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Subject: Introducing the expansions to 7 Wonders rss

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Allen OConnor
United Kingdom
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I met with my weekly gaming group and we decided to focus the evening around 7 Wonders. I got both the Leaders expansion, and the Cities expansion last week, but I was yet to try them out. Andy was new to the game, but all of the other players had played before; we decided to play a game using only the core set, then we would add Leaders for the second game, and Cities for the third. afterwards we would collate the scores for the final result.

Game 1 - The core game.

Our first game of the evening was Andy's first experience of the game, so we stuck to just the A sides of the boards to keep things simple. I tried to score big for science, and failed everywhere else. Anthony and Andy scored big on civilian structures, taking advantage of card chains. Bobby didn't really score a huge amount of points in any one area, but rather scored moderately across all of the areas. In the end, the game was won over a single point.

1st - Bobby 58 (Ephesos, A)
2nd - Andy 57 (Halikarnassos, A)
3rd - Gaz 52 (Olympia, A)
4th - Matt B 44 (Babylon, A)
5th - Ant 43 (Alexandria, A)
6th - Allen 42 (Rhodes, A)

Game 2 - The core game, plus the Leaders expansion.

Something quite odd happened in our second game, half of the players ended the game with 18 military points, the other half had -6. I'm fairly new to the game, so I don't know if this happens often. The Leaders added some interesting moments Anthony managed to play a number of leaders that helped him gain coins, he also scored 28 for science, finishing him way ahead of the other players.

1st - Ant 81 (Alexandria, B)
2nd - Matt B 65 (Gizah, A)
3rd - Allen 63 (Rhodes, A)
4th - Gaz 55 (Ephesos, A)
5th - Bobby 52 (Olympia, A)
6th - Andy 30 (Babylon, B)

Game 3 - The core game, the Leaders, and the Cities expansion.

Our final game saw us add all of the black Cities cards into the mix. I really liked this expansion, as I felt that the new cards interacted with more of the players on the board. Andy took full advantage of the black cards, playing six over the course of the game, and scoring 28 points for both cities and for civilian structures. Gaz managed to score the full 20 points from the B side of Giza, and I managed 36 in science cards; in the end we were no match for Andy's score though.

1st - Andy 76 (Byzantium, A)
2nd - Allen 61 (Olympia, B)
3rd - Matt B 60 (Halikarnassos, B)
4th - Gaz 59 (Gizah, B)
5th - Bobby 44 (Rhodes, B)
6th - Ant 40 (Petra, B)

Collated results

Across the three games, the scores ended up being very tight, only 15 points between first and last. Somehow, the three individual winners of the games finished up being placed in the bottom three. Matt was the overall winner of the evening however, scoring 169 points across the three rounds.

1st - Matt B 169
2nd - Gaz 166
2nd - Allen 166
4th - Ant 164
5th - Andy 163
6th - Bobby 154

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Todd Kauk
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I dislike 7 Wonders, hate Leaders, but like Cities...
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Robert Stewart
United Kingdom
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The 18/-6 thing is unsurprising in a game with an even number of players - if a player has a light investment in military, then his neighbour has a choice of whether to try to compete or not - if they compete for military, then both players end up sinking multiple additional cards into it and probably ending up with the same military scores at the end. If you have two pacifists next to each other, then one of them can pick up some extra points by recruiting a small army, even if their (already armed) other neighbour stays ahead, so with an odd number of players, you don't get the same stabilising effect for alternating armed/pacifist around the table.

Cities adds a further twist to break this up - diplomacy tokens mean you want to be better armed than your next-but-one neighbour too...
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