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For what has happened to these four since, check out this geeklist.

Supplies have been prepared.

The group has spent the past few days aiding the relief the Black Arrow Rangers of Fort Rannick. Soldiers from Magnimar have set up patrols and restored peace to Turtleback Ferry and the surrounding area, and from the reports of most of the returning patrols, it seems that the ogres have stopped their attack. The last few patrols should be returning soon, and with their all-clear the group can return back to Sandpoint.

Hours pass, and one patrol hasn't returned. Valeros makes a quick inquiry with one of the captains, and learns that the patrol was sent to Skull's Crossing, home to a dam that keeps back both water and a mother of oblivion that the townsfolk call Black Magga. The group decides to go look for the patrol when a loud blast echoes from the direction of the dam, and the sound of rushing water follows...

VALEROS (Strength +3, Charisma +1, Assist +1, Hand Size +1)
1x Bastard Sword +1
1x Dagger +1
1x Heavy Pick +1
1x Impaler of Thorns
1x Short Sword +1
1x War Razor +1
1x Arrow Catching Studded Leather
1x Elven Breastplate
1x Magic Half-Plate
1x Cloak of Elvenkind
1x Codex
1x Grizzled Mercenary
1x Maester Grump
1x Sheriff Hemlock
1x Blessing of Gorum
1x Blessing of Iomedae
1x Blessing of Lamashtu
1x Blessing of Torag

(Dexterity +3, Wisdom +1, Backstab +1, Weapons Proficiency)
1x Frost Longbow +1
1x Longbow +1
1x Returning Throwing Axe +1
1x Shock Longbow +1
1x Elven Chain Shirt
1x Snakeskin Tunic
1x Codex
1x Headband of Alluring Charisma
1x Masterwork Tools
1x Potion of Healing
1x Ring of Protection
1x Staff of Minor Healing
1x Black Arrow Ranger
1x Shalelu Andosana
1x Blessing of Abadar
1x Blessing of Calistria
1x Blessing of Erastil
1x Blessing of Lamashtu

EZREN (Intelligence +3, Constitution +1, Recharge +2)
1x Dagger +1
1x Augury
1x Charm Person
1x Fiery Weapon
1x Haste
2x Lightning Bolt
2x Scorching Ray
1x Speed
1x Medusa Mask
1x Potion of Healing
1x Sihedron Medallion
1x Aldern Foxglove
1x Cyrdak Drokkus
1x Ilsoari Gandethus
1x Monkey
1x Toad

KYRA (Wisdom +3, Strength +1, Heal +1, Turn Undead +1)
1x Dogslicer +1
1x Flaming Mace +1
1x Heavy Pick +1
1x Consecration
1x Cure
1x Holy Light
1x Inflict
1x Deathbane Shield
1x Shield of Fire Resistance
1x Chime of Unlocking
1x Sihedron Medallion
1x Father Zantus
1x Blessing of Irori
2x Blessing of Pharasma
1x Blessing of Sarenrae
2x Blessing of Shelyn

1. Kyra is at Turtleback Ferry, where she witnesses Black Magga go through the Woods. (It carries away one card.) She meets an Acolyte, who she convinces to flee immediately. (Natural 2 +5 Modifiers) As she runs through the area, (discarding Blessing of Pharasma) she is almost bitten by a Nightbelly Boa. She bashes the serpent in with her Heavy Pick +1. (4+6+6 plus modifiers)

2. Valeros is running through the Village House when Black Magga makes its way through the Academy, where Ezren is. (It carries away two cards.) He comes across a scroll of Cure, which he ignores as the floodwaters have started to rise. Exploring further, he comes across a Mystic Inscription that he also has no time to read. The Grizzled Mercenary shoos away a Snake. (At least it doesn't get flooded in.)

3. Merisiel is at the Waterfront, where she sees the flood get stronger at the Academy. (It carries away three cards.) A Giant Hermit Crab blocks her way, so she cracks the shell from behind (Discarding Potion of Healing for her backstab ability, giving me 1+6+7+10 +4 modifiers -4 Waterfront, then 2+3+4+7 on the forced reroll.) and forcing it to flee. Merisiel quickly runs through the waterfront, (discarding Blessing of Abadar) only to be caught in a dead end with a Falling Bell (or is it “floating” bell?) rushing towards her. She quickly climbs up the wall and avoids the bell as it crashes into a wall. (Natural 6 +5 modifiers... too close.) Her Shock Longbow +1, however, is damaged.

4. Ezren avoids Black Magga, and watches as the creature slithers towards Turtleback Ferry. (It carries away two cards.) A Grazuul suddenly pops up, and almost manages to pull Ezren under. A quick Lightning Bolt (Recharging the spell with a natural 8 plus modifiers, and noting that Cyrdak Drokkus is on top.) fries the creature, but it manages to escape. (3+3+6+6 plus modifiers, but no Fire trait.) Ezren then casts Charm Person to get the aid of the Night Watch, and explores again. (Thanks, Academy.) Ezren finds a scroll of Fiery Weapon, which he learns quickly. (Natural 3 plus modifiers.) He then meets a Standard Bearer, who he convinces, with the aid of Valeros' Blessing of Iomedae, to get the others to safety. (3+3+5) The Night Watch leads Ezren to a Crow. Ezren tries to send a questing message to aid the others, and he manages to succeed. (Natural 7)

5. Kyra continues to watch Black Magga roam Turtleback Ferry. (It takes away two cards.) She finds a scroll of Detect Magic, which she takes and uses immediately to commune with the gods. Torag answers, and she receives his blessing. She uses this blessing to continue her prayers, and this time it is Lamashtu who responds with his blessing. Kyra starts to search the area, (discarding Blessing of Pharasma) only to find that Turtleback Ferry is infested with snakes. Another Nightbelly Boa tries to attack her, but even her Dogslicer +1 is not enough. (13+2+4 +4 modifiers, or one short; I drop the Chime of Unlocking.) It is only a scratch, but it is still annoying.

6. Valeros watches Black Magga return to the Academy. (It takes away two cards.) He comes upon a shrine of Desna, where he says a quick prayer and receives a blessing. (Natural 6, yeah.) He uses this blessing to pray further, and hears the voice of Torag giving his blessing. The blessing leads Valeros to a Light Crossbow +1 set up on a makeshift stall. Even with Ezren casting Speed and Valeros using a Codex, the fighter could not figure out how to operate this new-fangled weapon before the flood rises too high. (Pair of 2s +3 Speed... one short. To think Ezren would've wanted this so much. Ezren auto-recharges the spell with +7 modifiers, and notes Aldern Foxglove off the top.)

7. Merisiel watches Black Magga clear out the Academy. (It takes away the last two cards.) To her horror, she notices a Skeleton Horde appear.

- Kyra uses her own power to banish the Ancient Skeleton, but it is woefully inadequate. (1+1 +1 Turn Undead +1 Strength +2 Melee... two short.) Thankfully, she wards off the skeleton's attack with her Shield of Fire Resistance before bashing the skull with it.
- Valeros uses his Short Sword +1 to defeat the undead, despite the bony structure of the skeleton. (2+5+6 +7 modifiers -3 Slashing.)
- Merisiel evades the skeleton, letting the floodwaters do the work for her.
- Ezren fries the Ancient Skeleton with a Lightning Bolt, reducing it to embers. (1+2+5+12 plus modifiers; however, he fails the recharge with a natural 1.)

Shalelu Andosana notices some feathers falling from above, and warns Merisiel of a Carrionstorm swooping down. Merisiel uses a Blessing of Erastil as she fires at the crows with her Longbow +1 to shoot them down. (5+6+8+10 +4 Modifiers -4 Waterfront.) Exploring further (discarding Blessing of Lamashtu) leads her to a cowering Ven Vinder, who is on a business trip here when all the chaos erupted. Using her evasion abilities, she leads the shopkeeper to safety. (Natural 4 +5 Modifiers.)

8. Ezren watches as Black Magga continues to encircle the now empty Academy. He goes to the General Store, and finds a Short Sword +1 that the Monkey quickly grabs for him. (This lets Ezren explore again... thanks, monkey.) He then finds a Dagger that he pockets. (Natural 5.)

9. Kyra watches in horror as Black Magga slams into a building complex at the Waterfront. (It takes away four cards.) She rushes to the Woods (I had no weapons or offensive spells, at this point, so at least if I bump into something it gets banished there.) and casts Cure (For 3+1; she also recharges it with a natural 11.) on herself before the waking of a Zombie Horde...

- Kyra invokes the Blessing of Lamashtu before using her divine power to turn the zombie and destroy it. (3+4+4+7 plus modifiers)
- Valeros swings with his Bastard Sword +1, decapitating the zombie. (7+8 plus modifiers)
- Merisiel gets behind the zombie (recharging Masterwork Tools to her ability) and shoots the zombie into the water with her Longbow +1. (1+3+4 +4 Modifiers -3 Waterfront... very close.)
- Ezren imbues the Short Sword +1, turning it into a Fiery Weapon, before slaying the zombie. (2+4+4+6 +1 Magic -4 Proficiency; he auto-recharges the spell with +7 modifiers, and gets Augury off the top.)

10. Valeros watches the creature slam into a corner of the General Store. (Takes away four more cards... this is not looking good.) Valeros finds a shrine to Irori, but it is under water. (Natural 1) Exploring further (discarding Blessing of Torag) leads Valeros to Brodert Quink. Kyra prays for Valeros, (discarding Blessing of Irori, but only for one die as I plan to use the Diplomacy check) who barely convinces the sage to run this way to safety. (1+3 +1 Charisma +2 Diplomacy... this is very close.)

11. Merisiel watches Black Magga swim inside the General Store. (It takes away two more cards... the stack under Black Magga is now really thick.) Meanwhile, at the Waterfront, a Plague Zombie bars the way. Merisiel manages to get behind it (recharging Headband of Alluring Charisma to her ability) and snipe it into the water with her Longbow +1. (4+7+9 +4 modifiers -3 Waterfront) She then uses the Staff of Minor Healing on herself.

12. Ezren barely escapes as Black Magga devours whatever is inside the General Store. (It takes away three cards, leaving one card left.) Ezren flees to the Woods and casts an Augury for monsters. (He auto-recharges the spell with +7 modifiers, and gets Scorching Ray from the top.) He finds a Zombie amidst a Potion of Healing and a Spyglass. Ezren leaves the Zombie to fend for itself, and comes across an Archer. Cyrdak Drokkus convinces the Archer that it is too late to save the forest. (1+6) The archer thanks them as she leaves, wishing them good luck. Ilsoari Gandethus notes the presence of a Scout, who they manage to avoid. The mage coughs, but is otherwise okay. (For a second, I thought I saw a 1... turns out it's an 11.)

13. Kyra meets up with Ezren, who muses that the General Store is empty by now. (Black Magga takes away the last card.) She runs into the Zombie that Ezren mentioned earlier, but manages to destroy it with her divine power. (4+7 plus modifiers.) Looking around (recharging Blessing of Pharasma as it matches the blessing deck.) Kyra notices a Spyglass floating around, and almost fails to grab it. (Natural 5 versus a check of 4... very close.) Checking it out, she notices a Warhammer floating over what appears to be a Pit Trap.

14. Valeros watches Black Magga swimming around the General Store, and is thankful that it is distracted. Caltrops float by, but they are too scattered to pick up. Swimming ahead, (discarding Blessing of Lamashtu) Valeros meets a Guard having trouble swimming. He leads the Guard to safety. (Natural 4 +3 modifiers... very close. I count seven allies saved, and I need at least one more to guarantee a win. Technically, I already won since the Snake already ran away.)

15. Merisiel notices that Black Magga is swimming back to the Academy. However, she is almost ambushed by an Ogre. She gets behind the Ogre (discarding Ring of Protection to her ability) and uses her Returning Throwing Axe +1 to decapitate the brute. (3+3+5+6+6 +5 modifiers -5 Waterfront) The Black Arrow Ranger catches sight of a Troubadour who seems to have drowned. They pull him up, and with the Codex, they revive him. (2+8 plus modifiers... technically, it's a win, but I still have to close out the place.)

16. Ezren watches as Black Magga swims to the Waterfront. Ezren tries to go for the weapon Kyra saw, but almost falls into the Pit Trap. Merisiel bestows the Blessing of Calistria on Ezren, (recharging the blessing as it matches the blessing deck) who swims away from the trap. (1+6+6) However, by the time he rises up, the Warhammer has floated far away. (Natural 2.) Casting Haste (And recharging the spell with a natural 10, but the top card is a Toad.) leads the magicial to a Mercenary, who he defeats with an above-water Scorching Ray. (2+5+7 +5 modifiers -3 Adventure) Ilsoari Gandethus spies the enemy Scout still perched up. (I almost faint again, except that the roll this time is a 7.)

17. Kyra watches in horror as Black Magga is headed her way. She swims away and avoids the carnage. (It takes away one card from the Woods, though.) She receives a Blessing from Erastil, and uses it to come across a floating Potion of Healing... that unfortunately floats because the bottle is empty. (Natural 2... hadn't missed getting potions in a while.)

18. Valeros watches Black Magga swim towards a flooded Waterfront. He notices a child floating away, and saves the kid although he loses his Dagger +1. However, this gives him a Blessing from Norgorber. He uses this to explore the Village House one more time, and come face to face versus a Ghoul. Valeros throws his War Razor +1 at it, before swinging in for the kill with his Scythe +1. (2+3+4+4+5+5+8 plus modifiers.)

19. Merisiel watches Black Magga as it swims back to the General Store. She herself swims to Turtleback Ferry and runs into a Nightbelly Boa. She swims closer to it with the help of her Snakeskin Tunic, before firing at it with her Frost Longbow +1. (3+5+6 +5 Modifiers)

20. Ezren watches Black Magga as it now swims back to the Academy. He swims towards Turtleback Ferry, where he finds an intact Potion of Glibness. (natural 7) The Toad then croaks as Ezren tries to avoid Circles of Binding. He misses, but the floodwaters weaken the circles, allowing Ezren to break past the spell. (Natural 6 +5 modifiers is two short, but the deck is now empty at this point.)

21. Kyra watches Black Magga swim towards the Village House... hopefully Valeros saved as many as he could. A Mercenary suddenly appears... (Yes, this is another mercenary. They seem to come in pairs.) Merisiel fires at the Mercenary with her Longbow +1, letting Kyra bash in with her Heavy Pick +1. (1+2+2+6+7 +5 modifiers -3 Adventure.)

As the waters subside, Black Magga swims away to the ocean. While many were lost, many more were saved, and the town is thankful for today's work by the group. (Adventurers win, 8-6.)

However, there is still an issue with the dam. The group quickly prepares their stuff and heads for the dam.
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Scott Smart

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Whew, glad you got through that one in one try. That scenario goes one of three ways: Extremely great (all the allies end up on top), Extremely bad (all end up on the bottom and get eaten), or a really tight game.
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Simon Tan
Quezon City
Metro Manila
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kysmart wrote:
Whew, glad you got through that one in one try. That scenario goes one of three ways: Extremely great (all the allies end up on top), Extremely bad (all end up on the bottom and get eaten), or a really tight game.

I was very worried when Black Magga started taking away huge chunks from the Academy and the General Store, but when it started going back and forth after empty locations I was able to relax. Counting allies also helps, though I would suggest not counting if your group can handle the drama.
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