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After my group had finished San Marco, we rearranged the groups again. Jeremy really wanted to try Intrige - I had a great time with it last session. We grabbed Chester and Corwin, both who hadn’t played before.

For those don’t know Intrige, it is a negotiation game in the same vein as Rette Sich Wer Kann. Basically you are trying to get jobs for your relatives at other player’s palazzos. Each job your relative gets gains you income. The player with the most money at the end of the game, wins.

How do you get the jobs? Sheer bribery, and more than a little begging and cajoling. You (and the other players) will bribe a player to get their relatives the best jobs in his palazzo. After the bribes are done, the player assigns the higher and lower paying jobs to whoever he wants – he may even take a large bribe and give a player no job! This makes for an incredibly nasty game – you can’t get through the game without screwing someone out of a job. It also makes a for a game with a lot of role-playing – “Please kind sir, a job for my poor dim-witted half-brother. He is but a simple peasant…”.

A the beginning of the game, the dealing started fast and furious with jobs being assigned without much malice. Soon, though, the back-stabbing began.

Jeremy started back-stabbing early, apparently hoping that we would all forget his duplicity later in the game (wishful thinking, you vile dog). He mended some fences with Corwin and Chester by giving them large bribes, but I was distrustful of Jeremy’s shifty eyes, and didn’t send many of my relatives his way for the rest of the game.

Before too long, pseudo-alliances started to form with Jeremy and Corwin sending a lot of their relatives to each other and Chester and I doing the same. These alliances, of course, were broken at every opportunity.

The turning point in the game was when both Corwin and Chester were competing for both my $50,000 and $100,000 jobs. I was able to get huge bribes from both of them and screwed poor Corwin out of the big job, making an enemy of him for the rest of the game. Fortunately, I did have two $100,000 jobs early in the game which got me some income, because towards the game I got booted out of almost every job I had – my last round of income I only got $50,000! After all I did for you guys!


*Rick* – 1.80M
Jeremy – 1.55M
Chester – 1.20M
Corwin – 1.11M


Rick – 8
Jeremy – 9
Chester – 8
Corwin – 7


Jeremy – “Game is only a 7 or 8 but for fun, it’s a 9.”
Chester – “Hilarious.”
Corwin – “Great interaction.”, “I’m too nice to win this game.”

I must say that even though we all role played our parts well, Chester was especially good, giving great speeches as to why his relatives deserved a job and also trying his best to console the poor loser he just back-stabbed.

This is a great game with the right group. There was a ton of laughing and yelling in this game, which made it so much fun. Fortunately, we have a great group that gets along really well and can enjoy these types of games.
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