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David Lowry
United States
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Publisher: Common Man Games

Designer: Karl Fenner

Players: 1 - 4

Ages: 13 to adult

Playing Time: 60 Minutes

Game Mechanics: Hand management, pick-up and deliver

Suggested Retail Price: Currently on Kickstarter

Contents: 1 first player marker, 4 detective meeples, 4 detective tiles, 12 snitch markers, 12 snitch tiles, 4 player aid cards, 1 rulebook, 1 Jimmy-V overview page, 16 action chips, 30 regular map tiles, 6 2-person map tiles, 6 3-person map tiles, 6 4-person map tiles, 1 HQ tile, 12 info ID markers, 48 info cubes and 53 status point markers.

Parental Advisory: Safe for kids

Snitch! is a game of law enforcement deduction and information gathering to convict The King Pin and the latest incarnation from Common Man Games the makers of the popular game Police Precinct. Each player represents a new Detective on the mean streets who have realized that the local law enforcement is not working well together and now they have to take matters into their own hands and try to develop a network of informants or snitches to gather evidence against the King Pin. This is creating pressure on the other detectives to do whatever it takes to get the info needed. It is up to each player to see if they have the special ability and willingness to put in the extra effort to break this case. Will it be you?

The goal of Snitch! is the be the best detective of Alpha cop at the end of the game by having the most Status Points. The game-end is triggered by a Detective collecting 60 Status points and at least two builds.

Each player starts with a Detective, hand of City tiles, 9 Status Points which can be used to upgrade builds although that is an expensive way to do it, 4 action tokens and three snitch tiles that have yet to be activated until they are built later in the game.

Snitch! is divided into two different phases. The Action Phase and the Collection Phase. Each player receives 5 actions during their turn.

The Action Phase:

Draw a city map tile - 1 action: This action is self-explanatory

Play a city map tile - 1 action: When a player plays a city tile,the
streets must align and the red (or zone of influence ZOI from here on
out) and green areas must align

Move players detective - 1 action per space/tile moved

Coerce (meet a new snitch) - free action: This allows players to meet
new snitches and can only be done after a ZOI is completed. Players
declare this action then take an info token and place it in the ZOI.
That info token specifies which kind of information (color) is able to
be picked up there

Build players network by building a new snitch, growing detective
street cred. - 4 actions plus info cubes or pay with status points:
This action allows a player to claim a snitch as theirs or build (flip
over) their detectives street creed to be able to get more info

Interrogate another players snitch - 3 actions: This action allows
players to get info cubes from other players snitches. The player who
snitch it was gets a cube as well if there any left.

Jurisdiction (bump a player out of your territory) - 2 actions: This
action allows a player to bump another out of their ZOI area as long
as they move into an occupied space

Administration (moves info cubes/visit jail or visit DA) - free
action: This action allows a player to move info cubes from one place
to another or a player may visit jail, pay the status point cost to
get info cubes or turn in the info cubes to the DA to get status

Flip an action chip to an active position: Each player starts with
four (dead) action points. These can be flipped over (live) to be
played as extra actions later in the game

The Collection Phase:

Snitch Info Cubes: Each snitch earns back up to the info cube limit in
that ZOI

Snitch Capacity: Each snitch holds info cubes for their detective to
whom they are loyal. The capacity is determined by the snitch tile.

Supplying the Snitch: In any order they want, the player must move one
info cube per snitch from the general supply to the snitch tile.

Spillage: Snitches are notorious for their inability to keep their
mouths shut. Any additional info cubes that can no longer fit on the
snitch tile due to capacity limits will spill outside the tile into
the ZOI for other detectives to freely pick up.

Snitch! is a pretty simple game to grasp and hit the ground running. Depending on the lay of the board with is completely tile based, the game can be easier or harder. It is never the same and this lends to a great amount of re-playability. As players search for different types of info (the more cubes of different types turned in the DA, the more status points earned,) they can interact with other players snitches at an action point cost. They can visit the jail, spend a hefty amount of status points to get info cubes and immediately turn them in to the DA with no further action points needing to be spent. They can coerce new snitches to hopefully develop new types of info in with which to earn more status points from the DA.

The other part of Snitch! that is vital for players to not forget about is building up their detectives and snitches. A player needs at least two builds to win the game. If a player builds up their detective, that detective can now hold more info cubes to turn into the DA, hopefully leading to earning more status points. The snitches are able to give more info cubes as they are built up. Obviously this is very important as you are racing against other players to get the most status points and two builds before everyone else.

Even though Snitch! is playable as a solo game, its strength is with 3 or 4 players. This is when the tension really comes in and players are able to utilize more different types of actions, create some chaos for other players and get more chances for different types of info cubes. That is the key. The more different types of cubes you turn in to the DA, the more status points you get. This is when the game really shines with a group of people playing it. The solo version is tying to outdo yourself both in the amount of time it takes and points you can get.

Since I am playing a PnP I cannot comment on the quality of components. I can really only say that the artwork is good and the look of the board will be much different as to what you see in the pics. Common Man Games is re-creating it to be easier to see, especially for color blind players. The theme is present to an extent and the whole law enforcement theme is a direction that Common Man Games maybe headed in generally.

This is another very solid effort from Common Man Games. It plays fairly quick, provides a decent amount of depth, strategy and doesn't really mimic any other game I can think of. It's not quite as epic as other pick-up and deliver games like Firefly: The Board Game or as deep as maybe Cinque Terre but it feels a bit more fresh than most games coming out and that is a rare thing in board games today. Snitch! is a great choice for that medium-short length game that is a light-medium weight. Great for get togethers or intro gamers. A definite recommendation to purchase!

As of this writing, there are only 7 days left to back this on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Page:

Club Fantasci Scoring (Based on scale of 10):

Artwork: 7

Rules Book: N/A

Re-playability: 8

Component Quality: N/A

Club Fantasci Overall Score: 7

I am giving Snitch! 7 out 10 stars because it is another very solid effort from Common Man Games that has a definitive theme and fresh feeling to it.

This game is Club Fantasci Certified!

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Note: A PnP review copy of this game was provided to me.

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Common Man Games
United States
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Thanks for taking the time to do this!!!!

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David Lowry
United States
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@Karl, Thanks for putting out another great game :-)
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