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Subject: An unexpected threat rss

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Dampenon Fabien
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Rookies talk about strategy, Grognards about Logistics

22 June 1941 :

OKH has planified a major war against Soviet Union, taking care of gathering all supply required by this huge task, launching Operation Von Paulus Pause.
Minsk falls quickly to 1st PZA and Northwestern Front is destroyed.

Summer 1941 :

Soviet spy in Japan, Sorge, informs Stalin about all details of german attack. In Berlin, OKH Conference already prepares attacks towards Moscow while Stalin decides to procede to a major Industrial Evacuation.

Fall 1941 :

NKVD successfully defends Smolesnk. Odessa is taken by Romanian Army while Smolensk and Kiev defenders are entrenching. Panzers must retreat facing determined Soviet counterattacks out of Smolensk. Kiev is isolated and Soviet attempts to break encirclement will fail so brave defenders have no choice but to surrender.

Winter 1942 :

Heavy cold and snowfalls in Russia but Russian Army is too weak to counterattack. Hitler declares War to USA. Kharkov is fortified and Sevastopol resists. But, far South, another fortress capitulates, Tobruk is taken by Afrika Korp ! Another Panzer Korp makes an exploit in Russia, taking Grozny and Baku ! German player leads with 17VP !

Spring 1942 :

Desert Army reinforces Allies in Africa and liberates Tobruk. Panzer must evacuate Caucasus, Romanian and Italian Armies guard Kertch Strait and Maikop.

Summer 1942 :

Hitler takes command of OKH and operations in Soviet Union. Siberians are coming from Far East. Speer begins to plan German future tanks production. Over the Reich, Bomber Command attacks are cancelled by Kammhuber Line.

Fall 1942 :

Panzer Armee Afrika reinforces German in Libya. Some Commonwealth forces must leave, under Japanese Banzai pressure. Wolfpacks inflicts severe damage in North Atlantic. Taking advantage of German inactivity on east front, Zhukov leads a major offensive and liberates Kharkov.

Winter 1943 :

Total War begins ! Germans counterattack and retake Kharkov. US Build Up prepares major operations on other fronts.

Spring 1943 :

8th Army significantly increases Allied forces in North Africa. Allies open an unexpected second front in Norway, landing at Bergen with Operation Sledgehammer. Soviet Tank Armies are reinforcing Red Army.

Summer 1943 :

Allied Player's Hand is now increased to nine cards. 15th US Army and 1st Canadian Army reinforce Allied Beach Head so German must commit 6th SS Pz Army to west front. Bomber Command attacks are cancelled again by Nachtjagd. Kharkov eventually falls to Soviet.

Fall 1943 :

Soviet launches a major offensive, Operation Bagration but with limited success.

Winter 1944 :

Sevastopol is liberated. US 8th Air Force successfully disrupts german logistic. Allied makes a breakthrough by Skagerrak, liberating Denmark and attacking Hamburg, defended by Volksturm.

Spring 1944 :

Both sides reinforce West front, 9th US Army and 5th Pz Army are commited. Allied dominates skies and seas,as Mustang and ASW Victory sweep german planes and submarines. Hamburg is taken by US armors. It seems that Allied have won in west front, committing their forces faster than german and enlarging their positions, towards Ruhr and Berlin.

Summer 1944 :

Turning Point in the West ! Both sides are still reinforcing, German with 8th Army and Allies with powerful 3rd US Army. While 9th US Army were close to take Berlin, a german counterattack in Hamburg traps it in Magdeburg and Allies fail to break the encirclement, so Greater Germany is now free of Allied forces !

Fall 1944 :

Keeping on offensive, Germans expel Allies from Denmark and form a solid defense line in Skagerrak. Allies organise Lend Lease in Russia while Operation Strangle destroys railroads in France and Soviets launch major offensive, liberating Riga and Baltic States.

Winter 1945 :

Baltic Fronts are formed to reinforce Soviet Army. Now unopposed, US 8th Air Force disrupts again german logistic.

Spring 1945 :

West front is calm but Soviet are unleashing, attacking on the entire east front but Whermacht retreats in good order.

Summer 1945 :

Last Turn !
Still beside his allied, Mussolini commands an Italian Naval Sortie to help German operations in North Africa. Minsk, Kiev and Odessa are liberated by Red Army, so Romanian defects. Whermacht is under pressure on east front ! But it's too late and, unable to pierce german curtain, Allies start peace negociations, for a german victory, after 11 hours playing.

Here are final positions on West (Norvegian) and East Front :

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John Clocherty
Western Australia
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Nice summary. I have never played in a game where Rommel is still in Africa at the end.
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