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Subject: Love, Marriage and Sabotage (Marrying Mr. Darcy) rss

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Francesca Parrenas
United States
Los Angeles
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Find the OG post (pics and all!) here:

Okay, Marrying Mr. Darcy is the most femme game evs. It’s a role-playing game (RPG) based on Pride and Prejudice. I am into old ass romantic stories, so, it wasn’t difficult to get me to play this game. You play one of the women in the story and the whole point is to get married. The person with the most points wins so you may be able to win even if you don’t get hitched, but you have a better chance if you do. Each character prefers certain dudes, so you’ll get higher points for marrying particular guys. The heroine cards show which suitors are preferred and the points that those suitors are worth. The women all have little advantages, too- like Caroline Bingley gets to draw extra cards and some other chick gets to steal cards sometimes.

These men all have their own standards as well; so, to even be able to get them to propose, you have to meet their criteria. Mr. Bingley wants a woman with either 5+ Beauty or 5+ Friendliness and Mr. Darcy just wants 5+ Wit but Mr. Wickham’s gold-diggin’ ass will settle for 2+ dowry.

So, on your turn, you pull an event card which allows you to do stuff like draw a character card and then play it on yourself (like beauty, wit, etc.). You might lose a card or get one that allows you to take other people’s stuff- these cards may also allow you to get cunning points instead which may get you first dibs in the proposal stage. Other events include party cards where everyone gets a chance to participate and then some scandalous surprise cards! I can’t even spoil it for you because there was one that I was like, “wwhhhaaaaaaat?!” It’s so deliciously dramatic.

The proposal stage happens after the event cards run out. You pull out the dudes that you’re eligible for, roll the die and if you get a 4 or higher, they propose. You can say no and move on the next dude, but you won’t get to take it back if you do turn him down. If no one proposes, you become an Old Maid and then you roll the die to see whether or not your life totally sucks. Sometimes it doesn’t and you get a good amount of points, but sometimes… it does and you get jack sh-t!

Yeah, girly ass game, but I love it so much. It’s really fun! Sometimes, you start out and everyone is going for different dudes, but then it gets difficult to meet standards and then fools are fighting for the same guy. Then everyone starts trying to sabotage and then there’s anger and then there’s arguing and then all of a sudden, there’s an all out brawl and then SUE SWEEPS UP AND STEALS COLONEL FITZWILLIAMS! Okay, it’s really not that cray but people do start going after the same dudes and it’s awesome. I got swept up trying to sabotage fools and then when the proposal stage came, I wasn’t eligible for ANYONE. It was a sad, lonely day.

If you’re still not convinced, there’s an UNDEAD expansion. If you become undead, you can steal dudes (regardless of their marital status) and make them your minions and everyone else gets screwed. IT’S AWESOME. Straight girls, you may want to try this expansion out if you’re having trouble luring your men into playing. I’ll give more dets on this expansion some other time, though.

This is a good kickback game, but you have to keep people’s attention in the beginning because it gets confusing. To the straight bros trying this out, this is an awesome opportunity to introduce your non-gamer ladies to RPGs.. or your moms or your besties (for those of you in the friend zone ;] ). It creates good conversation, though, and it’s super easy to follow once you get situated.

I played with a bunch of hetero ladies and a couple of their hubbies and it was great because everyone got into their character and would use silly voices. I guess it gives straight-laced moms an opportunity to misbehave- with all the man stealing and whatnot. It’s kind of hilarious because you should still be a little proper as it is set in the Georgian period. When I played with my young, lesbian friends, though, they weren’t as excited in the beginning, but got into it towards the end. They weren’t that bummed when they became old maids, though. It was cool for me, because no one was trying to snatch Fitzwilliams. The artwork makes for some top notch eye candy, by the way. All the dudes are hawt… well, not Mr. Collins.

Ugh. I really want to watch/read/devour Pride and Prejudice now.


Game time varies, but you can just cut the event cards if you need to; just make sure you have enough time to get character points. It really shouldn’t take longer than an hour.
2 – 6 players so good for a group (more fun with 6 peeps)
Super hetero
Good for parties (DRINKING GAME RULE: Take a shot whenever a party card is drawn.)
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Adam D.
United States
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Hmm, never played with more than two, but a party version would be fun if everyone was into it (which describes every game ever, of course).

My better half watched the various BBC versions, so I kickstarted this for her.

I caught the BBC out of the corner of my eye also, her mother, and various friends watched them too.

Eventually I started saying things out of the blue like "Mister D'ARcy?" as a joke. Then I got sucked in (it helps to have a degree in British History).

When this game came along we played it several times... at a bar, no less. and it was fun. First game I played as (oh heck , I don't remember her name, the one who plays the pianoforte and embarassed herself)... Wickham showed up and threatened to carry me off. The Cad. Yeah, lost that one. And the next one. You know what, not a bad game. And better, of course, if you know the books.
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