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Subject: Tough Arkham Variant that I think is a challenge! rss

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Brad Burchett
United States
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This game Variant is not for the squeemish, it is tough to beat as a 2-3 investigator game.
Follow all the rules and play them all at once. They are pretty straight forward. They are not that involved.

These are my own ideas and I am sure they will be similar to many of your own ideas. I use Gate Surges which I found at the FFG
house rules FAQ. I saw the term Gate Guradians in a post, but didnt read it cause I immediately thought of my own spin on GG's.

When I played this Variant in full with 2 investigators, I thought it played tough, and it beat me. It was the first game I lost.
What beat me was the Gate Blast. It happened when I thought I had the game won. Their is so much more to have to contend with.
The likelyhood that the GOO awakens is much higher in this Variant.

1)Gate Guardians---Whenever a gate is spawned on a location for the first time, such as the opening round
of the setup phase, A gate guardian(GG) will appear to protect the gate... Gate guardian's are the 8 stationary monsters
with the yellow borders. Gate guardians must be killed before
the gate can be closed permanently. Gate guardians can be killed before entering the Other world or after returning
back to Arkham.

Along with the gate guardian there is a small chance that more than one monster
may appear from this gate this turn. Roll 1 D6 for every 2 Doom Track Points, round down and if you ROLL a 1,
another (any color except Yellow) monster appears along with the guardian. No more than 2 monsters may appear. The more
DOOM points you have allows for more dice to be rolled thus improving the odds that you roll a 1 and 2 monsters enter play.

--You may if you wish encounter the location during your Arkham Encounters Phase even if a Gate
is present. However, if you do encounter the location and not the gate, next turn if you remain on this location
you will be compelled to enter the gate.

All rules still apply if a gate opens on you at a location. You are still delayed and enter the other world with
the pawn flipped on its side.

---Gate Guardians do not appear to protect a gate that has re-opened for a 2nd time.

2)Gate Fractures---Once a gate has been sealed with an elder sign token and a mythos card instructs you that a
new gate has opened on the previously sealed location then FLIP the Elder sign over to the DOOM EYE.

This symbolizes that the previously sealed location has suffered an otherworldly Fracture that jeopardizes the elder
sign's ability to hold the gate shut. This gate will re-open the next time a mythos card instructs this same location
to have a gate opening if there is a DOOM EYE present.

Encounter cards that state a monster and gate appear on a location that has a sealed Elder sign on it, will
act like a Mythos card in that you may FLIP it to the DOOM EYE side. However a Location card CANNOT
re-open a location that already has a DOOM EYE. Only a Mythos card can re-open a previously closed gate.

3)Reclosing Gate Fractures---If you have a sealed location that has just seen it's Elder sign get flipped to it's
DOOM EYE side, you can reseal the fractured gate portal by ending your movement phase on the location and
then during the encounter phase sacrifice either 3 strength of monster trophies, or spend 2-clue tokens.
This is the only way to reclose a fractured gate and avoid a Gate Breakdown..

4)Gate Breakdown---2 Gate Fractures at one Location---A Gate Breakdown occurs once a mythos card is drawn and calls for the location of a gate opening to occur where their already contains a DOOM EYE. When this happens, the forces are too great and the Elder sign is destroyed and a new gate appears along with 2 mobile monsters to roam and creat havoc. A worst case scenario of a Gate Fracture is a Gate Blast.

5) Gate Blast---If there are ever 3 Gate Fractures on the board at once, having their Elder Signs FLIPPED to the DOOM EYE,
you have one turn in which to move and reclose any one of the 3 DOOM EYES back to the Elder Sign. If you cannot,
then at the end of that turn during Mythos, all 3 gates will BLAST open and 2 (Mobile) not Gate Guardian monsters, will emerge from each of the 3 gates. The Doom track will advance 2 spaces and the Terror track 1.
**This Gate blast will totally screw up a seemingly flawless victory late in the game. What if both your investigators where in the other world and couldnt get back in time. One moment your thinking you are about to close 2 gates and suddenly 3 more pop open.
This is what happened to me.
The reason for not spawning a Gate Guardian from a gate blast is because these monsters are meant to overwhelm the board as well as the monster IN-Town Limits and roam and creat havoc all at once..

6)Progressive Difficulty Sealing Gates---When Terror Track reaches 3, +1 Clue Tokens to seal gate.
When Terror Track reaches 6, +2 Clue Tokens to seal gate.
When Terror Track reaches 9, +3...
Example, the terror track just hit 6 so it now costs 7 clue tokens to seal a gate after the (GG) has been defeated.

7)The DOOM track does not advance when a gate re-appears at a location for a second time. Neither does the Terror Track.

8) Monster Limits--- For this game there are going to be quite a few monsters to deal with so the Monster Limits are different.
IN-Town Monster Limit=10 for this game of 2-3 players(except during a Gate Blast)
Sky Monster Limit=2 Flyers
Outskirts Limit= # of Players. (2 or 3)
***The Limit of 10 IN-Town Monsters and a low 2 or 3 Limit in the Outskirts will keep you deep in monsters with the potential for the Terror track to spiral out of control.

9) Death From Above--Once that second Flyer reaches the sky the Terror Track goes up 1. (So do not let that second flyer hit the wide blue yonder. Kill it, Kill it, KILL IT!) One time rule.

10) Here...Fishy, Fishy, Fishy...!Bait!---If you are trying to keep the sky clear of Flyers, you can if you want to, call out the Flyer for combat by stopping your movement phase in a street location and taking a -1 Evade modifier and then putting the Flyer on your street location. The point is to avoid exceeding the Sky Monster Limit, but you sacrifice yourself with a -modifier.

*** The only time a Monster Limit can be exceeded is if a Gate Blast occurs or the Terror Track reaches full capacity. You can for instance have 9 monsters IN-Town, 1 Sky, and 1 Outskirts and then have a GATE BLAST occur and suddenly you have another 6 Monsters appear at the Gate Blast locations. IN this situation, 5 of the 6 Monsters would not immediately go to the Outskirts and subsequently cause the Terror Track to advance. Instead you are forced to endure and play these 6 monsters on board, whether they are Blue, Green, Red or Black..No more Monsters may be played IN-Town until the limit of less than ten is reached. All monsters generated are immediately moved to the Outskirts and will adversly effect the Terror Track. Gate Blast are the only time you disregard the IN-Town Monster Limit.

Example. You have just had a Gate Blast and have 5 open gates and monster totals of 15 IN-Town, 1 Sky and 1 Outskirts. The next mythos card is drawn and you have a gate opening that causes a gate surge. ***A Gate Surge is when a gate opens on another gate inplay during a mythos card or a location encounter card. When this happens you count up the number of gates currently open and that is how many Monsters are generated, in this case five. The 5 monsters would normally come into play on board if the monster limits were under control, but since their not, these 5 monsters go sraight to the Outskirts where 1 monster sits alone. The Outskirts limits in this Variant is either 2 or 3, depending on how many players you played with. Lets say 2 players, so 6 monsters are now in the Outskirts which causes the Terror Track to go up Three spaces. This game is going to get out of hand fast if the monsters arent cleaned off the streets.

Too Win in this variant, you must shut 6 gates and have at least 4 Gate trophies or beat the GOO. To close 6 gates in this game is tougher considering the gates are more expensive. Those gate Fractures will get you!

Rules In Summary...
#1) New Gate---One Gate Token, 1 GG and 1D6 for every 2 DOOM track points. Any 1=2nd Monster.
#2) Gate Fractures--- Flip Elder Sign to DOOM EYE if Mythos card/Location card spawns a gate on a Elder Sign Loaction.
#3) Gate Breakdown--- If Mythos Card (Only) spawns a Gate at the Location of a DOOM EYE, you have a Gate Breakdoown. 2 mobile monsters are placed one this gate. 2 Gate Fractures at same location = Gate Breakdown.
#4) Re-seal a Gate Fracture---End Movement on DOOM EYE, Spend 3 Monster Trophies or 2 Clue Tokens to Re-seal during encounters phase.
#5)Gate Blast---If 3 DOOM EYE tokens from 3 diff Locations remain face up for one whole turn, you have a Gate Blast. 2 monsters per 3ea. gates blast out. Ignore IN-Town Monster Limit for the overage from a Gate Blast. All new Monsters generated hereafter, go straight to Outskirts until IN-Town Limit is under control.

Have fun and these rules arent too bad once you get the gate terminology straight. Let me know what you think.
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Luca Iennaco
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No offense intended, but they seem like a (needlessly more elaborated) variant of two already well known variants ("weaker seals" by Stormknight and "two monsters per gate" by the designer) rather than a really new variant...
Have fun (whatever variants you use)!
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