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Subject: A pair of draft decks and some observations on the format. rss

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Kevin D.
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I participated in a full Overdrive draft last night at FFG. First, a note on how lucky I am to live close to FFG, the event center is a fantastic venue and their prizes are usually fairly generous/interesting. This time 6 people showed up and everyone got an alt art Melange as participation prize. The top three would choose from 1) a set of acrylic click trackers(click symbol), 2) one alt art Datasucker, 3) a Masque playmat(!!!).

I don't remember specifics of the drafts or all of the games so I will just list my decks with some notes at the end about the format in general.


2x Alias
2x Omega
1x Alpha
1x Overmind
1x Aurora
1x Cerberus "Lady" H1
1x Refractor
1x Cerberus "Rex" H2
1x Cloak
1x Rook
1x Hemorrhage

1x Lockpick
2x HQ Interface
1x Silencer
1x The Personal Touch

1x Lucky Find
1x Legwork
2x Sure Gamble
1x Demolition Run

4x Tri-Maf Connection
1x Aesop's Pawnshop
1x Rachel Beckman
1x Daily Casts


1x Hades Fragment
1x Eden Fragment
1x Utopia Fragment
1x Executive Retreat
1x The Future Perfect

2x Aggressive Secretary
1x PAD Campaign
1x Private Contracts

1x Strongbox

1x Medical Research Fundraiser
2x Hedge Fund
2x Restructure
2x Punitive Counterstrike

1x Paper Wall
1x Quandary
1x Galahad
1x Rainbow
1x Shadow
1x Inazuma
2x Bastion
2x Lancelot
2x Hive
1x Victor 2.0
1x Merlin
1x Tollbooth
2x Ichi 2.0

Compared to Cyber War this runner format is much more forgiving as far as versatile Icebreakers are concerned, but that versatility comes at a cost whether it is limited uses or low starting strength. To me this means runner economy needs to be an engine rather than bursts, I was pretty surprised that people kept passing me Tri-Mafs.

Overmind is a very good backup breaker but I wouldn't rely on it as one of your primary breakers even if you have recursion. The Sure Gambles in the starter are auto-includes.

Multi-access cards are not seen very often because there aren't that many and people take them highly. This runner deck wanted to set up a rig that could threaten remotes and then close with multi-access on HQ.

Remotes are the key to winning games for both runner and corp which means central only breakers are sub-par.

I went 2-1 with this runner deck, but the game I lost involved me running face first into a Tsurugi on turn 1 click 1 and losing an Alpha and an Alias to the damage. I also hit a double advanced Aggressive Secretary that killed an Omega and something else. I ended up scoring five points before he hit his sixth but I never really recovered from those first hits.

In my last 6 corp draft games(3 Cyber War, 3 Overdrive) I am undefeated. I think the corp strategy is very simple, although it changed a little between formats due to the lower frequency of 3/2 agendas in Overdrive. Overdrive features a lot of 3/1 and 4/2 Agendas along with occasional 3/2s and a decent number of 5/3s. I went into this draft thinking that the 4/2s and 3/1s were a trap and that most corp decks should be running only 5/3s with an emphasis on economy and big expensive ICE with some program destruction.

In Cyber War, economy assets were the best agenda decoys because of the prevalence of 3/2 agendas. In Overdrive, with the five agenda strategy, advanceable assets become much more important, with aggressive Secretary and GRNDL Refinery being the best options.

I was fairly sure that Hive was one of the best cards in the format since in this strategy it either has 5 subroutines or 2 which is totally fine.

With games only playing to 6 points you need just 2 scoring windows to close out a game.

I drafted the Aggressive Secretaries because they are the perfect decoy for 5/3 agendas when you want to open a scoring window but I ended up having usable scoring windows just from the ICE that I put down, turns out Tollbooth and Hive are pretty good at shutting down runner draft decks.

There aren't many cards that can reliably land a tag so cards like Bad Times, Scorched Earth, and PSF are limited in their usefulness. I did win 1 game off of Punitive Counterstrike but I also could have triple advanced the agenda in my remote for the win, I mainly included the Punitives for the occasional early agenda steal to hopefully hit programs or for the potential of drawing both and killing the runner outright after the first agenda they steal. They ended up being mostly dead but I wouldn't necessarily remove that option because in the games that it comes into play it is very powerful.

I think diversity of ICE types is less important than the number of subroutines because of the prevalence of AI icebreakers. With this in mind a solid Grail package would be pretty strong, I consider my Grail package to be playable mostly because Lancelot is good on its own.

I ended up tied for first at 5-1 so we rolled for first choice of prizes. I won the roll and took the playmat.

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Captain Frisk
United States
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Picture of the mat!!
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Kevin D.
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Captain_Frisk wrote:
Picture of the mat!!

Nothing new but...

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Alejandro G.
United States
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Sometimes you have to roll the hard six.
I'm getting my men...
I have the same one. I love it. My favorite mat art. Congrats!
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