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Subject: [Deck] NBN Fast rss

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Zachary Carr
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So I'm trying the Never Advance and i'm not exactly feeling it work for me. Now granted I am still a relative noob when it comes to playing corp, and still kind of the game in general, but I'm thinking I might want to try something else. So I just came up with this. Will it work do you think? Any and all criticism is welcome.

For changes, I have one core, What Lies Ahead, Cyber Exodus and C&C.

NBN (49 cards)

NBN: Making News

Agenda (10)
2 AstroScript Pilot Program
2 Breaking News
3 Private Security Force
3 Restructured Datapool

Asset (6)
2 Ghost Branch
2 Marked Accounts
2 PAD Campaign

Upgrade (3)
2 Red Herrings
1 SanSan City Grid

Operation (13)
3 Beanstalk Royalties •••
3 Biotic Labor ••••• ••••• ••
2 Closed Accounts
3 Hedge Fund
2 Psychographics

Barrier (6)
3 Wall of Static

Code Gate (6)
3 Pop-up Window
3 Tollbooth

Sentry (5)
3 Data Raven
2 Matrix Analyzer

Built with
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I'm a noob and not super-familiar with NBN or Fast Advance, but I thought the point was to take 3 AstroScripts, score the first one, and then use the token to score the next one out-of-hand (and repeat for the last one). In this situation, the last two AstroScripts are never on the table during the Runner's turn.
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Yes consider 3x Astro + 3x Project Beale
Also you're gonna need Midseason if you wanna go the Psychographics way.
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Christian Smith
United States
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wow people. read what he has first. he does not have all of those cards. will edit comment with ideas in a sec.

Okay so you don't really have the cards to make the 3x biotic labor style NBN work. that style REALLY needs three astroscript and three beale plus a lot of econ. since you don't have that, I'd drop it down to two or even one and use the influence to fill up your other weaknesses here.

Your ice is gonna be hurting a lot. 3 TMI is really unreliable, I'd drop down to two or less, especially since you don't have any overbearing reason not to run bastion (which will be a better replacement 2/3s of the time). If you really want TMI to work, you need a lot more ways to make the runner waste money. IE one more pad and maybe some adonis campaigns or something.

Either way, wall of static is your only cheap etr ice right now. I'd look into rototurret, ice wall, bastion, datapike, enigma, draco, caduceus, viper, and chimera. all of those are cheap and available to you, and are probably somethings you should try to include in your ice layout. as a warning, I will say you probably shouldn't run more than three codegates of 3 str or less because of yog though.

this deck has to play extremely fast in order for ghost branch to be any sort of threat. I would make more specific suggestions, but it's sort of difficult to figure out your strat here. it seems like it wants to be taxing, but I'm not sure it will be quick enough to maintain the threat without more etr.
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Zachary Carr
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I'm really just trying to come up with something workable that I can make using what I have. I've tried this:

Deck Created with Android: Netrunner Deck Builder

NBN: Making News (Core)

Total Cards: (49)

Agenda: (10)
AstroScript Pilot Program (Core) x3
Breaking News (Core) x2
Restructured Datapool (What Lies Ahead) x2
Private Security Force (Core) x3

Asset: (10)
Marked Accounts (Cyber Exodus) x3
Snare! (Core) x3 ■■
Edge of World (Cyber Exodus) x2 ■■
PAD Campaign (Core) x2

ICE: (21)
Data Raven (Core) x3
Tollbooth (Core) x3
TMI (What Lies Ahead) x3
Pop-up Window (Cyber Exodus) x3
Enigma (Core) x2
Wall of Static (Core) x3
Chimera (Cyber Exodus) x2
Caduceus (What Lies Ahead) x2 ■■

Operation: (5)
Closed Accounts (Core) x2
Hedge Fund (Core) x3

Upgrade: (3)
SanSan City Grid (Core) x2
Red Herrings (Core) x1

Total Agenda Points: 20

Influence Values Totals -
Haas-Bioroid: 0
Jinteki: 10
NBN: 31
The Weyland Consortium: 4

and have had some serious econ problems. I swapped in another red herrings for the other Sansan that i don't have and something else that is escaping me at the moment for the other Astro that I don't have.

I never seem to have enough credits to actually do anything. I will fully admit that I may be not using Marked Accounts to the best of it's ability, but i never seem to be able to find the click to load it. And also the small playgroup i have at the moment is seeing someone use Kit + Yoggasaurus which is just walking through my agenda remote. I plan on filling holes from core possibly this week, and also just playing more so I can get more experienced(I only have about 7 or 8 games played with this)
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rob o\'tussin
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Some cards that you may want to explore:
Ash 2X3ZB9CY
Ice Wall
Ichi 1.0 (if you drop a tollbooth or 2)

Program destruction tends to work really well in Fast Advance because it can help you keep the game in an ideal state.

Consider using 3 pads and dropping a marked accounts.

Consider the cost of rezzing tollbooth and how that affects your econ. 3 tollbooths might be stretching this deck.

Caduceus makes runs expensive for the runner and can provide income for you (I usually run 3 of with NBNcore)

Where you place your ice can actually drastically affect your economy. Ie, Chimera should ideally be used only on your remote scoring server (if it's on HQ the runner will probably try to make you spend 2 per turn rezzing it). I like tollbooth on R&D. Things like this can help you stay ahead of the runner econ wise.
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Jared Harkness
United States
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also Shipment From Sansan means if you have one astroscript token or rezzed SanSancity Grid, you can score an agenda for 0 credits. Which is sweet.

Jus' sayin!
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