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Subject: DC DeckBuilding Tournament - Geekway 2014 rss

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Johan Koss
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I was fortunate to run the DC Deckbuilding Tournament again for Geekway this year in St. Louis.

Just a couple of quick notes before I get to the action.
We again had some promos from Cryptozoic to give away
(2 Felix Faust cards, and 1 Martian Manhunter card). I want to say thanks to Cryptozoic, and Matt Hyra for sending those to me for the tournament.

Last year, we had about 12 people for the tournament and things went pretty well. With that said, I believe last year's tournament was in the evening, as opposed to the middle of the day on a Friday. I was a little worried about turnout.

Instead, the sign-up sheet I put up was hit pretty good after I put it up on Thursday night... 8 people were signed up before I left around midnight. Amazingly to me, we had 20 people signed up for the tournament by the time of the tournament kick-off. We had 18 people show for the tourney. It was very exciting.

On to the tourney results:
Since we had 18, and we had 3 copies of Original flavor DC Deck Builder, we had 2 games of 4 and 1 game of 5 on original flavor, and 1 game of 5 on the heroes united version. I made sure the Super Villains removed from the game were all the same powers, to try and help make the games fairly equal.

table 1: 4 players - DC Comic Deck Builders:
Flash - Christine - 35
Batman - Benjamin - 30
Superman - Neil - 37
Martian Manhunter - 31 - Hawkeye (Iowa fan, who critiqued my ISU t-shirt) He almost was disqualified for cheating, until I decided there was no rule against being a Hawk, so his score stood.
--Christine was very excited about the tournament, and was hopeful to win the Martian Manhunter promo in the consolation game. Neil was a return player, and showed his practice from last year.

table 2: 4 players - DC Comic Deck Builder:
Flash - Andrew - 34
Aquaman - Gabriella - 24
Green Lantern - Brad - 39
Batman - Troy - 38
--Brad showed his experience as well, even with his daughter in the game. Troy was a first timer, but clearly had practiced a little for the tourney. And Troy dressed appropriately with a Justice League shirt, that my son also has.

table 3: 5 players - DC Comics Deck Builder:
Martian Manhunter - Julia - 32
Aquaman - Yu - 28
Superman - Andy - 26
Wonder Woman - Rachel - 19
Batman - Marshall - 30
--Julia was hopeful to win a Felix Faust in her second geekway tournament. And she had been trying to find a tournament to win one at. Yu showed up in time for the tournament and seemed to enjoy himself this year. Marshall had a poor tactical decision that switched him from 1st place tie to 2nd place in the game. I believe it was giving Julia a weakness when she had Bizarro.

Table 4: 5 players - DC Heroes United:
Black Canary - Matt - 25
Booster Gold - Patrick - 43
Shazam - Erik - 30
Red Tornado - Joe - 26
Batgirl - Jim - 25
--Patrick got out to a BIG lead early, and won going away.

This set us up with 4 winners and one close 2nd place person:
Julia, Patrick, Neil, Brad, and Troy
2 Felix Faust promo cards to giveaway for the top 2 finishers

And a consolation table of the close 2nd/3rd place finishers
Marshall, Erik, Joe, Andrew, Christine
1 Martian Manhunter promo card to win for this side

The consolation table was won by Erik, who had a ridiculous score:
Marshall - Black Canary - 39
Erik - Red Tornado - 70
Joe - Nightwing - 26
Andrew - Batgirl - 18
Christine- Hawkman - 25
--This game had 4 returning players from last year as well, Erik had a very good game after playing Heroes United for just the second time.

The 1st place table was won by Neil
Julia - Black Canary - 13
Patrick - Starfire - 35
Neil - Red Tornado - 38
Brad - Hawkman - 30
Troy - Nightwing - 21
--This game also had 4 returning players from last year.

The final 2 tables both had Felix as their final villain, because I wanted both tables to get to use Felix at least that one time.

Finally, it was a lot of fun to run the tournament again this year. I am hopeful that we can do this again next year at Geekway. I talked with one of the players about following up a little more with Cryptozoic leading up to the con next year to see if we can get a few more promos. I am also hopeful that at some point, I am able to find the latest promo cards for a reasonable price. I'm just not willing to pay $25 bucks for Starfire yet.

Hope everyone had fun, and hope to see you next year. I had a few pictures to post from the event, but lost my one picture from the championship table, sorry Champ table.
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