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Subject: Battle for Glory to the Death rss

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Mark Schell
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So after seeing its bright and inviting cover on store shelves and playing it once very quickly at a demo board game night i decided to take the plunge and pick the game up. I am writing this review on the base game only and not including any of the expansions in my thoughts about it. I will do a supplementary review later that includes my thoughts on the expansions and what they bring


Bright and colourful and too the point: Monsters fighting. The cover art on the came caught my eye immediately. Inside the box is a well designed tray that holds all the components secure and in their place. I was quite pleased with the initial tray, but one issue with it being there was no room for expansion at all, everything we perfect fit for the components in the box and with the current trend of game expansions this is definitely a point off.

Score 9/10


The dice are a good size and chunky with bright and defined symbols, easy to read and easy to toss, everyone loves rolling dice and these ones are the right size and weight to be satisfying to throw.

The monsters are thick cardboard and colourful they feel durable but the sides are not sealed, they should last though. The stands are good and solid feeling, they to not feel like they will break even with many changes of monster.

The monster boards are sturdy but mine are starting to show some ware. The dials are well attached and easy to read

The energy cubes are awesome. Just about the right size and a nice colour.

The tokens are cardboard and get the job done, nothing special but the symbols on them are nice and clear and match the card they are used for.

The cards are a good card stock, colourful, good art. The text is easy to read and all the information is easy to find.


Rule book:

Short simple and well written. Good examples and diagrams and even some clarifications on cards. I would of liked a definition of what "any time" meant in this game as that is up to interpretation buy a minor sin at best.



Giant robots, monsters and aliens fighting for control of tokyo, yup the theme is great. The cards are all references to monstery things the monsters hit all the tropes and add some humor.


Graphic Design

The graphic design, is fun colourful and cartoonish. All the cards are clear, easy to read and all the game play information is there and well presented.



The game is a breeze to setup. Put the board in the middle, everyone takes a monster, stand and accompanying board (all of them are the same so it is just personal preference) shuffle the cards and put up the display, put the tokens and cubes where everyone can reach and determine who goes first. done.


Game Play

After all this gushing and good marks you would think that would continue, unfortunately game play is where this monster romp falls flat. The game is simple, roll dice, roll some more and then roll one more time and do what the dice tell you. There are some cards for spice (some of which are completely insane but i am fine with having crazy effects in game). There are some decisions to be made but all in all its a super simple super light game. The monsters are not unique in any way, they have no abilities and nothing to really define them or set them apart. There is not much to do on your turn other than decide if you want to buy a card or not. The game is a good filler game but it really needs something more to make it have any real value, especially since you are paying full price for a filler game.

Some other things about game play that seem odd the incentive to go into tokyo is really low, several games have been won by players who never step foot in tokyo, they just sit on the outside and avoid all conflict. other than that the game flows fast and furious for the most part. Player elimination is usually something that turns me away from a game but in this case because the game plays rather quick for the most part it is not too bad


Over all Thoughts:

The game is a good filler game, light easy to teach and my Girlfriend enjoys it which is always a plus. But it seems to be missing something, I know what it is as i bought the expansions and I will review those on there own but as far as the base game is concerned its a well presented and colourful game but light on game play/value. If you are looking for an easy game to teach non gamers this is good but for a hardcore group there are better filler games. I am not sad to have this game as it is a good bridge for the non gaming crowd but it is a tough price to swallow for what it is.

Final score:

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