priestess of Death… and Life!,” he parried the strike while hacking with his blade.
Delka screamed—the dagger hit her left shoulder, making a deep cut. Blood was already soaking her dress.

(Delka status: Severely Injured)

World, Access KS – Barthold, Extreme Impact
“Drop your weapon now and accept your fate, Delka,” he said, still moving quickly. “If you continue you will suffer.”
“By the Circle of Death and Life, Barthold,” she pressed the wound and rolled to the side, earning more space to maneuver. “You are nothing but a fool!”
“A fool who will live, Delka,” he noticed she was a little slower due to the wound. “And a fool who will defeat you!”
The sickle on her hand kept him at bay. “My blood won’t be on your hands, thief!”
He jumped with the dagger. “I… am… not… a… thief!”
Delka dodged the attack, running once again toward the copper statue. If Hiljam had helped her before, it wouldn’t do harm trying to receive that extra protection again.
“Come back,” he followed her, reaching the statue before she could use it as a back cover. “You won’t leave this place, Delka!”

Hero, Access KS, use 5S – Natural Acrobat, Moderate Impact
He had put himself between the statue and her, keeping his blade ever moving. The Priestess of Gwyanna, however, knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold him for much longer.
“You need to see the errors of your way, Barthold!”
He invested again, but the sickle kept him far from his target. “You don’t understand, Delka!”
“There’s nothing to understand! You are as guilty as the witch!,” she followed his moves, but this time tried to keep him in place.
“Your head is clouded by your religious vision, Priestess!,” he stroke high, meeting steel with steel.
Delka’s eyes glanced at the statue and the dark cloth that covered Hiljam’s head. She smiled.
“This will be your demise!,” he attacked low this time.
She jumped, hooking her sickle on the statue’s neck, just behind the line where the runic writings started. When she hit the ground, the statue tumbled forward.
Barthold’s face was filled with panic when he saw the shadow over him—he had no time to run or even scream.
The copper statue smashed him, killing him on that very moment. Blood covered the floor, while the Priestess sat a few paces from there… Her arm still hurt.
“Why things must be this way?,” she asked, leaving the sickle on the ground while looking to the sky outside the balcony. “Why, Gwyanna?”
But there was no answer. Not this time.

9 of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds, 8 of Hearts, King of Hearts, 7 of Diamonds

(Delka status: Severely Injured)

Establishing Adventure Location: Bell Tower (all entries Mythic Generated)
Taking a deep breath after taking time to tend her wound, Delka walked toward the balcony—there was no other place to go, no other flight of stairs to be seen. She needed to face the witch, and save Melissa if that was still possible. However, she already feared the hearts of the men, as Barthold proved sometimes a mortal could be more devilish than an undead.

World, Access 8H – Being, Passive / Inquire / Opposition, High Impact
Interpretation: Someone is talking to the witch.
Indirect? (50/50): No.
What is the subject of their talk? (Complex): Take / Reality.
Who is this person? (Brewer’s): Na’bob
Is he dead? (50/50): No.

As the Priestess of Gwyanna reached the balcony, she could see an unusual placed vertical stair near the statues of twin gargoyles—initially carved to protect the place. She would need to cross an almost 5-foot long opening in order to reach it, but she wouldn’t have too much room for errors. She was not alone though, as she could her two distinct voices nearby, probably from atop the stair.
“You’ve gone too far, my dear, and I fear there’s no turning back…,” said a male voice.
“Turning back?!,” the voice seemed to belong to the witch Delka had faced earlier. “By all that’s sacred I can’t stop now! I’m too close…”
“And yet too far,” said the man once more. “You killed the young thief, but her spirit has not returned to be your sacrifice. And even if you…”
“Don’t presume I’ll fail, Kaluit,” interrupted the other voice. Surely she was the witch. “And when I finish here, you’ll receive your payment.”
“All the tapestries of Foldnir wouldn’t be reward enough, my dear, and yet I feel I’m bound to you.”
“But I don’t need you here now, your fool,” she seemed more frustrated than enraged. “I need to finish the invocation before it’s too late. Be silent!”

Hero, Access 7D, use 1D – Character Assumption, a clever thief (or treasure hunter) should have items that allow him to climb among his belongings, Moderate Impact
“Evil has no boundaries here,” said Delka, knowing it would be madness to try to jump while her arm was in the verge of bleeding again. She walked back to where Barthold’s body lied and searched for something in his possessions. However, he didn’t have a backpack or sack—all he head he was holding or wearing.
“Not even in death will you help me?,” asked the Priestess, turning the lower side of his body, as his head was still under the statue.
But there was something he owned that could prove of some assistance: his rope belt. It was long, turning around him five times until ending on a simple knot. As Delka removed the rope, still tainted by his blood, she became sure there was no risk in trying to reach the other side of the opening using that.
A minute later she was almost by the gargoyle statues. Those scary faces gave her creeps.

World, Access 7D – Locale, Incidental / Refuse / Environment, High Impact
Interpretation: Delka reached a cistern.
Filthy? (Somewhat Likely): No.
Deep? (Likely): Yes.
Inhabited? (Unlikely): Yes.

Reaching the first gargoyle Delka could breathe calmly. She had transposed an opening that surely meant death for everyone who was unlucky enough to fall amid the balcony and the gargoyles. And by the night that was even scarier, as there was no way to see the bottom.
She was on the border of a cistern, guarded by the gargoyles—probably built to ensure clean water to those who worked and lived on the monastery. It seemed to be a deep vault, and she would need to swim in order to reach the stair.
That moment of pause lasted too short, though, as the Priestess was able to see two blinking eyes… yellow eyes coming to her.
She held her sickle while holding one of the gargoyles with the hand of her wounded arm. Then a large lizard like creature jumped.

Hero, Access 9D – Character Assumption, when you learn to fight the undead, you eventually learn how to fight the living, Low Impact
Delka jumped to the side, and the lizard-like creature bit the horn of the gargoyle, tasting the stone instead the flesh it was looking for. The Priestess of Gwyanna knew how to deal with undead beings, having studies their tactics the hardest way—fighting them—but now she faced a child of Andora, moved by hunger instead evil. This time Delka was prey, not hunter.
The lizard invested once more, but the woman was able to jump on the exact moment, landing on the edge of the cistern once more. She was flanked by the two gargoyles, and she didn’t have too much time to think about her situation.
But while most undead, including undead animals, moved in straight line to their targets, Delka knew she was facing a creature of instinct. And if she played her cards right she would have a chance.
But she didn’t have time for that. Trying to evade another attack, Delka lost her balance. Her sickle became struck on the wings of a gargoyle and she fell.
One scream.
And she held on a ledge near a gargoyle’s paw. The winds seemed to be even more chilling now.

World, Access 9D – Thing, Abstract / Create / Danger, High Impact
Interpretation: The winds are even stronger now.
Is this caused by the witch’s ritual? (Very Likely): No.
Are they natural winds? (Likely): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) Is a tornado forming? (Somewhat Likely): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) Is the tower strong enough to endure it? (50/50): Yes.

And the chilling winds began to howl, making even the great lizard pause instead attacking. Doors were slammed, windows were shattered, and Delka was almost losing grip of the edge.
The Priestess tried to climb, but her wounded arm prevented her from using her agility to do it, but looking up she could see the dark clouds forming on the sky, while lightning bolts danced around the tower. The lizard seemed terrified, submerging once more, surely considering its own survival more important than feasting on Delka’s flesh.
Yet, somehow, the Priestess heard the laugh of the witch among the thunderous echoes.

Hero, Access 1D, use 7D & 9D – Ally, Melissa, High Impact
“Come with me.”
Delka looked around, the wind forcing her sight to be blurred, but couldn’t discern a thing near her. Her only thought was of trying to climb, escaping the dreadful demise.
“Let it go, come with me.”
The same voice once again, almost a whisper, but the Priestess of Gwyanna still didn’t see anyone. She forced herself, even feeling the wound opening a bit, but now the drizzle made the things worse.
Delka tried. And her hands slipped.
She opened her mouth to scream, but stopped when something held her arms, gently as a spring breeze, but strong enough to help her climb. She was once again on the edge, recovering her sickle and looking at the stair. There were no signs of the person who had helped her, and yet the Priestess could feel her so near.
Knowing the lizard creature was still on the water, Delka pulled the rope that had helped her to cross the opening earlier and used it to reach the stair. She was safe. For now.

World, Access KH – Barthold, Extreme Impact
The Priestess held on the stair, keeping her body close to the wall, hoping to not be so much affected by the winds. The lizard was still on the water, fearful of the strong gales, but something was not right. Apart from the voice and the help she had received moments ago, Delka could feel another presence. A baleful one.
“Delka!,” an eerie male voice could be heard. It came from the balcony.
She looked at what was coming, protecting her eyes from the wind. There was nothing to see yet.
“I will now get my revenge!,” said the voice again, and suddenly the incorporeal body of Barthold flew toward her—his etherealness in a deep red tone, full of anger and pain, and still he smiled, as if he was enjoying the opportunity of the freedom of the spirit.

Hero, Access 8H, use KH – Undead Bane, Moderate Impact
“Barthold?,” she asked, seeing the spirit coming at her. He ignored the wind and his eyes were full of pleasure, as he could feel the fear of the Priestess.
But Delka was a servant of Gwyanna, and the unliving should bend their knees before her. Barthold had fallen earlier, and she was sure he would fall again.
“As the eternal circle brings Death after Life, I cast upon you the mark of Gwyanna, giving you the freedom of the realm of the dead. Depart!”
The spirit trembled as a wave of faith hit it, but shook off the effect and kept going. It was halted for nothing but a moment.

World, Access 1D – Locale, Deliberate / Extravagance / Adversities, Low Impact
Interpretation: The stair begins to cede due to the weight and wind.

As Barthold approached, Delka kept her sickle toward him, but then she felt the stair moving a little. Looking up, she noticed the joining point of metal and stone was heavily damaged, especially due to the weather. Rust points made the metal become fragile, and now the strong winds were taking their toll.
Gasping for an instant, Delka lost her concentration and Barthold came closer. She tried to force him to back off, but it was late, as his ethereal hand was already on her neck. She could feel the cold fingers strangling her, and with that his eyes became even brighter. Barthold was triumphing.

Hero, Access KH, use 8H – Undead Bane, Moderate Impact
It was difficult to breathe, but the Priestess needed to overcome the situation. Holding her sickle even tighter, she allowed her mystical forces to flow through her arm, through the shaft, reaching the blade. Her wounded arm kept her on the falling stair, and she couldn’t even look down where the lizard creature was already with its jaw open, ready to taste her flesh.
If it was not Barthold’s attack, it would be the lizard, or the tornado. Neither option was welcome.
“Bar… thold…,” she said, trying to keep focused.
“I’ve told you would die, Priestess of Death and Life, but I’ll grant you this final speech,” he released the grasp a tiny bit. “Speak, fool.”
She took a deep breath and looked into his red glowing eyes. And smiled.
“By the power of the unending essence, I cast you out of the existence! Be no more, foul spirit!”
The curved blade moved swiftly toward the unworldly form of Barthold, ripping him apart. Fear took his face, as he realized he was no more. Not living, not dead, not even undead.
He simply ceased to be.

4 of Clubs, 6 of Hearts, 3 of Clubs, 2 of Spades, 8 of Diamonds

Establishing Adventure Location: Bell Tower (all entries Mythic Generated)
Her arm ached as hell, but she didn’t have time to heal herself. She needed to go on, as her final destination was so near. Mustering every pint of strength she could, Delka climbed the stair and found herself on the top of the tower.
A large bell was on the center, moving wildly without clanging yet. It was covered by a wooden canopy of sorts, but the strong winds were already removing the top tiles, sending them erratically to the ground. By the bell, holding a large book tight to a pedestal, was the witch, again using her mask—behind her was a large stone, where the lifeless body of Melissa rested, her face in agony.
On the other side, near a stone wall on the corner, was a fat man with necklaces and rings, probably the man the witch was talking to. He shook his head to the horrors he had seen, but Delka could notice the look of pleasure when he glanced at the dead body of the thief… inward, that man enjoyed to see the suffering of the others.

World, Access 2S – Thing, Abstract / Dominate / Art, Low Impact
Interpretation: The spells the witch learned from the book are capable to partially neutralize Delka’s invocations.

As the Priestess of Gwyanna stood, a large thunder echoed behind her. The witch turned at once.
“So we meet again, Priestess of Death! Welcome to your tomb!,” she waved her arms while cast some heinous invocation. Delka tried to fight that fould magic with her divine channeling, but something was not right…
“Try as hard as you can, worm!,” laughed the witch, surely contemplating that small achievement. “You craft won’t work here!”
The witch left the book behind and came near the body of Melissa. “And when I claim this thief’s spirit as mine, even your power won’t be enough to impede me!”

Hero, Access 3C – Exotic Beauty, Low Impact
“Let her soul go, witch,” said the Priestess, holding her sickle against the wind. “I’m a better prey than she is.”
“Of course you are, Priestess of Death! And I will have you… Both of you!”
Delka moved to the side, letting the bell act as a barrier to the strong winds. Under the lightning bolts, her features seemed more unique than usual.
“Come face me, witch! If that is what you want!”

World, Access 3C – Holy Symbol of Life, Low Impact
Revealed by the bell? (Somewhat Likely): Extreme No!
(Extreme?) Is it the bell itself? (50/50): No.
Is it the tower as a whole? (50/50): No.
Is it the book? (Somewhat Likely): No.
What is it? (Complex): Communicate / Balance.
Interpretation: The stone where lies Melissa’s body.

“What I want, worm,” the witch pushed Melissa’s body, revealing the Ward of Life, the holy symbol only a Priest of Gwyanna could carve, “is your soul! I don’t need to kill you and then sacrifice your spirit if I’m able to drain your soul at once!”
She jumped onto the holy symbol and started chanting. The winds became stronger, and the lightning bolts fell nearer her. The top of the tower was a cage of lightning.
With the chanting, Delka felt her hands a little number, but horror came to her when she noticed her soul was leaving her body…

Hero, Access 4C – Character Assumption, a Priestess needs to endure the trials of her Goddess, Low Impact
“By all that’s sacred, witch, I won’t allow you to manipulate my essence!,” having said that Delka regained the control over her own soul. That was not magic, though, it was her own mastery over the trials Gwyanna have made her through.
“I rule over Death and Life, witch, and my soul belongs to my Goddess only!”
“Your weak Goddess has no say here, Priestess,” the witch raised her arms to the sky. “I will reign supreme!”

World, Access 6H – Locale, Deliberate / Waste / The innocent, Moderate Impact
Interpretation: A revealed ward on the floor is meant to weaken Delka.
Is it related to the bell? (Likely): Yes.

As the witch’s words became louder than the thunders, the gale rang the large bell. Once. Twice. Three times.
Delka covered her ears, but the noise was deafening. She felt blood on her hands as the bell continued to ring. Four times. Five times.
The floor below the Priestess crumbled, and she was not too quick to move away. The stones were turning to dust, revealing a different ward now… Delka was standing on a large carved rune, a rune that meant death.
The bell rang. Six times. Seven times. Eight times. As the winds kept the bell in motion the entire floor was falling to pieces. The witch looked down upon the Priestess, and her manic eyes glowed.

Hero, Access 2S – Natural Acrobat, Low Impact
Delka looked around, but there was no safe spot… Everything was crumbling, everything was becoming nothing but scattered rubble…
Except by the stone where the witch stood.
The Priestess knew she had little chance, but she couldn’t fall. By the side, Melissa’s body still lied lifeless, bound to the indignity of not deserving a proper grave.
Delka couldn’t fail now. Not for her, but for the spirit of that thief.
She jumped, missing by an inch. Landing on the ground a piercing stone ripped her dress where the previous wound was located, making her cry. Pain. Utmost pain.
But that was also a sign that Delka was still alive. And that was enough to make her stand once more, facing the witch on the only standing stone.

World, Access 4C – Dennog, Moderate Impact
Will he help Delka? (Very Likely): Yes.

The witch poised her hands as claws and made striking movements—she was two feet apart from Delka, but even then the Priestess dress was ripped by the ethereal nails that formed in thin air. The witch was attacking with pure magic, but Delka was not able to defend herself.
The Priestess raised her sickle, but the witch attacked as if that didn’t even exist. She laughed while she drew blood, her eyes as vile as the dark thunders.
“Enough!,” said a known voice. The witch paused and turned her head to see the man who dared to interrupt her feast.
Delka glanced back for an instant. “Dennog!,” she screamed, noticing he came from the same way she had come. “The floor is…”
“I was here when this monastery was built!,” he claimed, stepping harmlessly on the runes, walking toward the big book. “I know the magic that lies here.”
“Do not dare to obstruct my plans, your old fool!,” threatened the witch. “I have no use for your soul, but I may kill you anyway.”
“I’m bound to die, witch, but not by your hands,” he said, standing now by the book. “But I’m bound to protect this monastery with my life too.”
His cloak revealed an oil lamp. It was not lit yet.
“You wouldn’t dare!”
He smiled. And then broke the oil lamp on the book. A spark was all he needed, and the lightning bolts were drawing near.
“Your old fool!,” the witch raised her hands, ready to rip him apart with the mightiest attack she could muster.

Hero, Access 8D – Character Assumption, Delka’s basic knowledge of magic, Low Impact
While she was not versed on the mysteries of magical spells, the Priestess knew all invocations needed focus—even when the blessings of the gods were involved.
Gathering her strength, Delka held her sickle with both hands and invested against the witch. The blade connected with her skin, leaving a deep red wound, forcing her spell going wild, hitting the book instead. The electrical charge was enough to burst the book in flames, and Dennog was lucky to be not hit instead.
The witch pointed at the Priestess, trying to invoke another bolt against her. “Your… your…”
But no spell came. She was powerless.

World, Access 8D – Kaluit, a rich merchant in league with the witch, High Impact
Is he enraged by the destruction of the book? (50/50): Extreme Yes.
(Extreme?) Did he expect the book to be a reward of sorts? (Somewhat Likely): Yes.

“My book! My book!,” yelled the fat merchant on the corner. He had remained silent until now, but it was obvious he treasured those pages. He ran toward Dennog.
The witch, powerless, jumped on Delka, using her nails as smallish blades, striking at random. All she had built, all she had conquered, was going away, and she blamed the Priestess of Gwyanna for the intervention. “You will pay with your soul, worm!”
Dennog stepped back, but the winds were now too strong to allow him to move freely. On the other hand, the merchant had the gale on his favor, making him go faster than he dreamed that he could. He tackled Dennog against the bell, making an opaque sound.
“I’ll make you pay with your skin all the silver I invested to get that book, old man!,” said the merchant, his voice booming by the bell. However, with the motion, the large copper instrument swung back, pushing both Dennog and the merchant toward the flaming book.
The merchant screamed. His clothes were on fire, and the drizzle was not enough to prevent his skin from burning—the winds fed the fire, and soon he was a living torch.
Dennog, on the other hand, was on the ground, his old skull cracked by the impact against the bell. However, his face was serene, as if he had found peace at last.
Delka barely had the strength to keep her sickle between her and the witch, who kept attacking. Her arms were in pain—the left one due to the added wounds, the right one due to the previous ripping magic. The Priestess knelt, using the ground to help her man her weapon, allowing the shaft to touch the ground and support the now unbearable weight.
The witch cried, mad, her mask now flying away as the winds and the lightning bolts were reigning on the dark landscape. Uncontrolled magic burst all around her, exploding the runes as if the gods’ will was to never allow such things.
The Priestess saw no pattern on the witch’s attack, but kept defending herself with the sickle. The mad creature, however, was not concerned with her own safety, trying to attack even if her own body needed to face the sharp blade.
Another thunder. Another scream.
The witch risked her own life holding the blade with one hand, her blood spilling while she moved Delka’s only defense aside.

Hero, Access 6H – Undead Bane, Low Impact
The Priestess of Gwyanna was able to hold the sickle no more, the pain and the thundering echoes taking their toll. But in despite of how much it hurt, she had a clear mind—the witch would never complete her ritual, her vermin half face forever reminding her of her sins against the dead. Delka was now free to accept her own death.
The witch grabbed her neck, squeezing it firmly, but her wounds were also too much to bear. It was rage and madness that drove her now, as there was not much strength left. “You will die, Priestess!”
Delka smiled, even on the path to unconsciousness. “I’m ready to die, witch. You are not.”
The maddened witch paused, leaving Delka on the ground. The Priestess was right—her death would not bring the beauty of her face back, not even bring the peace she sought. She was damned.
On the ground, Delka still held her sickle. And that was the last chance she would have to use it. With her remaining strength, she moved her les wounded arm upward, pushing the curved blade into the witch’s torso.
The witch contorted her body, her blood spilling as if a ceramic container was cracked. She was not even entitled her final words.
The Priestess of Gwyanna tried to stand, pushing the witch’s body aside. The tornado was going away, living only the destructed path behind. When Delka eventually looked at the sky, she was able to see the moon once more.
The sickle was on the ground as she sat on the sacrificing stone. At her right lied the body of Melissa. At her left was the witch’s corpse.
But Delka was a guardian of the death, and tried to feel the spirits around her. On Melissa’s body there was none.
Looking back, though, she could see the thin layer of essence that covered a moving ethereal figure. There was the spirit of the thief.
“I may go now,” said Melissa, her voice clear as a whisper. The same voice Delka heard earlier when she was trying to climb on the edge of the cistern.
“May Gwyanna guide you always, Mel,” said the Priestess of Death and Life, making a holy sign with her hand. The unearthly form of Melissa faded to nothing, but Delka knew she was going to the arms of her Goddess.
All of sudden, however, the Priestess felt the witch’s spirit trying to leave her corpse. Instinctively, she grabbed her sickle and positioned it on the witch’s neck. The spirit groaned.
“I’m the Priestess of Death and Life, and while I’m not your judge, I will be your executioner,” the witch’s spirit tried to attack, but it was still weak. “I am the undead bane, and you are my prey now, witch!”
Delka stood, still keeping her weight centered on the sickle, carving another mark on the witch’s body.
“By the powers of Gwyanna, I cast upon you the mark of the sinners! You’ll roam forever the realms of living, unable to be seen or be heard, or be affected or affect, and only a true Priest of my Goddess will be able to see you and banish you once more! You’ll live forever, trapped on a nether realm, where no mortal can reach and you can never leave!”
The witch’s spirit faded, but it could be still felt. It raised and tried to attack Delka, but all single move simply passed through. It tried to possess the Priestess, but the woman simply co-existed the same space. The spirit cried.
And no sound was heard.
Delka looked around. There was too much destruction already. And the night was not over yet.
But the Priestess of Death and Life knew she had won. The murdered souls were free, and the murderers were punished.
She limped toward Dennog’s body and held his head for a moment. The silent prayer was everything she could do for him.
Yet he was now free, as the monastery didn’t need another caretaker. In her heart, Delka knew her Goddess would always look for that place.
Forever and ever.
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