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Ted Elrick
United States
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Zombicide is AWESOME! (must be sung to that new catchy LEGO tune) BUT, I'm more of a campaign type of guy. Don't get me wrong, the scenarios are awesome, but I like a slow sense of progression that eventually creates this long amazing story that you remember for years and years... anyway, you get the idea. In the hopes of tweaking Zombicide into an experience that creates an epic story, I wanted to pull from some of my other favorite forms of zombie entertainment.

Resident Evil 4
- Boss battles
- Ammo management
- Leveling up (campaign style)
- Epic badassery against the horde

Walking Dead
- Start with almost nothing and alone
- Constantly shifting survivor group
- Constant search for food/water
- Epic sense of hopelessness

This isn't for the feint of heart and certainly most people who picked up Zombicide knew they were buying it for a dice-chucking, zombie-killing romp through the city. You guys should probably just close this out and play some more Zombicide. For those of us that have played the heck out of it and want something a little crunchier, deeper, more... epic, hopefully this will be fun for you to try out.

Please post your end-of-campaign results with a group composition (along with any questions or suggestions you may have).

- Each player picks one survivor. Give the group water, a Pistol with 6 bullets, crowbar, ax and pans for those without a weapon. That's it. Works well with 1, 2, 3 and 4 players.
- Use this handy, dandy web site to pick an appropriate scenario to start with and additionally pick a new random one for each step through the campaign (
- Make one objective in each scenario a blue or green secret objective and randomly put it in one of the pre-defined objective spaces. In addition to what it normally does, it will also give the player with the least survivors control over a new random survivor. In case of a tie, the player who found the survivor chooses which player controls it. The new survivor will start with any starting equipment mentioned on their board and they will also start with one card from the top of the search deck. They may take a turn this round.
- Finding Ammo, Guns, Chainsaws and Gas allow you to roll to see how much of that resource you get. Pistols use bullets, Shotguns use shells, Automatic Weapons use clips and Chainsaws use gas (I use Lords of Waterdeep cubes to keep track - orange = gas, white = bullets, purple = shotgun shells, black = clips). Each time you find the corresponding weapon or ammo, roll a d6 and add that much of the corresponding ammo type to your survivor's inventory (doesn't take up a slot). The ammo is not shared between survivors and must be traded between the survivors. Ammo cards can still be kept in the inventory if desired and used for their intended purpose. Re-rolls due to lucky and extra ammo do not use up extra ammo. Duel wielding shots use up 2 ammo. Gas cards are discarded after being found (unless specifically needed for a scenario purpose). Molotovs can be made by combining 3 gas and a glass bottle. The flamethrower requires 3 gas for each use. There is no limit to the amount of ammo a survivor can carry.
- Flashlights do not stack and each one can only be used once per round (no trading and re-using to do crazy searches).
- Ranged weapons will not auto-hit a survivor. Each roll of a 1 will hit a survivor if they are in the target zone, but re-rolls through skills or ammo can cancel those hits. Skills such as steady hand can also avoid hitting survivors.
- Food and water is necessary between missions. After each mission each survivor will consume 1 food or water item. For each item short, a survivor takes a wound. For each item over the required amount, you may heal a wound. If it's not used, it goes bad and must be discarded.
- No Ultra-red weapons.
- (Optional) Difficulty: EASY - Each scenario after the first, add 1 dog to the deck (if you have them available). When lost or discarded, do not add them back to the deck.
- Your inventory carries over from mission to mission except for stuff that can break. After each scenario, for each pistol, shotgun or battery item (flashlight, laser pointer) in your inventory, roll a d6 and on a roll of 3+, you may keep that weapon. For Chainsaws, Flamethrowers and Automatic weapons, on a roll of 5+, you may keep that weapon. If not, the weapon broke and you must discard it.
- Between missions, the road is very harsh. You will encounter zombies and maybe even other survivor groups which will require the use of some of your ammo. Roll a d6 for each survivor in your group. You must discard that total amount of ammo from your supplies. Yes, melee weapons are very important, think twice before dropping them for that sweet, sweet m16.
- Between missions, you will find a crowbar and a fire ax. It's funny how people just seem to leave these all over the place.
- The XP bar is now considered the Adrenaline Bar which will go up each mission and subside after it's over. When you reach orange or red, pick a skill as normal, but keep that skill going into future scenarios even when you're at blue and yellow. When you reach orange and red again, you can pick and keep a new skill turning your survivor into a hardened veteran of the Zombie Apocalypse. Each time you reach red and have already selected the 3 skills on your survivor board, pick a custom skill from the rule book and add it to your survivor (I use a post-it note).
- Pick your starting character carefully. Some will be easier to use than others.
- Cars may be used as noise makers. As an action, turn the radio up and the car will be a constant source of 4 noise even when you're not driving it. As an action, you may also turn the radio off.
- Use of zombivors are optional, but highly encouraged. They will help a lot in the current scenario, but when it's over, you'll sadly have to put them down and that survivor is not available for future scenarios.
- There are some situations where it's advantageous to sit and search and wait. Due to a loop hole, you might even be able to search infinitely for what you need. For this reason, when the search deck runs out, it's done for the mission. Do not re-shuffle to make a new equipment deck. When searching for a specific item in the search deck (such as a weapon in a police car) simply put the discarded items on the bottom of the search deck instead of the discard pile.

1st 3 missions
- Only have as many spawn locations as there are survivors up to the number of spawn zones specified in the scenario. Remove spawn zones randomly. If there are special spawn locations, remove these last and follow the special rules for these locations.
- No boss Abominations... yet
- Only pick easy or medium missions (
- No berzerk or toxic zombies
- Objectives give experience = # of players

4th mission and onward
- Add in 2 random toxic zombie cards and 2 random berzerker zombie cards before each scenario
- Don't remove any spawn locations (even if you're below the minimum for the mission)
- Add an extra spawn location for each survivor beyond 6.
- (Optional) Difficulty: HARD - Add 2 zombie dogs cards every mission
- When an Abomination shows up roll 2d6 and mark the abomination appropriately (poker chip/cubes/tiny dice)
2 Nemesis - Each time he's killed, he will appear at one of the 4 corners of the map randomly (can break down doors). Assign each corner 1 through 4 and roll a die to place the Nemesis. Re-roll a 5 or 6.
3 Tentacles - if adjacent to a survivor zone, instead of moving, attack all survivors at range 0-1 in all directions
4 Leader - mobile spawn location, always spawn on this location last
5 Foggy - all ranged attacks within 2 zones (target or shooter) get -1 to the dice roll (flashlight cancels effect for that survivor's zone)
6 Howler - after spawning zombies at each spawn point, roll a d6. If you roll a 1 or 2, draw another spawn card for that spawn point.
7 Juggernaut - gets 2 actions just like a runner
8 Armored - requires 2 hits
9 Coach - roll d6, that many walkers turn into runners if in the same zone
10 Motivational Speaker - all zombies in this abom zone get an extra activation at the end of the zombie turn
11 Sewer Dweller - if not in or adjacent to a survivor zone, will head to nearest manhole. If in a manhole zone, can move to any other manhole in order to get closer to the survivors and takes an extra activation. If each manhole is equally close to survivors, the players pick which manhole.
12 Spewage - has range 0-2 attack and will attack if any survivors are in range. All survivors in this range get hit. Can only attack every other round.

- If gas or ammo is placed on the map or treated differently during the scenario, follow the scenario rules, but also roll for gas/ammo in addition to adding the card to your inventory. The gas card itself would only be used for the scenario's special purposes.
- If the blue and green objectives are both being used in the scenario, the blue objective now marks a new random survivor as well as it's scenario specific purpose.
- If there are no objectives on the map, place objectives on the 4 corners of the map with one of them being the random blue objective which will grant a new survivor.
- If a scenario states that survivors start with custom equipment, ignore the scenario rules except for any items that are needed to complete the scenario.
- If the scenario states that survivors start at yellow, orange, or red, follow the scenario guidelines and pick a new skill at that level.
- If the scenario grants extra survivors, those are the survivors you will get that mission. At the end of the mission, pick one of those survivors to add to your group. The other(s) were already bitten before you met them and didn't tell you about it. You had to put them down.

- Lifesaver, Lucky and Ambidextrous are super useful skills.
- When you see a car, don't be afraid to use it. It probably means a new veteran skill for one or more survivors.
- You are highly encouraged to keep a running journal of your campaign. Things to track would include which mission you achieved and what survivor you obtained in that mission. Also including any highlights from the previous mission will make it very easy to create a nice session report/playtest feedback.
- It's not required, but for an extra bit of realism, when a survivor dies, don't add it back to the available survivor pool.
- Use a chip of some sort under your ammo cubes to denote 4 of something. A white cube with a chip under it is equal to 5 bullets. I use the Lords of Waterdeep money squares.
- When taking a rather complicated player action, put each group of zombies killed into small piles in front of you. After your turn, you can easily see how many shots you took which equates to how much ammo you need to discard as well as how many noise tokens you need to add to the board.
- See how many scenarios you can complete! What's your Zombicide: Walking Evil Score?

Q) Is it balanced?
A) Well, that's an excellent question. For the most part, Zombicide is questionably balanced to begin with, but I have tried to make sure things stay relatively balanced while testing these tweaks. Objectively, I've made it harder for the Survivors by reducing the number of survivors, making ammo scarce, removing some ammo and weapons between missions, adding bosses and you gotta find water and food. I've also made it easier by removing spawn points, making ranged attacks hit survivors on a roll of 1, letting them keep gear and veteran skills between missions and they can find new survivors. Hopefully I'll continue to further balance with your help.

If you try it, I hope you have fun with it. Feedback and questions are welcome. Also, if you have any good boss ideas, I could use those too.
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Abraham Quicksilver
United Kingdom
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Excellent scheme here.

Next time I have a zombie fest I shall definitely try this.
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