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Subject: Italy in Flames - 8 - Oil Oil Oil rss

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Hello everybody!

I've been late with these reports, while the war kept going, but I intend to catch up, eventually. As usual the mini-summaries of the previous turns are at the bottom of this post.


This is our latest global campaign of the best game in the world. We play via Vassal and we use all expansion except LiF and FiF. The players are:

Matteo (me, aka teobius) – Germany
Amos (aka azalin1982)– Japan & Italy

Alessandro – CW, USA & China
Federico – Russia and France.

The Allies aren’t regulars of this forum, and thus me and my accomplice are quite free to discuss our secret, classified, most confidential and always winning strategies with you. We would very much like to get some advices and comments, since we like talking WiF and because we are still learning the intricacies of this game (and messing up some rules, every now and then).

Since we have enjoyed others’ reports very much and we learnt a lot by reading them, we would like to be very clear about what’s happening in our game, even if it means stressing some basic concepts that everybody knows. We hope to be of some help for new players looking for sample games.

Options we use: anything in RAW7 except the following: limited overseas supply, recruitment limits, task forces, HQ movement, fractional odds, oil marker costs, strat bombing bonus, food in flames, en route aircraft interception, limited aircraft interception, offensive chits (we use o-points), intelligence, japanese command conflict, rough seas.
We also use the following annual 2008 options: lending limits, land movement in snow, randomized surface combat losses, randomized naval air combat losses, aircraft rebasing, additional US entry actions 37, northern land lease, land leasing units, territorials, CLiF damage, upgrading heavy weapons, offensive points.
And we use LOC Vichy and the following house rules: Wendell’s Stalin’s war, Wendell’s Repubblic of Salò, only Allies can surrender, AA can decide not to abort or kill planes.

You can find short summaries and links to previous turns at the bottom of this report.


Axis rolls 8 , Allies roll 10. Allies go first.
5 impulses.

After the serious setback of the italian Navy and the strong deployment of Commonwealth troops in Egypt and the Middle East, even Germany must aknowledge the failure of its plan to secure the Iraqi and Persian oil fields. Guderian must head back to Trieste, and the perfidious Albion is let free to do whatever he likes in the area. So Winston declares war on Iraq and Gort leads the easy attack from Kuwait to Baghdad, joined by a Mech coming from Egypt which manages to take all the oil fields before turn end.

But at least some good news of a bear being beaten come from elsewhere. In fact the Allies take advantage of one impulse of fine weather to succesfully blitz the rumanian oil fields (+8, 16 rolled, 1/R, hex taken) and masterfully assault Vladivostok (+10, 23 rolled) (the oil fields won’t be rapaired this turn, because Berlin shall not let the ENG enter the hex before it is somewhat secured).

Having lost Vladivostock and a couple resources, Russia forces peace with Japan (1 USE). But not before her last trick: she sends her SUBs to the Japanese Coast and they find the enemy’s CPs twice in the last two allied impulses, sinking or aborting all of them! Surprising the convoys twice in a row (i.e. rolling 2 or less) is big time luck, and the reward is juicy: the USA draws two extra USE chits. The Axis loses his aplomb.

New russia-japan border.

So, going for the Middles East was a bad idea. I learnt the hard way that Italy and Germany don’t stand a chance against the CW in the Mediterranean, unless Gibraltar is already taken… especially when there’s no threat of a Sea Lion because Germany has no lifts left. CW can just bring land troops and air force much faster, and sooner or later will crush the italian fleet. If even I could align Iraq and Persia, they would be soon isolated, unable to send their oil west, and finally conquered.
So, the only thing I have achieved is to make London focus on Iraq and then conquer it, with the result of one less oil for me and two more for it. Oh, life is so hard on dreamers!

But how’s everyone faring at the end of 1940?

Germany is weaker than usual. She has been facing Russia for the whole of 1940, and for the first part of the year she was still engaged against France and Yugoslavia. The end result is 103 BPs lost to casualties, 52 OPs spent and 25 BPs lost because of the rumanian oil fields falling to Russia (including missed production and repair costs that will come at the beginning of 1941). That’s a lot. We’ll see if I can arrange a semblance of a Barb ’41.

Italy is quite on schedule, I think. She’s been battling in the seas with the CW, winning some battles and losing others. The worst thing is that she lost all of its lifts but one, and won’t probably even give a fight in Lybia. But at least she has Malta, and America is not angry with the euroaxis.

Japan is very strong. The emperor’s factories have been producing around 16 BP per turn during all of 1940, and that’s a lot. Her force pool looks kinda empty at the moment. Chungking looks also ripe for the taking.

America drew no less than 13 USE chits since march 1940, but she’s still behind schedule:
GE/IT – 3 in the entry pool, 2 in tension.
Japan – 10 in the entry pool, 1 in tension.
And she hasn’t geared up yet. This delay is the other face of the hard times Germany has gone through.

RU 5
GE 4
JA 6
IT 4

GE (17): ARM, MECH, LND2, 2 SUB(1), PIL.
IT (5): FTR2, NAV2, 1 BP.
JA (18): MECH, CVP1, FTR, 2 PIL, 3 CP, 3 BP.
CH (3): INF
CW (17): MOT div, CP, 2 PIL, 2 CVP0, ASW(2), 2 BB(2), ARM
US (10): BB(2), ASW(2), TRS(2), CL(2)
RU (14): MOT, 2 MIL, INF, ARM div.


0 – The Setup: Russia deploys aggressively on Manchurian and Rumanian border, Italy lets all its options open, China makes a line, CW doesn’t care for Malta, Japan doesn’t care for Manchuria, Germany deploys for a no-bess gambit.

1 - Germany easily conquers Poland and Denmark, declares war on Yugoslavia and aligns Hungary and Rumania. CW and France DOW Germany. Italy DOWs CW and takes Malta. Japan kills Mao in Si-An but loses Canton.

2 - Japan re-conquers Canton. Russia enters the Baltic States.

3 - Russia DOWs Germany, but fails to take the rumanian oil fields. USA definitely moves towards isolationism.

4 - Germany conquers Yugoslavia.

5 - Germany conquers Belgium and attacks France. Russia advances deeply in Poland, but then retreats. Russia takes the rumanian oil fields.

6 - Japan DOWs Russia and invades north of Vladivostock, then the IJA takes Kwei-Yang. Germany conquers Paris: Vichy France and Free France are created.

7 - Guderian leads a small expedition force to Syria, but the Italian fleet is crushed by the Royal Navy. CW gathers troops and airforce in Middle East and Kuwait.
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