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Orange Hero

This is the first scenario in the Airborne Panzer Grenadier series called Orange Hero.
June 6th Paratroopers of the 505th and 507th Parachute Regiments landed on both sides of the Merderet River in the early morning hours of D-Day. As the paratroopers struggled to determine their positions and gain their objectives, the Germans began to stir. The first group to attempt to grab the La Fiere causeway was lead by Captain Floyd “Ben” Schwartzwalder, the future national champion head football coach at Syracuse University.

The Object is for the Americans to take and hold a field bunker on the south end of the causeway at location 0412.

The first German group was placed in (0508) a town and road junction north of the causeway. It consisted of Captain Waltz, Lt Deitz, an Engineer squad and 81mm mortar squad.
The second German group was setup in (0409) on a road southwest of German group 1. This was comprised of Lt Werner, an infantry squad, and 1 HMG squad.

Captain Floyd “Ben” Schwartzwalder had the first American group in (0814) and commanded 2 paratrooper squads.
The 2nd American group in (0815) was just south of Captain Floyd’s group. It Contained 1st Lt Long and half-squad of paratroopers.

There are two bunkers in 0613, closest to the Americans and one on 0412 guarding the entrance to the south end of the causeway. Both are unoccupied at the beginning of the game.

Turn 1

The Americans win the initiative and get to activate 1 squad. Captain Floyd uses his superior command ability to activate all units in his area and the adjacent southern units which contain Lt. Long men.

Under cover of the early daylight hours, the Americans launch their attack trying to capture the two bunkers. The first one should be easy to capture but the second could be much harder because of it’s distance. Capt Floyd moves his unit’s two spaces over running the first bunker and heading for the second. A small field surrounded by trees stops him short of the bunker to his NW (the southern end of the causeway) by one space. If any Germans make it there he should be able to make an assault on his next turn.. The second team lead by Lt Long stops at the bunker with his hal-squad and gets ready to provide support fire for the assault group.

The Germans are caught by surprise at the Americans rushing right in front of them trying to seize the bunkers on the far side of the causeway. The 2nd German group led by Lt Werner realizes that he needs to take the bunker. He leads his infantry squad and HMG into the bunker just beating the Americans (using the road helped get the HMG into place with just enough movement). Capt Waltz moves his units to the south one space so his infantry and mortars can support Lt Werner in the bunker. He is on the northern end of the causeway with no cover.

Turn 2

Again the Americans win the initiative and by a large margin. This allows them to move all their units before the Germans can react.

Capt Floyd moves all his units into the bunker containing the German defenders commanded by Lt Werner. The Germans, after just taking the bunker, have just enough time to lock and load their guns before the Americans assault their position, thus giving them first fire (the Americans will have to take this first defensive attack without return fire)
The first wave of German gun fire causes the attackers to make morale checks. Capt Floyd and his first squad pass their checks, but the 2nd squad is disrupted by the German firepower that pours over them.
The Americans, with their assault turn, are able to penetrate the bunker but cause no casualties or moral reductions. This death grapple will last another round.
Lt Long peers out his bunker at the melee ensuing in the bunker to his west. He orders his units to hold fire and not fire upon his units locked in close combat.

The Germans in the bunker, under assault, order their units to assault back. This time the enemy is inside the bunker and combat will take place simultaneously.
Lt Werner’s men open fire and cause 1 casualty to the Americans. They hit the disrupted infantry and take them to half strength.
The Americans and Capt Floyd battle back and with some well placed hand grenades manage to reduce the HMG to a ½ squad which results in a good reduction in the Germans firepower.

Like the Americans the Germans at the end of the causeway wait to see the outcome of the attack.

Turn 3

Again the Americans win the initiative. Again the assault continues.
Men are locked face to face, small arms fire and grenades fly.
Again, Capt Floyd’s men score another casualty. This time the German infantry in hit and reduced to its half squad. The Germans return fire and kill the ½ squad that was disrupted.

With the battle still in doubt the Germans continue the assault in the bunker. Their attack, much reduced, caused no casualties or morale checks. The Americans fire back and the German officer Lt Werner starts to loose command of the situation and is disrupted.

Capt. Waltz near the end of the cause way has seen enough. He orders his mortars to open up on the men in Lt Long’s bunker. It is more an act of desperation as Lt. Long’s men are in good cover and take no damage.

Turn 4

The Americans handily win the initiative and can move all units first.

Lt Long decides it is time to join the fray for the bunker. He orders his men into battle. They are able to move adjacent to the bunker for assault on their next turn.

Capt Floyd urges his men to attack leading the assault himself. This time their gunfire takes grim effect. The German leader is demoralized and both the HMG and infantry unit become disrupted.
The Germans and Lt Werner are loosing control of the battle and they are unable to damage or cause a moral roll for the Americans.

The Germans in the bunker try one last final assault but it comes to no avail. The Americans battle back and demoralize the infantry unit also. This pretty much breaks the backs of the Germans in the bunker.
The mortars again try at hit Lt Longs men moving up but they have gone behind the bunker and are no longer visible.

Turn 5

The Americans will surely take the bunker at 09012. Since this is the objective and the Germans will not be able to dislodge them, the German commander surrenders the southern end of the causeway to the attacking Americans for an American victory.

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