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Subject: In Defense of Castle St.Elmo rss

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Uwe Heilmann
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Hi from Germany,

the modification of LoD is completed. Some of the main features added/modified: the fighting now takes places INSIDE the castle; there are some more heroes; the attackers show up in many different troop types and can employ some special capabilities; the defenders may use Prepared Defenses; the Action/Event cards are no longer fixed combinations of army movement, events, quests, action points, heroic acts, etc.

Here is a story about scenario 2 (the undead attack).

The target: Castle St.ELmo.
The objective: The castle's keep.

The defenders:

About 600 troops.
Audrey (leader), level 11
Alice (siege defense specialist), level 5
Sarah (captain of defense forces), level 15
Seema (sorceress of white and arcane magic)
Nicola (witch), level 6
John the Protector (paladin)
Kristof (rogue)

The attackers:
The Undead army of Phyrkyr (approx. 35.000 warriors).

Morning (turn 1)
The first attack was a combined charge of the East army (nightmares), the West army (zombies), and the Sky army (wraiths).
This surprisingly well-organized and quick assault was followed by the attack of both Gate armies (skeletons).
The attackers swarmed into the castle's yard.

Audrey calmly submitted her first orders.
"Nicola, support Kristof in the yard. Seema, take care of the wraiths. John, hold off the nightmares."
"Install the Acid at the Western portal of the Keep."
"Sarah, push those flying undead back."

The wraiths were not affected ...

The battle raged for several hours, the defenders lost some ground.

Noon (turn 2)
The attackers seemed a little bit surprised by their early success. They stopped.
The Sky army was the only one to get closer and closer to the Keep. Finally, the defenders scored their first success. "Down in Flames!" Dozens of the ghastly undead hit the ground violently.
John watched as the ugly nightmares slowly but surely moved forward. "Prepare for a counter-attack", he uttered reassuringly to his men.
Then, a first ambush worked and the hordes of skeletons in the Yard were decimated, skulls and bones were crushed.
Sarah unleashed a second attack against the wraiths. This time it worked brilliantly. "They are gone!"
"Yeah, just for now."

A determined assault by Kristof and Nicola wiped out the right wing of the skeleton army. The yard was free of enemies again.

Morale soared!

Afternoon - Early evening (turn 3)
"Those skeletons will knock at the main gate pretty soon. And they will be more determined than before."
But the attackers seemed stunned somehow, only the wraiths acted aggressively.

"Light spell ready."
"As well as Chain Lightning."

Suddenly blue light engulfed the second attack lines of the East, West, and Sky armies. Seema's magic produced huge gaps in the attackers' ranks. The sorceress was exhausted.

Deadly lava was made ready to stop the nightmares daring to force entrance into the Keep.

Kristof had oil containers installed to protect the Keep from attacks via the castle yard.

Alice was pleased. "All works as planned. Let's start phase two"

"Geas ritual done."

A surprise attack by Alice and her small contingent of elite fighters destroyed the vanguard of the East army.

The situation at twilight.
Note the interrupted unit chains of the East, West, and Sky armies. The Terror army has entered the stage.

The overall situation after the first day phase is quite good for the defenders. But the battle is far from over.


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Uwe Heilmann
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The first night of the siege of Castle St.Elmo

"The ghouls have arrived."
Terror crawled into the minds of the brave defenders.
The zombies and the nightmares renewed their advance.
Morale was dropping low.

Nicola led a furious charge against the walking corpses in the western buildings.
"Three cheers for the witch!"

New traps were prepared within the castle buildings' maze of rooms and corridors.

Seema was back on the walls.
"Fireball ready!"
"Slow spell ready!"

As more defense positions were carefully established, all six armies moved forward.

In LoD a situation can quickly change within one and the same game turn.

The growing threat just stirred up the determination of the defenders. A skirmish at the main gate threw back the skeletons in confusion.
"They got to the Keep!"
Nightmares and quite a few ghouls had indeed came close to the decisive objective.

Audrey did not say a single word.
She fired a flaming arrow into the night sky.
And hell broke out.

Lava turned the forward nightmare unit into short living torches. The stench of burning rotten flesh filled the air.
Kristof's attack repulsed the ghoul force.
Seema cast the Chain Lightning. Wraiths disintegrated into ashes, another unit of nightmares ceased to exist, the ghouls suffered more losses.
"Fortune spell ready!"
"We don't have enough arcane energy!"
"Let's try!"
"Yes!" The quest was fulfilled.

Confidence was back for the defenders! Confusion knocked at the skulls of the undead.


There was no break.
Forced forward by their evil masters, the nightmares, ghouls and the left flank of the skeleton army assaulted again.
"Here they come!"
Both the nightmares and the ghouls were soon in striking range to the Keep again.
A quick counter-attack in the eastern buildings failed.
John's force fought bravely. More nightmares met a gruesome death by red-glowing lava.

Seema cast one of her most powerful spells and ... time raced away.

Another unit of nightmares was destroyed, buried under an avalanche of rocks.
"The trap worked!" Alice's team roared a deafening "Victory!"

Kristof finally pushed away the ghouls.


The central defense position.

The Eastern army of nightmares that already suffered heavily.
Note the "M" units (they provide extra advance moves) and the NR unit (those guys might retreat but they will always make the defenders suffer losses).

The skeleton armies and the Western army of zombies.

The Sky army, currently checked by Seema.

Day one was over.


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