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Subject: Granicus River 334 BC, river crossing in Anatolia rss

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Jaucelme Chassagnoux
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I play solitaire and use the Arrian version for deployment. Like in Chaeronea, a few counters are missing on the Macedonian side and have been replaced by equivalent ones (for instance I took replacement counters for the Greek Allied cavalry from SPQR, that’s why it has an orange background).

The Persian plan is at first to statically defend the crossing of the river (does it really have a chance to work? We’ll see), then to attack the weak spots if there is an opportunity, thanks to the mobility of their light cavalry and despite their command weaknesses.

The Macedonians advance, first the skirmishers on the right flank (Attalus) and the peltasts on the left flank (Sitalces), then the phalanxes (Philotas), the Hypaspists (Nicanor), and finally Alexander III with the right-wing cavalry. For the moment, the left-wing cavalry (Parmenion) stays behind. Meanwhile, the Persians just use the hit-and-run tactic.

The phalanxes at last reach the Persian lines. The light cavalry chooses not to retreat before fight when attacked from the river. 2 Hyrcanian, 3 Scythian and 2 Paphlagonian units are routed. Omares advances with the infantry to face the phalanxes. Alexander moves toward the center to protect the rear of the phalanxes. The Persians have 42 flight points, the Macedonians none.

Omares attacks the 3 most advanced phalanxes and manages to reduce 2 of them. Memnon attacks the undefended skirmishers in front of him. All four (including the Agrianes) are routed. Philotas keeps on attacking, but on his flanks the light cavalries retreat before fight, and gaps appear between the units. Alexander’s cavalry attacks, using these gaps. A mercenary hoplites unit is routed, 2 others are reduced. The Persians have accumulated 54 flight points, the Macedonians 8.

Memnon now attacks the isolated hypaspists. Arsames’ light cavalry reduces and then routs a phalanx. Parmenion advances his cavalry to protect the hypaspists. Omares’ hoplites and peltasts reduce 2 more phalanxes and rout one. Yet one of his hoplites was routed during the attack.

Alexander’s cavalry routs another hoplite and an Anatolian Levy. Parmenion fails his turn seizure (Alexander doesn’t have any attempt left at this moment of the battle). Arsames routs 2 more phalanxes. Alexander’s cavalry routs a Greek mercenary peltasts, a light cavalry and a hoplite (2 of the Companion heavy cavalries go in pursuit) and 1 more hoplite is reduced. The Paeonian light cavalry is routed during the attack. That’s it, the Persian army has reached its flight level (105 flight points, 90 required). The Macedonians have undergone significant losses, with 70 flight points.

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