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Subject: Rohan's Zombies Variants - Standard Game rules and Co-operative Variant rss

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Rohan Coxon
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Hi team,

I have created a Zombies Standard Game and Co-op Variant set of rules that I have compiled from ideas in the many and various posts here as well as other sources on the web, not to mention Twilight Games themselves.
Many thanks to all those who share their ideas here and contribute.
You will find these in the files section....

Both of these downloads are designed to be printed two to a page and double sided. This will give you two (half page size) double sided rule cards that fit nicely in the game box.

On the first page of the Standard Game rules you will find all you need start playing the variant and over the page are lots of optional/additional rules you can include at your discretion. I also own the 2nd expansion - Zombie Corps(e), so I have included a summary of those rules too.

The Co-op Variant includes the rules on the first page and the Event Card Modifications (re-definitions) over the page. This leave far less space on the page for optional rules but feel free to incorporate them from the standard game.

I hope these variants make a good game better.
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers Rohan.
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Marc Gacy
United States
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I couldn't resist. I had to add some "personality" to the figures.
I haven't playtested them yet, and I'm sure they are unbalanced, but it's cooperative, so hey, it should be alright!
[Edit: I may further edit this after some playtesting]

I think when using these, some of the cards can be returned to their tougher original versions.

Also, I had a thought on scoring. The team gets 1 pt for each zombie killed and 2 times the square of the number of people (total) who get on the helicopter (e.g., if three people get on the helicopter, that scores an additional 18 points at the end: 3x3x2). Then you can keep a score as a measure of success, comparing games with the same number of starting characters.

Heroes for Zombies!!! using cooperative rules

The Tough Guy – if you lose a combat, roll again, you only take damage on a second roll of 1-3 (a roll of 4-6 does nothing). “That didn't hurt.”

The Military Hero – start with 5 Guts. “I took on tougher odds in Iraq.”

The Martial Artist – Always roll two d6 and take the better of the two dice in combat, but may not use any weapons. “My hands are registered deadly weapons.”

The Jock - Always roll two d6 and take the better of the two dice during movement. “I lettered in both track and football.”

The Ingenue – At the beginning of their turn, roll a d6. On a 4-6, don’t draw an event card. “I’m the calm in the eye of the storm.”

The Town Drunk – At the beginning of their turn, may leave their current square as if there are no zombies there. May move through a square with zombies on a roll of 5-6. “I’m so pickled the zombies can’t tell if I’m dead or alive.”

The Ne’er do Well - Always roll two d6 and take the better of the two dice while searching for items. ”I can hide one of these things under my shirt and never get caught.”

The Local – when exploring, look at the top two tiles on the deck. Choose one and place the other back on top of the deck. “I know this town like the back of my hand.”

The Gun Freak – Start with 6 bullets instead of 3. “They can pry my gun from my cold dead fingers.”

The Stoner – Start with a skateboard. If a skateboard is used as a weapon, it is only destroyed on a 1-3. “Zombies?…wait…what?”

The Brainiac – Draw two event cards, choose one and discard the other. “If we analyze the situation thoroughly, the better option will always present itself.”
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