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Subject: 4 Season Campaign: 6 players rss

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Curtis Kopciuch
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So this weekend we played a BSG campaign
Found here:

One of my favorite mechanics of these rules is that the humans regain resources based on how many destination cards.

Another mechanic of the campaign is that when you get to New Caprica, any Civ ships in space stay with Galactica and don't go down to New Caprica.

So, right of the bat we all agreed that we would keep Civs in space and not escort them and try to get as many 1 Destination cards as we could.

The first few jumps were fairly smooth. We ended up with 3 single destination cards before Pegasus showed up.

Our moral was dropping pretty fast, but we were banking on a huge bump after New Caprica.

We were getting lucky with our Assault raptor and Vipers as we seemed to have a limitless supply of Evasive maneuver cards. If we didn't have those i'm pretty sure we would have lost everything. There were a lot of 8's being rolled for Cylon attacks. Many times a single assault rapter or Mk II viper held off swarms of raiders.

Before we reached New Caprica we had our first casualty. It was a crisis card where the president could look at a loyalty card. Well it passed, and he happened to look at the Final 5 card which causes the player to get executed. Another hit to moral.

We finally reached New Caprica with all our resources in Red except population. We also ended up with 4 our of a possible 5 Destination cards so it looked like our resources would go up.

New Caprica was very odd. We had every single ship in space, so none went down to the ground, and there were no revealed Cylons. There was literally nothing to do except pull crisis cards.

But by the time Galactica jumped back in we had to move quickly to get everyone up and 2 were in the brig (including the Admiral) with every Civ ship waiting for 2 base stars and 8 cylon raiders to attack.

We did manage to get everyone up and jump away from New Caprica but we lost some Civi's before that. We had 14 population to start but ended up with 10 I think. But it was enough to bump all our resources back into the blue.

From there it was on to the Ionian Nebula and our Population dropped like a stone.

The same player who was the Final 5 also ended up being Executed when he had to go to the Medical Center.

One of our Pilots was the mutineer so had a hard time piloting anything. The cylons were swarming.

Right before the crisis card that sent us to the Nebula, another player was sent to the Medical Center and Executed. This revealed him as a cylon. Apparently it was just to much being human the whole game and getting flipped at the sleeper phase. His toaster brain couldn't handle it.

This annoyed him because he had been playing human the whole game and had the most Trauma tokens and...they were all blue. So, he was "Boxed".

That Crisis card would send us to the Ionian Nebula with a 3 destination.

All we needed was another 3 destination and we would be home free.

Before we were able to jump again Pegasus Sacrificed herself to save Galactica. It paid off because when we jumped we pulled another 3 destination.

We were down to 2 population, and 2 Centurions on board. It was at this time that the 2nd cylon revealed himself.

It came around to the last turn before the 2 cylons would go back to back. They would both move the Centurions and defeat the humans.

So we gambled the last of our population and Jumped...

We rolled a 7 to save the population...

The humans made it to earth.

Although i'm not sure what kind of life it would be. Every single Civilian ship was destroyed getting there.

I can't wait to play the campaign again.

The game took 7 hours, but it still some how felt too short.
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Lane Taylor
United States
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That's actually pretty fast for all that. Our last game took 6, but only 2 of the 5 were experienced players.

I really want to try this campaign style variant some day. Sounds like fun!
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