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For what has happened to these four since, check out this geeklist.

Ogres continue to hack away at the dam. The group watches quietly as they survey the operation, and realize that this has been long in the planning. The ogrekin attacked the town, while other ogres attacked Fort Rannick, to keep prying eyes from patrolling the dam. Dead scouts, members of the patrol sent earlier, were proof of this.

If the dam collapses completely, the water would drown out all of the towns below, making the disaster at Turtleback Ferry look like an inconvenience. The group wastes no time to dismantle the operation...

VALEROS (Strength +3, Charisma +1, Assist +1, Hand Size +1)
1x Bastard Sword +1
1x Heavy Pick +1
1x Impaler of Thorns
2x Short Sword +1
1x War Razor +1
1x Arrow Catching Studded Leather
1x Elven Breastplate
1x Magic Half-Plate
1x Codex
1x Headband of Alluring Charisma
1x Ilsoari Gandethus
1x Maester Grump
1x Sheriff Hemlock
1x Blessing of Gorum
1x Blessing of Iomedae
1x Blessing of Lamashtu
1x Blessing of Torag

MERISIEL(Dexterity +3, Wisdom +1, Backstab +1, Weapons Proficiency)
1x Frost Longbow +1
1x Longbow +1
1x Returning Throwing Axe +1
1x Shock Longbow +1
1x Elven Chain Shirt
1x Snakeskin Tunic
1x Cloak of Elvenkind
1x Codex
1x Masterwork Tools
1x Ring of Protection
1x Spyglass
1x Staff of Minor Healing
1x Black Arrow Ranger
1x Shalelu Andosana
1x Blessing of Abadar
1x Blessing of Calistria
2x Blessing of Erastil

EZREN (Intelligence +3, Constitution +1, Recharge +2)
1x Dagger +1
1x Augury
1x Charm Person
2x Fiery Weapon
1x Haste
2x Lightning Bolt
2x Scorching Ray
1x Medusa Mask
1x Potion of Healing
1x Sihedron Medallion
1x Aldern Foxglove
1x Brodert Quink
1x Cyrdak Drokkus
1x Monkey
1x Toad

KYRA (Wisdom +3, Strength +1, Heal +1, Turn Undead +1)
1x Dogslicer +1
1x Flaming Mace +1
1x Heavy Pick +1
1x Consecration
1x Cure
1x Holy Light
1x Inflict
1x Deathbane Shield
1x Shield of Fire Resistance
1x Chime of Unlocking
1x Sihedron Medallion
1x Father Zantus
1x Blessing of Lamashtu
1x Blessing of Norgorber
2x Blessing of Pharasma
1x Blessing of Sarenrae
1x Blessing of Shelyn

1. Valeros goes to the Garrison. He finds an Icy Longspear +1, which he is about to take when a sound from the hallway startles him, causing him to drop the weapon into a crevice. (Natural 3 +3 Strength +3 Melee... ah, one short!) Investigating the sound (discarding Blessing of Torag... oh, hindsight.) reveals nothing, but leads Valeros to a room with a Magic Half-Plate. He tries to wear it, but it doesn't fit. (Natural 1... gah!) The startling sound repeats itself, and Valeros rushes to the sound (discarding Blessing of Gorum) and towards a waiting Mercenary. He attacks with his Short Sword +1 with Ezren casting Fiery Weapon, dealing just enough damage to kill the sellsword. (1+2+2+3 +1 Magic +3 Strength +3 Melee; Ezren auto-recharges the spell with +7 modifiers, and notes that Cyrdak Drokkus is on top. ) Things are off to a shaky start.

2. Merisiel goes to the Prison, where she encounters a Goblin Pyro. As the goblin rushes at Merisiel, she shoots it point blank with her Longbow +1. (3+5 plus modifiers) The goblin manages to get to her, but the Ring of Protection wards off any real damage. She searches the goblin (discarding Blessing of Erastil) and gingerly checks the burning torch to find that it is actually a Wand of Scorching Ray! (Natural 7 +5 modifiers... I almost forgot I was in the Prison.) She uses the Staff of Minor Healing on herself to soothe some light burns.

3. Ezren goes to the Guard Tower (from the Prison) and runs into a Skinsaw Ritual. His sudden appearance causes all but one Skinsaw Cultist to flee, which proves to be the cultist's undoing as Ezren blasts him with a Scorching Ray. (2+3+6 plus modifiers; he auto-recharges the spell with enough modifiers.) Ezren casts Charm Person to enlist the aid of an Archer, who shows him what is blocking the way up the tower: a Giant Hermit Crab. Ezren fires a Scorching Ray at the creature, who tries to resist it (1+1+7 plus modifiers) but then turns into a crab roll. (1+2+3 +5 modifiers; again the spell auto-recharges.)

4. Kyra enters the Shimmerglens, and runs into a Kreeg Ogre. At the creature attacks, she barely blasts it away with Holy Light. (3+3+4 +5 modifiers... very close. She recharges the spell with a natural 6 plus modifiers.) Her knowledge of the place is scant, but enough to sufficiently seal it off from other intruders. (Natural 3 +5 modifiers. Other than a chance to banish some basic stuff, turns out I didn't miss much here.)

5. Valeros continues to trudge through the Garrison. A Ghoul suddenly appears from behind, but he decapitates it with his Bastard Sword +1. (5+10 plus modifiers) Ilsoari Gandethus notes the presence of a Light Crossbow in the next room, but for a moment Valeros swears that he thought he saw a demon. (Natural 2...) Sheriff Hemlock leads the way to where Ilsoari found the crossbow, and true enough it is there in good condition. (Natural 5)

6. Merisiel hears the cries of a Merchant captured by the ogres. The thief finesses the lock (Natural 10) and breaks the poor merchant out. She points the way to where the barracks is, and Merisiel encounters a lone Ogre there. The ogre strikes quickly, but Merisiel is quicker and manages to get behind the creature (discarding Wand of Scorching Ray to her ability) and fire a shot from her Longbow +1 at the ogre's head. (1+2+4+7 plus modifiers) There, she finds another Merchant, but shouts from the distance make the merchant flee in terror after Merisiel releases her. (Natural 1... boo.)

7. Ezren is suddenly attacked by a Bandit. (recharging Aldern Foxglove) Caught by surprise, the Bandit beats Ezren and almost kills him if not for Valeros and Merisiel firing at the brigand from a distance. (Valeros discards his Light Crossbow, while Merisiel discards her Longbow +1. However, the roll is... 1+1+1 +1 Magic. This knocks out Fiery Weapon, Toad, Brodert Quink, and Cyrdak Drokkus.)

8. Kyra runs into a badly bleeding Ezren at the Guard Tower. She quickly heals the wizard (for 1+2) by using a Blessing of Sarenrae as a focus. Exploring further (discarding Blessing of Pharasma) leads her to an unconscious Soldier, who she rouses and patches up. (Natural 5 +3 modifiers... very close.) The soldier mentions that he came here with a Guide, who Kyra finds nearby. She also heals the guide, (natural 12) who leads her to some of her supplies. Among them is a bottle of Holy Water, which Kyra takes. (Natural 3 +5 modifiers)

9. Valeros finds a badly rusted suit of Chain Mail hidden under a bed. (Natural 2... not that I'm unhappy not to get it.) Ilsoari Gandethus finds a Snake somewhere around the Garrison, and believes that it is friendly. (Ilsoari is also friendly so far... rolled a natural 7.)
10. Merisiel turns a corner, where the hallway is blocked by a Collapsed Ceiling. (Finally, a location where this makes sense.) She nimbly climbs over the obstacle (natural 12) and prepares for what is ahead.

11. Ezren runs into another Bandit, who grabs for his Potion of Healing. Infuriated, he blasts the thief with a Lightning Bolt. (5+6+6+7 plus modifiers; he recharges the spell with a natural 4 +7 modifiers, and notes the Monkey on top.) Ezren casts an Augury for monsters, (and auto-recharges the spell with modifiers) but only finds assorted stuff: an Amulet of Mighty Fists, a Sling, and Leather Armor. Actual exploration leads them to a real monster: Malugus Kreeg. Without any offensive spells in hand, Ezren uses the Medusa Mask to hold the creature in place as he prepares for the fight. (The cards I get from the recharge... well, at least there are two Fiery Weapon there.)

12. Kyra avoids a Bandit as he makes the bottle of Holy Water slip out. She brains the thief with her Heavy Pick +1. (1+3 +1 Magic +1 Strength +2 Melee... just right, but too close for my tastes.) Knowing that Malugus Kreeg is ahead, and with only melee weapons on hand, she leaves for the Treacherous Cave. There, she runs into another Kreeg Ogre, which she attacks with a Dogslicer +1 imbued with Fiery Weapon from Ezren. (The spell is auto-recharged, and the top card is a badly-needed Lightning Bolt!) The attack slashes and burns the ogre into submission, (2+3+6+6 plus modifiers) and her wisdom secures the cave. (Natural 10)

13. Valeros finds the Snake, but it slithers away... at least it
doesn't bite him. Ilsoari Gandethus believes that there is a Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 in the next room, but then gets a coughing fit before elaborating further. (Natural 4)

14. Merisiel encounters a Warlord, who attacks her without provocation. She dodges the attack, and slips behind the enemy (discarding Codex to her ability) while attacking with her Frost Longbow +1 imbued with Fiery Weapon from Ezren. (He auto-recharges the spell, but only notes that Aldern Foxglove is on top.) The supercharged arrow strikes the warlord's heart, killing him instantly. (1+2+2+5+5 +4 modifiers -5 Warlord) Shalelu Andosana finds what the Warlord is guarding: a Spiny Shield. Merisiel deftly liberates the weapon/shield from the dead warlord. (Natural 12 plus modifiers.) Exploring further (discarding Blessing of Abadar) leads her to a Kreeg Ogre guarding the place. She sneaks behind the ogre (discarding Spiny Shield to her ability) and repeats her feat on the warlord on this ogre. (3+5+6+6 plus multipliers.) She doesn't quite secure the Prison yet, (Natural 5) but feels that it is only a matter of time. (Only one card left.)

15. Ezren is assaulted by another Bandit, who grabs at his Sihedron Medallion. He deftly forces the bandit to flee with his Dagger +1. (1+4+4 +1 Magic) Still not confident to beat Malagus, he leaves the Guard Tower and heads for the Dam, where he picks up some discarded Bracers of Protection. (Natural 6) Brodert Quink comes back from scouting the area, and finds a Dog guarding a Battered Chest and barking at a Werewolf. (Natural 9 +5 modifiers means he is only discarded.) The Monkey suddenly howls at the sudden appearance of a Ghost, but a Lightning Bolt from Ezren destroys the apparition. (2+3+3+4 plus modifiers; recharges the spell with a natural 6.)

16. Kyra goes to the Dam to meet Ezren, only to bump into another Kreeg Ogre. She uses her Heavy Pick +1 to handily defeat the ogre. (2+5+6+7 +4 modifiers) The task of repairing the breach is exhausting, but Kyra manages to secure the Dam from more damage. (Rolled a 4, which takes out two blessings, the Sihedron Medallion, and Father Zantus.)

17. Valeros goes to the Prison, (so I can try to close it) but runs into the last room, locked by a handle behind a Hand Chopper. (Perhaps I should have stayed at the Garrison.) Merisiel and Kyra each pray for Valeros (discarding a Blessing of Erastil and a Blessing of Lamashtu, respectively) as he puts his hand through... he opens the door and pulls his hand out before the blade falls! (3+6+6!) Inside, he finds a magical tome of... Find Traps. The irony leaves a bad taste, and he fails to secure the Prison even with the Headband of Alluring Charisma. (Natural 1 +4 modifiers...)

18. Merisiel goes to the Garrison, and finds the Deathbane Light Crossbow +1. Together with the Black Arrow Ranger, she learns how to use the weapon. (2+11 plus modifiers)

19. Ezren goes back to the Guard Tower, and decides to confront Malagus Kreeg.

- Valeros temporarily seals the Prison with the help of the Headband of Alluring Charisma. (Natural 4 +4 modifiers)
- Merisiel runs into a Bandit, who grabs at her Cloak of Elvenkind. She pushes him away before shooting him with her Frost Longbow +1. (5+8 plus modifiers)

Ezren fires a Scorching Ray at Malagus, who tries to dodge but is pinned by a shot from Merisiel's Deathbane Light Crossbow +1. (2+3+4+6 plus modifiers) The blast only infuriates Malagus, but before he can swing at Ezren, Merisiel fires a shot from her Frost Longbow +1, pinning the arm of the ogre. Ezren casts another Scorching Ray, with Valeros praying (discarding Blessing of Iomedae) for success... (The roll is 1d4 + 2d6 + 2d12 +6 modifiers.)

1+4+4+5+6 +6 modifiers... the heat is enough to knock the wind out of Malagus, who succumbs to his injuries.

Malagus is near death. Despite Kyra's efforts to stabilize the ogre, her exhaustion from patching up the dam makes it impossible to save Malagus. The creature is not without remorse, as he remarks that he might as well join his kin now that they are homeless. That remark strikes Ezren as odd, and the wizard asks the ogre why they have no home. Malagus explains, in simple terms, that a greater band has forced his entire clan out of their home inside Hook Mountain, and that they were forced to do all that they have done or else they would be exterminated.

As the ogre breathes his last breath, he suddenly pulls Kyra toward his head. As Valeros and Merisiel pull the startled Kyra away, they notice that Malagus Kreeg is now dead. Kyra is a bit shaken, but says that Malagus whispered two words into her ear: avenge me.


And while it will probably not be recorded elsewhere, having Kyra take out three henchmen is a neat feat in itself.
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Scott Smart

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And Ezren slinks away from the group to do a lengthy happy dance at getting to replace his Dagger+1 with the Deathbane Light Crossbow+1 (none of the crossbows require weapon proficiency).

Finishing a 4-character game in 19 turns is a feat in itself too.
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Simon Tan
Quezon City
Metro Manila
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kysmart wrote:
And Ezren slinks away from the group to do a lengthy happy dance at getting to replace his Dagger+1 with the Deathbane Light Crossbow+1 (none of the crossbows require weapon proficiency).

Finishing a 4-character game in 19 turns is a feat in itself too.

That was exactly the first thing I did, since every time I used the Dagger +1 I automatically chucked it for the other d4.

On a similar note, should I just give Kyra weapons proficiency, or tick up her hand size? So far, she has enough magic weapons that are better than Valeros' Short Sword +1, but I figure that there will come a time that I'll need to upgrade. I could then pass those weapons to Ezren, who has no chance at getting proficiency...
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