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Subject: Chaos tips rss

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Asen Aleksandrov
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Post Chaos-specific strategies and advice here. I'll start:

- Have Kairos drop a Bloodthirster on as many enemy units as possible and then use Blood for the Blood god. To protect the BT from dying later in the Melee phase, empower it and use Hellstriders or your heroes to clean up enemies that pile on top of it.

- Deploy Flamers as aggressively as possible. If you can snatch Ambush, Scout or Disperse, use them for your Flamers, but make sure to 'screen' them with fast and/or expendable units during round 1 so that you don't lose them too quickly.

- Take Archaon and charge him into large groups of disks. You can use Intimidate to force enemies to engage him or clump together for more damage.

- If you have the Rendezvous deployment card, use it to reinforce your Hellcannons.

- Nurgle's rot is an amazing ability. Cast it on disks with Wounds to compound its effects.

- Due to the BTs' arcane resistance and large footprint, in some situations it might be viable to target them with your Flamers in order for the shots to scatter onto enemy units, especially if Rain of Arrows is in play. Similarly, in an allied list you could target them with Fists of Mork.

-To get double range Arcane Attack, have Kairos reinforce a Sorcerer and then cast it from the Sorcerer.
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Benjamin Bottorff
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A fun but risky trick I've had success with for chaos (though I'd only try it while I have the warhammer) (also note, I'm going on the interpretation of Kairos's ability talked about in the Sniper Troll thread, where you cannot pin anyone with Kairos's ability that you couldn't blast with magic). Relies a touch on your enemy having not seen it before for max effect but even if they have it can do some damage.

Take Kairos and Hellcannons (and ideally a bloodthirster) but don't deploy the Hellcannons at the start. Wait until the battle lines start being drawn up (i.e most of everyones units are starting to mass up just out of range of the bulk of enemy forces with maybe a few disks as bait or who're positioning to close). If you can pull off going last, have Kairos reinforce the hellcannon right in front of enemy forces (ideally clumped up disks).
-At this point, it is ideal if you can go first. If you do you can have the Hellcannon fire at whatever is the highest priority target (and as you'll probably be within long range the Hellcannon has decent odds for a fierce amount of damage) and there's the odds you can get a chaos and inflict impact 5 to the enemies in front of you (particularly satisfying to knock out militia spearmen who were hoping to bait a bloodthirster) but if you don't go first or you don't deal impact damage don't fret. The Hellcannon has the toughness that without a decent amount of magic, ranged attacks, or impact, it won't go down before melee phase and most enemies will assume it's a vulnerable target easy to pin and annihilate and will just try to lock it down. The funny thing is, that anywhere that Kairos can drop a Hellcannon, he can drop a bloodthirster. With the exception of physically resistant disks, there's no disk in the game that can stand up to having a bloodthirster dropped on them, even if they are empowered. The downside of this is if you go last on the first card of two turns in a row, you could easily have 25+ points worth of disks pinned by one disk.
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