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Subject: Battle of the Bulge Scenario rss

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Colin Raitt
United Kingdom
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Battle of the Bulge

This is a 3 turn game covering Wacht am Rhein, the allied counterattack and Nordwind.

Start: Beginning of German turn 17.
End: Finish of allied turn 20.
Setup: Germans first, allies second.

Victory Conditions
Outstanding German victory if she holds Antwerp and Namur or Liege with a supply line to each city. They might still lose the war though.
Otherwise count victory points. Each major city gained more than your opponent is worth a victory point. Destroying 6 divisions more than you lose is also a victory point. Troops out of supply and surrounded also count as destroyed.
Major German victory if they have 2 or more victory points.
Minor German victory if they have 1 victory point.
Draw if the victory point total is zero.
Minor allied victory if they have 1 victory point.
Major allied victory if they gain 2 or more victory points.

Weather: Bad for turn 17 then roll as usual. Thus there are no air supports to block tigers and nebelwerfers, also attacking Germans can use their elite bonus for this turn at least.

German Forces

25th Army (Niederlands). From the North Sea to Arnhem. At some risk of being cut off if the allies reach the Ijsel Meer. Its impossible to cover the whole front but the Canadians have the same problem.
Divisions: 6FJ, 712, 711,346, 172(r), 21Flak. 172nd is standing in for the 604th.
Hexes: 3907, 4007, 4107, 4207, 4306, 4407, 4408.

1st Para Army. Behind the Rhine, Arnhem to Germany. It might be wise to evacuate 4310.
Divisions: 405(r), 7FJ, 180(r), 84, 190. (405th stands for 606th.)
Hexes: 4409, 4410, 4310.

15th Army. From the Dutch border to the Roer. Recently battered back from Hurtgen Forest by the US 1st and 9th armies.
Units: 272, 246(r), 85, 353(r), 344(r), 47, 363, 183, 59(r), 176, 10SSPz(r).
Hexes: 4411, 4412, 4413, 4313.

6th SS Panzer Army. Awkwardly positioned opposite VIIIth Corps. The railway is too far from the front to let the strategic reserve make contact.
Divisions: 326, 277, 3PzG, 12, 3FJ, 340(r).
Hexes: 4214, 4215.

5th Panzer Army. The likely conduit for the strategic reserve.
Divisions: Pz Lehr(r), 26, 560, 18, 62.
Hexes: 4115, 4016.

7th Army. Probably the southern flank of the offensive. Starts backed up.
Divisions: 212, 276, 352, 5FJ, 15PzG, FGD.
Hexes: 4017, 4117.

1st Army. From the Meuse to the Rhine. Reduced panzers will have to suffice for Nordwind.
Divisions: 25PzG, 17SSPzG(r), 36, 347(r), 19, 719, 416, 526, 21Pz(r), 11Pz(r), 256, 361, 245.
Hexes: 4018, 4019, 4119, 4120, 4221, 4321, 4422.

19th Army. Upper Rhine and Colmar Pocket.
Divisions: 198, 189, 708, 16(r), 269, 338, 30SS, 716, 159, 22Flak.
Hexes: 4423, 4323, 4224, 4124, 4024, 3924, 3825, 3925, 4026.

Festungs: Dunkerque226(r)+19FFI, Lorient 265(r)+94US, St Nazaire 77(r)+25FFI, La Rochelle KG+23FFI, Royan Freiwst+10FFI. Jersey 319. Dunkerque was actually contained by the Czech armoured brigade. Jersy isn’t actually a festung. It would be reasonable to ignore all the festung garrisons, their besiegers, 27FFI and the southern map.

Strategic Reserve: 15PzG, 2Pz, 9Pz, 116Pz, 12SSPz, 1SSPz, 2SSPz, 9SSPz, Skorzeny, fanaticism, kommando.

Dead pile: 9, 48, 64, 70, 89, 136zbv, 257, 325, 405, 406, 462, 471, 559, 17LW.

Withdrawn: 49, 91, 148 both, 157 both, 158, 159, 165, 182, 242, 243, 244, 266, 271, 275, 331, 343, 348, 553, 709, 2FJ, 16LW, 18LW, 19LW and a luftwaffe support. These are upgrades, transfers, festung casualties or single use.

KG pool: 2 infantry, 2 Hiwis, 543, 453, 443, 433, 333x2, 323, 233, 223.

Supports available: nebelwerfers x2, tigers x2, luftwaffe x1. Units in strategic reserve can receive tigers. Model is with Army Group B’s HQ. Don’t forget the 3 in strategic reserve.

Supports pool: 88 x2, support x3, panzerfaust x2, saturation, fanaticism, reinforcements.

Hitler Approval: 7/8. Since Market Garden only Aachen has been surrendered. Many panzer exploitation attacks have pleased the Fuhrer. Just the usual 1 point loss each replacement phase.
France has been abandoned.

Allied Forces

Canadian 1st Army. Stretched from Antwerp to Arnhem. Not quite enough troops to cover every hex.
Divisions: Polish 1A, Canadian 4A, Canadian 2A, Canadian 3A, Br49, UK11A.
Hexes: 3808, 3908, 4008, 4108, 4208, 4307, 4308.

UK 2nd Army. Holding a narrow sector on the left bank of the Rhine with 30 corps in reserve. Monty is preparing methodically for the spring offensive.
Divisions: Br7A, Br3, Br15, Br52. 30 Corps: BrGdsA, Br43, Br51, Br53.
Hexes: 4309, 4210. 3910, 3911 for 30 corps.

US 9th Army. Concentrated with the 1st army in Hurtgen Forest.
Divisions: 84, 102, 29, 30, 2A, 5A, 7A.
Hexes: 4211, 4311.

US 1st Army. Main force bunched in the Hurtgen Forest. VIIIth corps is overextended on the right flank.
Divisions: 36, 83, 104, 1, 9, 8, 78, 99, 3A. VIIIth corps: 2, 28(r), 106, 9A, 4.
Hexes: 4312, 4213, 4112. VIIIth corps: 4113, 4114, 4015, 3915, 3916, 3917.

US 3rd army. Along the Saar from Saarbrucken to the confluence with the Moselle.
Divisions: 90, 95, 5, 26, 35, 87, 80, 10A, 6A, 4A.
Hexes: 3918, 3919, 4020, 4021, 4121.

US 7th Army. From Saarbrucken to the Rhine and up to Strasbourg.
Divisions: 12A, 14A, 44, 45, 79, 100, 103, 42.
Hexes: 4222, 4322, 4223, 4123.

Fr 1st Army.
Containing the Colmar pocket.
Divisions: Fr1B, Fr2B, Fr5B, Fr1, Fr2, Fr3, Fr4, Fr9, 3US.
Hexes: 4023, 3923, 3824, 3724, 3725, 3826, 3926.

PLUTO hexes 4319 and 4511. Supporting drives either side of the Ardennes.

SHAEF reserve. Reims: 101Ab, 82Ab. Place the 101st in 1319 if you want a chance to move it to Bastogne on a reserves tactical result.

This turns reinforcements: 1310-66th. 2913-11thA. 2311-75th. The 66th was to relieve the 94th.
Nice-27FFI earmarked to invade Piedmont.

England: Br6Ab, 17Ab, 8A, 63, 69, 76, Engineers and 3 drop zones.

Operational ports: Antwerp, Calais, Le Havre, Cherbourg, Brest, Marseilles, Toulon. This puts the allies at the top of the table for supports and allows 5 sea transport points. Bordeaux is liberated but it would be too much effort to clear the estuary. Likewise La Rochelle, St Nazaire and Lorient languish in German hands though Hitler would be displeased if they fell. The allied containment division are listed with each German festung.

Dead Pile: Br1Ab, 1FFI.

Withdrawn: 1ABTF, Br50, Br59, insurrection.

Supports available: Nuts, +3 air, +2 air, carpet-bombers. TAC is being saved up for a sunny day.

Supports pool: 36FFI, 14FFI, partisans x2, fuel, sp artillery, artillery x2, reserve x2, co-operation, 79thAD, enigma, Patton, Monty, surprise attack, red ball.

All HQs of both sides start on the map and must be able to trace supply.
(r) means the division is reduced.

Bulge Campaign
A 6 and 1/2 turn game starting with the battle of the bulge and ending with the crossing of the Rhine. Set up is the same, but it lasts longer and the victory conditions are as the campaign game starting back at D-Day.

End: Finish of German turn 24.
Victory Conditions: Allies win if they capture 7 German cities and exit 18 divisions with 2 HQ from the east map edge with a supply path. If the allies only manage one of these it’s a draw, otherwise a German victory.
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Bill Lawson
United States
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Boston Redsox
New England Patriots!
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