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Previously, on the misadventures of six misfits...

The enemy is at the abandoned clock tower. The last surviving cultist says that their leader followed a magnificent being that they describe as an angel. The six look out the window and see the tower in its incomplete, hideous glory. The group decides to rest for the day and, together with the city watch, confront this “angel.”

Suddenly, the bells at the tower toll. The cultist suddenly crumples to the ground in agony, grabbing his head and screaming in agony. As the bells continue to toll, the sky begins to darken, and a few screams resonate through the city. When the bells stop, the sky is almost dark. Bits of sunlight pierce the haze as much as it could, but it feels like it would eventually be swallowed up. Father Zantus examines the cultist, and shakes his head.

More screams echo through the day... or night. Whatever is happening now, it is not waiting for the group to rest for the day.

(Strength +2; Wisdom +1; Hand Size +1; Heavy Armor Proficiency)
1x Bastard Sword +1
1x Flaming Mace +1
1x Greatsword
1x Longsword +1
1x Warhammer +1
1x Elven Breastplate
1x Magic Half-Plate
1x Masterwork Tools
1x Mattock
1x Grizzled Mercenary
1x Sheriff Hemlock
3x Blessing of Gorum
2x Blessing of the Gods

(Dexterity +2; Wisdom +1; Snipe +2)
1x Light Crossbow +1
2x Longbow +1
1x Returning Throwing Axe +1
1x Shock Longbow +1
1x Hide Armor of Fire Resistance
1x Codex
1x Mattock
1x Potion of Healing
1x Archer
1x Shalelu Andosana
1x Blessing of Erastil
1x Blessing of Lamashtu
3x Blessing of the Gods

(Intelligence +1; Charisma +2; Weapons Proficiency; Inspire +1)
1x Deathbane Light Crossbow +1
1x Consecration
1x Cure
1x Frost Ray
2x Lightning Touch
1x Masterwork Tools
1x Spyglass
1x Merchant
1x Sage
1x Standard Bearer
1x Blessing of Desna
1x Blessing of Irori
1x Blessing of Pharasma
2x Blessing of the Gods

(Intelligence +1; Wisdom +2; Animal +2)
2x Aid
2x Cure
2x Holy Light
1x Holy Candle
1x Spyglass
1x Crow
1x Father Zantus
2x Toad
1x Blessing of Pharasma
2x Blessing of Shelyn
1x Blessing of the Gods

(Dexterity +2; Constitution +1; Magic Fists; Hand Size +1)
1x Amulet of Life
1x Boots of Elvenkind
1x Chime of Unlocking
1x Spyglass
1x Grizzled Mercenary
1x Sage
1x Standard Bearer
1x Troubadour
2x Blessing of Calistria
2x Blessing of Erastil
1x Blessing of Sarenrae
1x Blessing of Torag
2x Blessing of the Gods

(Strength +1; Charisma +2; Channel +1; Item Recharge)
1x Augury
1x Enfeeble
1x Haste
1x Scorching Ray
1x Sihedron Medallion
1x Staff of Minor Healing
1x Wand of Shield
1x Acolyte
1x Aldern Foxglove
1x Sage
1x Standard Bearer
2x Blessing of Irori
1x Blessing of Pharasma
2x Blessing of the Gods

1. Harsk returns to the Mill. He finds a Mystic Inscription, but the earlier battle has ruined it. The Archer suddenly pushes Harsk away from the swing of an Ogre. Harsk tries to attack with the Returning Throwing Axe +1, but the Ogre manages to punch the ranger before running back into the Mill. (1+3 +1 Magic +2 Dexterity +3 Ranged +2 Slashing... two short; I lose the Mattock and Longbow +1.)

2. Lem goes to the Throne Room, where the “angel” is waiting...
- Harsk is still winded, and could not guard the Mill. (Natural 2 +2 Dexterity... good for half the check.)
- Lini guards the Desecrated Vault with the help of the Toad. (2+2 plus modifiers)
- Sajan is attacked by Bandit at the Waterfront. He channels a Blessing of Sarenrae and knocks out the thief. (4+9 +2 Dexterity) His Boots of Elvenkind are soaked from the battle. (again)
- Seoni is at the Shadow Clock, but is just starting to investigate.
- Amiri encounters a Bandit at the City Gate. The thief manages to grab at her Elven Breastplate, but she connects with a Flaming Mace +1 to the skull. (1+5 plus modifiers)

Harsk fires a bolt at Xanesha, (recharging Codex to his ability) letting Lem say a quick prayer (discarding Blessing of the Gods) and firing a shot from his Deathbane Light Crossbow +1. The shot connects, but only shatters a mystical shield. (4+4+6+8 plus modifiers) Lini casts Aid on Lem (recharge with 4+5 plus modifiers) while Harsk fires another shot. (Recharging Shock Longbow +1 to his ability.) Lem doesn't have time to reload the crossbow, so he quickly says a prayer (discarding Blessing of Desna) and grabs Xanesha with a Lightning Touch. He manages to slip under and grab Xanesha from behind, bypassing her defenses and hurting her badly. (1+2+3+4+4+9 plus modifiers; he fails the recharge check, but I don't mind.) Xanesha blinds Lem with a blinding flare, then is gone. However, Lem knows that this “angel” can be beaten. (Nothing of note in this location, so I guess it's good I didn't waste time here.)

3. Lini is at yet another Descertaed Vault, when a Toad suddenly warns her of an attack from a Goblin Commando. While another Toad distracts the goblin, Lini shapeshifts (discarding Father Zantus) while Lem fires a bolt at the goblin. (discarding Deathbane Light Crossbow +1) The combined attack overcomes the goblin, who dies to a huge claw to the face. (2+3+3 plus modifiers)

4. Sajan encounters a Snake at the Waterfront. The snake is docile, and joins the calm Sajan. (Natural 6) Sajan then uses the Spyglass to scout the bay, and finds a Ghoul following a Goblin Warchanter. The Grizzled Mercenary finds a path to the Goblin Warchanter. Sajan is suddenly assaulted by the goblin's horrid singing voice, (natural 2) but with the Snake suddenly biting, Sajan channels a Blessing of Erastil and strikes the goblin on the throat, incapacitating it. (1+2+4+4 +2 Dexterity)

5. Seoni begins climbing the Shadow Clock tower, and comes across a rusted Dogslicer. She kicks it away, and is about to move on when the Standard Bearer is suddenly attacked by a Shadow. Seoni channels her power (discarding Blessing of the Gods) and fires a column of magical energy with the help of her Acolyte. The attack strikes true, disintegrating the incorporeal enemy. (1+3+6 +1 Channel +2 Charisma +2 Arcane... a little more than enough.) Seoni then explores further, (recharging Blessing of Pharasma as the blessing matches) but it seems that the undead are not finished... a Skeleton Horde rises!

- Harsk uses his Returning Throwing Axe +1 on the Ancient Skeleton... the axe returns with the skull. (6+8 plus modifiers)
- Lini casts Aid (passes the recharge check with a 4+7) and, together with the Toad, push the Ancient Skeleton into a sarcophagus and seals it in. (1+4+5 +2 Animal; the d6 is a natural 5... not that it matters.)
- Sajan channels a Blessing of Calistria, and pummels the Ancient Skeleton. (5+9 +2 Dexterity)
- Seoni channels her power (discarding Wand of Shield) and torches the Ancient Skeleton. (5+6 plus modifiers)
- Amiri swings her Flaming Mace +1 at the skeleton and crushes it. (5+8 plus modifiers)

Seoni uses the Staff of Minor Healing on herself as she catches her breath.

6. Amiri runs into a Charmed Faceless Stalker at the City Gate. She is somewhat horrified. (Natural 5 +1 Wisdom... one short, but I wasn't counting on it.) Amiri asks Gorum for a blessing as she swings with her Flaming Mace +1... and her prayers are answered. (1+2+5+8 plus modifiers) A Bandit suddenly appears and grapples with the Grizzled Mercenary, but Amiri clocks the bandit with the same mace. (3+8+11 plus modifiers) With that, the City Gate is secure, and Amiri heads out to the Temple and says a prayer at the door. (Discard Blessing of the Gods. I missed out on Cyrdak Drokkus at the City Gate, but nothing spectacular otherwise.)

7. Harsk runs into a Charmed Faceless Stalker at the Mill. He is also stunned by the horrific arrival of the creature, (Natural 3 +1 Wisdom) but has the sense to throw his Returning Throwing Axe +1... except that he missed. (1+2+3 +1 Magic +2 Dexterity +3 Ranged -2 Stalker... one short! This buries the Blessing of Lamashtu from the top of the deck.) Harsk blinks a bit, and wonders what happened to him for the past fifteen minutes. Feeling thirsty, he quaffs the Potion of Healing (for 4) and wonders what to do next. (The potion gambit paid off... I got the Returning Throwing Axe +1 back.) He then spots something familiar... (Charmed Faceless Stalker; I actually forgot to use this ability last time.)

8. Lem goes to the Shrine of Lamashtu and uses his Spyglass to check it out. He finds a bunch of other cultists performing a Skinsaw Ritual several feet from a dirtied alcove to Pharasma. Lem heads to the alcove and cleans it up, but the taint harms him. (Discard Masterwork Tools and Lightning Touch.) He gains the blessing (with a natural 6) and casts Cure (for 3+1; one short on the recharge with a natural 4 +2 Charisma +1 Arcane.) on himself, then waits.

9. Lini uses her Spyglass, and finds a Charmed Faceless Stalker harassing a Goblin Cutpurse. Lini decides to go straight for the aberration and surprises it. (Natural 10 on the wisdom check.) While Harsk snipes at the aberration, (recharging Light Crossbow +1 to his ability) Lini shapeshifts (discarding Blessing of Shelyn) and attacks it with the aid of her Toad. The battle is fierce, but Lini eventually gets the upper hand and defeats it. (2+2+3 +2 Animal +2 Snipe... just right, but too close for comfort.) Together with the Toad, Lini cleanses yet another Desecrated Vault. (3+5 plus modifiers; this lets her recharge the Spyglass.) Lini casts Cure (for 3+1; fail the recharge check with the only result possible: 1+1 plus modifiers.) on herself as she wonders what to do next. (Web would have been nice for Seoni, but it's near the bottom of the vault.)

10. Sajan almost gets clawed by a Ghoul. While Amiri prays for Sajan, (discarding Blessing of the Gods) the monk channels a Blessing of Torag and knocks the undead into the water. (2+8+10 +2 Dexterity) The Sage moves ahead, but wonders why Sajan isn't moving. Sajan then blinks, then casually remarks that it was just a bad memory. (Monster in the Closet)

11. Seoni climbs up one level of the Shadow Clock. She finds a Wooden Shield that is still serviceable. (Natural 4) Moving further, (discarding Blessing of the Gods) she comes across a Mercenary which she blasts (discarding Wooden Shield) with the help of the Acolyte. (1+3+7 plus modifiers.)

12. Amiri finds a scroll of Sanctuary that does not interest her. (Natural 1) A little exploration (discarding Blessing of Gorum) leads to something that does interest her: a Longsword. It is a bit rusty and dirty, but still useable. (Natural 2 +2 Strength +2 Melee... very close.) Sheriff Hemlock spots a Heavy Crossbow, but that is not something Amiri wants.

13. Harsk is spooked by the Charmed Faceless Stalker. (Natural 1) However, he says a quick prayer (burying Blessing of the Gods emulating a Blessing of Lamashtu) as he throws his Returning Throwing Axe +1... this time it strikes the aberration dead. (2+3+3+5+6 plus modifiers) Lem prays for Harsk (discarding Blessing of Desna) to help the ranger clear the Mill... (2+6 +2 Dexterity. All the good allies seem to be out today. Ameiko Kaijitsu is near the bottom here.)

14. Lem swaps out Consecration for Cure, and proceeds to disrupt the Skinsaw Ritual. One cultist tries to attack Lem, but he blasts the enemy with a Frost Ray. (2+2+6 plus modifiers; I also pass the recharge check with a natural 6 plus modifiers.) Lem then casts Cure (for 1+1; fail the recharge check with a natural 4 +2 Charisma +1 Divine, or one short... perhaps this isn't a bad thing.) on himself.

15. Lini goes to the Shrine of Lamashtu and finds a Treasure Map. The Toad helps her quickly decipher it (3+7 plus modifiers) and this leads her to a hidden alcove to Desna. Finding the alcove is enough to give Lini a blessing. (As the Treasure Map is the encounter and not the blessing, no damage for this one... whew.) Lini uses this newfound blessing to move forward, (discard Blessing of Desna) and she finds a tome of Toxic Cloud. Lini casts Aid (passes the recharge check with 3+5) and, together with the Toad, decipher the arcane script to know that the others will want this. (1+3+5 plus modifiers) Moving further, (discarding Blessing of Shelyn) Lini encounters a Mercenary who attacks her. Lem finds Lini to the sound of battle, and inspires her (recharging Merchant to his ability) to fight. While the Toad distracts the Mercenary, Lini shapeshifts (discarding Toxic Cloud) and casts Aid (recharges the spell with a 3+10) to maul the mercenary. (2+3+3+5 +1 Inspire +2 Animal -2 Adventure)

16. Sajan finds a Large Chest, which he unlocks handily with the Chime of Unlocking. Inside are four weapons: a Warhammer, Longbow, Throwing Axe, and a Dagger +1. The Standard Bearer meets an Acolyte, who is too willing to join Sajan and his adventuring party. (Natural 6) Sajan moves ahead, but is then frozen by the memory of a Monster in the Closet again. He chants a quick prayer (recharging Blessing of Erastil as it is the time of Erastil) and the memory continues to a Goblin Raider coming out of the closet. (2+7... just right) Shocked, young Sajan hides under the bed. As the goblin finds him, Sajan throws a Dagger +1 at it, killing the goblin. (3+3+5 plus modifiers) Sajan then screams, and finds himself at the Waterfront again.

17. Seoni climbs up another level of the Shadow Clock tower. She finds a scroll of Invisibility, which she keeps. (Natural 8 plus modifiers) Seoni casts an Augury for barriers, and finds an Ambush waiting for her near a Wand of Force Missile and a Charmed Faceless Stalker. Seoni remembers where the Ambush is to avoid it. (Put said card in bottom.) Seoni casts Haste to explore further, and comes across a small shrine to Torag. Her prayers there are heard. (Natural 3 +1 Strength... this may be the most useful the +1 I put there ever becomes.) Seoni then explores further (recharging Blessing of Irori as it is the time of Irori) and runs into an Ambush! (Another one?) Despite the Sage pulling her back, the ambush is triggered, and a Charmed Faceless Stalker appears. The monster shocks Seoni, who tries to muster a Scorching Ray with another prayer. (Recharging Blessing of Irori for the same reason above.) Seoni barely defeats the aberration, (2+3+4+6 +2 Charisma +2 Arcane -2 Stalker -4 Ambush) but finds that there is still one level left. (Recharging the Sage was a bad idea... that was my only ally in hand.)

18. Amiri receives a Blessing of the Gods at the Temple. She uses it to push forward, and finds a shrine to Calistria. She says a quick prayer there, which is effective. (Natural 5) She uses the newfound strength to move on, and comes across an alcove to Abadar. Her prayers there are also answered. (Natural 4 +1 Wisdom... whew. I'm still wondering if the Wisdom or Divine 5 check is a misprint as all the other blessings have that as a Divine 5, but as there is no correction to this date, I am not complaining.) This blessing lets Amiri find the way to the Charmed Faceless Stalker. It still tries to charm her, (Natural 4 +1 Wisdom) but Amiri charges at it with her Greatsword... (1+1+2+...10! +2 Strength +2 Melee -2 Stalker... that last die was a lifesaver.) and kills the creature. With that, the Temple is clear, and Amiri heads to the Shrine of Lamashtu.

19. Harsk also goes to the Waterfront, and finds a hulking Scarecrow Golem waiting for him. Shalelu Andosana fires the first volley, letting Harsk say a prayer to Erastil before firing his own Longbow +1. After numerous arrows, the golem shuts down and crumbles. (1+1+3+6+7 +1 Magic +2 Dexterity +3 Ranged -5 Waterfront. A Bandit tries to grab Harsk's Mattock, but the ranger knocks the thief down and fires a point blank shot from his Longbow +1. (5+8 plus modifiers) This secures the Waterfront. (Sajan discards the Amulet of Life, while Harsk discards the Hide Armor of Fire Resistance.)

20. Lem uses his Spyglass at the Shrine of Lamashtu, and finds Xanesha and an alcove to Sarenrae. Lem goes for the alcove, and though he is hurt by evil, he gains a blessing for his efforts. (Natural 9 plus modifiers, though I take damage by discarding Sage and a Blessing of the Gods.)

21. Lini gets together with the others, and they charge at Xanesha...
- Meanwhile, at the Shadow Clock tower, Seoni reaches the top, but her Acolyte slips and falls. Seoni goes down to check, and finds that she is alright though badly injured.

Lini cracks Xanesha's mystic defenses with her own divine magic and a prayer to Shelyn... and also the Toad. (3+3+4+4 plus modifiers) Xanesha is defenseless, and with the standard rules of overkill, Harsk fires two shots (discarding Longbow +1 and recharging Codex to his ability) while Lem inspires (recharging Standard Bearer to his ability) Lini to greatness. As Lini casts Holy Light with the help of her Toad, everyone else prays for her. (Amiri discards a Blessing of Gorum, Harsk and Sajan discards Blessing of the Gods, and Lem and Seoni discards Blessings of Pharasma... Total dice is 4d4 + 2d6 + 8d10 +8 modifiers)

1+1+2+2+3+4+4+7+8+8+10+10+10 +8 Modifiers... Xanesha was indeed bathed in light like an angel, but her evil could not withstand the immense power, and she is obliterated. As the darkness disappeared and the sun's brightness took its place, the group breathes a sigh of relief as the threat to Sandpoint and Magnimar is now over.


The group is happy that their journey is now over. As the group returns to Sandpoint, Lem can't help but inspect the artifacts at the clock tower. Lini yells at the bard to not create too much noise as they are bringing the convalescent acolyte back to Sandpoint to rest at home.

Seoni notices that Aldern Foxglove looked glum and somber at the mention of the acolyte, and she knows why. That day, at the top of the tower, Aldern seemed like he was about to throw himself off the top of the tower when the acolyte pulled him away, only for her to slip and fall instead. Seoni kept this secret from the others, but wonders if the noble is only going to give it away himself.

“It is easy for a person to throw away his life at the first sign of despair,” Sajan suddenly commented, “but people can only become great when they live despite the despair.” Aldern's ears perked at hearing this comment, but kept his head down. “We all desire to become great, but we can only be truly great when we stand up to evil and despair, and if not defeat it, live despite it.”

Harsk snorted at that last part, yelling that he would rather die trying to defeat evil rather than live with it. Everyone laughed at that, and even Aldern managed to smile a bit. Seoni felt glad that, maybe, the noble found a little bit of courage to live on... if Mayor Kendra Deverin saw it fit not to hang the noble immediately.

Amiri then wondered why Lem became silent all of a sudden, and looking up she saw the halfling staring at an unassuming medallion. When she asked him what was wrong, everyone stopped. It is then that Lem called Seoni and showed her the Sihedron Medallion...

“Does this look familiar to you?”


From the looks of things, it appears that everyone is getting stronger individually. There are still some hiccups, but it is plausible enough to clear the first few locations that happen to have the henchmen early, then proceed to corner the villain. The third adventure awaits, but these guys will have to wait first... there are four adventurers waiting to have a first crack at this. I hear the difficulty starts to shoot up from here, but oh what stories await excites me more.
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