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Subject: Libya 1984 - Day #4 Government Building rss

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Will H.
United States
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Our last mission of the short campaign is a Government Building (43). Perhaps a high-value target? Operations is recommending a flight of 7 aircraft, but two of our pilots are not fit for duty and one is an E-2C with no weapons of any kind. This one won't be a milk run.

With 2 sites in each approach area and 6 sites in the center area, a target that requires 11 hits to destroy, and up to 12 bandits in the sky, aircraft load out will be critical especially given the fact that we are down 2 aircraft.

With only 4 sites able to engage us at high altitude and all 4 sites using radar, AGM-88s are a given, along with a high altitude, laser-guided bomb attack on the actual government building.


1. Eyes (S: E-2C) Flight Leader
2. Farmboy (A: F-14) {ECM, AIM-7 x4, AIM-9 x2}
3. Mullet (S: A-6) {ECM, GBU-10 x 2, GBU-12, AGM-88 x3}
4. Mustang (G: F/A-18C) {ECM, AGM-88, AGM-62 x2, AIM-9)
5. Ogre (A: F-14) {ECM, AIM-7 x4, AIM-9 x3}
6. Panther (A: F/A-18C) {ECM, AGM-88, AGM-62 x2)

Target-bound event: Target of Opportunity

If we can take out the Government building, we'll score 14 VP, which is enough for a Great rating for a short campaign in Libya 1984. 3 air-to-ground munitions is just too much to expend for 1 VP, so we will not be attacking any targets of opportunity inbound to the target.

There are no intelligence or infrastructure adjustments to make.

Over target event: Shore leave

Destroy any 1 site. Draw three bandits for the center area. (But there isn't room for any more red counters in the center area!)

The SA-11 in the east approach area looks most lethal, so we take it out and hope for 'no bandit' counter draws. Thankfully only one additional MiG-23 appears on our radar.

It looks like there are 6 bandits on our radar screen. Eyes requests a weapons check, and determines we should be able to fire two missiles per bandit. It will be crucial to the success of the mission to clear the skies as early as possible.

Turn 1:

All the bandits are out of range of our missiles, but we are within range of the MiG-25 in the center area, as well as some anti-aircraft threat rings in the northern approach area.

Eyes: Gives one SA token to Mullet and another to Panther.

Mullet: Spends an SA token to gain a fast action and fire an AGM-88 at the SA-1 in the west approach area. (A 4+2 is a hit!)

Panther: Spends his SA token to gain a fast action and fire on the SA-10 in the north approach area. (A 10 is a hit!)

The only remaining site that can engage us at high altitude at any range is in the north approach area, an SA-2, and it fires on Mullet. Mullet's ECM pod fails (a roll of 2). Mustang attempts to suppress with an AGM-88 and fails (with a roll of 1; the dice hate me!). Mullet is again critical to the success of the mission and is the only aircraft carrying any laser guided bombs. Thankfully Mullet has only 1 stress and goes evasive for an additional 2 stress. The low roll for the SA-10 is a 5, but the first was a 10, so it was a good thing to evade instead of trusting Mullet's safety to the poor aim of the SA-10. Big sky, little bullet is a theory, not a law.

We are still out of range of all the bandits, with the exception of the MiG-25 in the center area. He targets Mustang. Mustang's ECM pod does not deter the attack (a roll of a 4). Because the MiG is out of range, we cannot suppress its attack. Mustang's only hope is to go evasive. The MiG damages Mustang! (Low roll is a 7!) I hope Mustang's AGM-62s that he just lost in the attack were not the difference between destroying the Government Building and a successful campaign or another defeat like day #3.

Mullet: Launches two AGM-88s at the remaining high-altitude anti-aircraft threat in the north approach area. The anti-radiation missiles streak towards the SA-10 at Mach 3 and completely destroy the site.

Farmboy, Mullet, Ogre, and Panther proceed south to the target. Eyes hangs back. Mustang decides to press on to the target without munitions. Best case he can draw fire away from his fellow aviators. If things get desperate, he can engage with his 20mm cannon.

Turn 2:

Our aircraft close with four radar contacts at high speed. Radar signatures indicate a Mirage III and several MiG-23s.

Farmboy: Spends his only SA to gain a fast action, calling "Fox 1" into his mic twice as he fires two radar-guided AIM-7 air-to-air missiles at the MiG-25 in the center area. The first missile misses (a roll of 1), but the second finds its target (a roll of 7). Splash one MiG!

Ogre: Also spends his only SA to gain a fast action, adding two more AIM-7s to the sky. Again, the first missile misses (another roll of 1), and the second missile hits (with a roll of 7+1+1).

Mullet again attracts the wrong kind of attention. The Mirage III has a lock on him. This time the ECM pod does its job and the air-to-air missile launched by the Mirage III takes a wide turn to the west and detonates harmlessly out of range.

A MiG-23 paints Ogre. (Another roll of 1 for an ECM pod!) Farmboy suppresses with an Aim-9 (a roll of 5+1).

Another MiG-23 takes a shot at Ogre. The ECM pod functions well (with a roll of 10) and the attack is negated.

The final MiG-23, lagging the first group goes after Farmboy. Shockingly, Farmboy's ECM pod does nothing. Ogre returns the favor with an AIM-9 to attempt to suppress the attack. He succeeds (with a roll of an 8).

My slower pilots finally get a chance to respond to the knife fight.

Weapons inventory is getting tricky. There are enough bandits in the sky that we need every missile, but can't risk a miss and continuing to take fire from the enemy aircraft.

Farmboy: calls out, "Fox 1, Fox 1" and lets two more missiles fly. Although only one was needed to dispatch the bandit, both hit (I rolled a 9 twice! I wish I'd saved that second AIM-7!) Splash another MiG.

Ogre: shouts "Fox 1" into his mic and depresses the FIRE button on his stick. Splash a Mirage III (5+1+1+2).

Panther: Fires his last AGM-88 at the only site in the center area that can engage us at high altitude. Unfortunately he misses (with a roll of 2).

Our fighters merge with the MiG-23 in the north approach area.

Turn 3:

Eyes: Gives his last SA token to Farmboy.

Farmboy: Fires his last air-to-air missile at the MiG. (A roll of 7+1+1 takes out the MiG.)

Ogre: Calmly calls out, "Fox 1, Fox 2" as he lets fly both a radar-guided and a heat seeking air-to-air missile at the last bandit in the sky. (The AIM-7 hits with a 10+1+1+1, the other missile is overkill.)

Once again, the air defense sites seem to know exactly which of our 5 aircraft are carrying mission critical munitions, and which are Winchester. Mullet's EWS chirps in his ear indicating the enemy radar is tracking him. Mullet flips up the ECM countermeasure switch in his cockpit and the EWS goes silent.

We just can't spare the AGM-62s to take out the last anti-aircraft site. We check fire and push on to the center area.

Turn 5:

The anti-aircraft site must have lost sight of Mullet, but they pick the second best aircraft for them to target. It's Panther's turn. His ECM is also effective.

Mullet: pickles his stick and feels his aircraft get lighter by 4,500 pounds. He banks gently to the left to illuminate the Government Building with his laser to guide the three GBUs now falling towards the desert to their mark. The first GBU-10 scores 4 hits! (A roll of 5+2) The second GBU-10 does almost as well; scoring 3 hits( (A roll of 2+2) The GBU-16 only scores 1 hit. (A roll of 4+2) We still need 4 more hits on the target. This is going to be close.

Panther: fires two AGM-62s. The first Walleye glides past the Government Building, blowing up a bunch of sand. The second scores 2 hits.

Two hits shy of destroying the Government Building, we have to turn home without accomplishing our objective for a second day in a row. If that first Walleye had been on target, it might have been enough for a victory.

Although Farmboy, Mustang, and Ogre all have guns, they would have had to come in at low altitude, exposing them to anti-aircraft fire from nine sites and almost certain destruction.

Home-bound event: Bandits Inbound!

Roll 3 attacks against random aircraft. Great! Just what we need. Help us out here, Eyes! Eyes rolls a 7, allowing us to ignore this event!


Government Building almost destroyed, but still a loss.

Farmboy promoted to 'Skilled' pilot.

Campaign rating: 10 VP (Good)
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Sheldon Morris
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Great session! I had a very similar situation just the other night.

My first two missions were fantastic with everything going to plan, near-perfectly, for 4VPs each. Just when I thought this game was easy (this is my very first campaign after all!) day 3 came.

The target was Central Command but the squadron had Political Limitations placed on it - couldn't attack at greater than range 1! It looked like this was going to be a very difficult battle. But it just got worse.

While Target Bound, there were Bandits Inbound. Fine, we managed. But then once Over Target, the situation altered drastically with SAM Vehicles causing all the sites to go to center area. That gave a total of 10 Sites in the Center and 7 Bandits flying around!

Why didn't I abort right there and then? I got over-confident because of how well my first two and only missions had gone. Well, Spike & Blackhawk got shot out the skies while we were still in the pre-approach area in turn 1. I called the attack off after that.

Blackhawk had a Quick Recovery while Spike was Recovered Under Fire. At least I didn't lose them. But that was a lesson learned.

Day 4 wasn't successful either but at least nobody was shot down and some damage was done to the Target. Day 5 (just played last night) saw a return to success, thankfully.

What an awesome game!
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