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Subject: Regional at Faraos Cigarer, Copenhagen - A Fistful of 1-ofs rss

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Jake Helms
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A Fistful of 1-ofs

Let's get straight down to it: I'm mostly known in Copenhagen for running Andromeda and TWIY*, and I also used those two to take down a local Store Championship and getting to second place at our Chronos Protocol. Now I'm at it again, same identities, new (but well-tested) experiments and of course, the will to take home a trophy.

Identity: Andromeda

Cards: 45 / 45
Influence: 15 / 15

Event (22)
3x Account Siphon
1x Demolition Run ●●
3x Dirty Laundry
1x Hostage
1x Indexing ●●●
2x Inside Job
2x Legwork
3x Planned Assault
3x Special Order
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (4)
3x Desperado
1x E3 Feedback Implants

Program (11)
2x Corroder ●●●●
2x Faerie
2x Femme Fatale
2x Medium ●●●●●●
2x Passport
1x Sneakdoor Beta

Resource (8)
1x Fall Guy
1x John Masanori
1x Kati Jones
3x Same Old Thing
2x Security Testing

There is no real Code Gate breaker. The deck isn't happy with a turn 1 Quandary on a remote server, but eh - the chances of that happening are slim. I wager that the chances of meeting Weyland is equally slim - Jinteki is flavor of the month, and I'd rather take a loss than pack a Plascrete. With Planned Assault, Account Siphon, Indexing, Medium and Demolition Run, the chances of harming the Corp on turn one is good.

Identity: NBN: The World is Yours
Cards: 44 / 40
Agenda points: 18 / 18
Influence: 12 / 12

Agenda (10)
3x AstroScript Pilot Program
2x Breaking News
2x NAPD Contract
3x Project Beale

Asset (3)
3x Jackson Howard

Ice (13)
1x Archer ●●
2x Data Raven
2x Eli 1.0 ●●
3x Pop-up Window
2x Tollbooth
2x Wraparound

Operation (15)
2x Biotic Labor ●●●●●●●●
2x Closed Accounts
3x Hedge Fund
3x Restructure
2x Shipment from SanSan
3x Sweeps Week

Upgrade (3)
3x SanSan City Grid

If this looks obscure, you're right. Only 5 of my 13 pieces of ICE actually requires a breaker. You can click through Eli, pay your way through Pop-Up, take tags from Data Raven, etc. The ICE is pretty taxing, and the 9-card economy (3x Hedge Fund, 3x Restructure, 3x Sweeps Week) keeps me afloat and lets me do pretty much whatever I want. Closed Accounts is king.

Round One
I'm playing Brunch, who starts out by putting eggs and bacon, raspberry smoothies and pancakes on the table - or to say it another way: I put my first round bye to good use by eating a fantastic breakfast on a rooftop terrace with some of my best friends. It's great, and getting a good start to the day (and not having to play round 1) will probably help me avoid fatigue later on.

Round 2 - Jakob
I'm playing Jakob, who came over to the tournament from Odense. I've met him before once, at our Chronos Protocol, where we talked a lot, but didn't get to play each other. Now we have our chance and I look forward to seeing what he plays.
He wins the coin-flip and chooses to run first.
TWIY* vs. Gabriel Santiago
I'm pretty familiar with the Criminal match-up, and I open up with one of my favourite opening turns - Hedge Fund, Wraparound on HQ, Pop-Up on R&D. Bring it!
Jakob gets a Corroder down fairly quickly and does steal an Agenda from my HQ. With the following hand, I opt to do a little combo: Breaking News, Closed Accounts, Biotic Labor, Archer and SanSan City Grid. I pay my clones a premium sum of money to make broadcast some Breaking News, and suddenly, Gabriel can no longer access his funds.
Hitting Gabriel on the wallet seems like a good move, and I get my Breaking News down. Of course, spending 7 credits also makes me pretty poor at 3 credits.
Jakob takes a credit, 2 cards (I think) and does a run on HQ. He gets to look at my Archer and gains two credits due to his ability.
On my turn, I mandatory draw a piece of ICE, take two credits and install in front of R&D, paying 1 credit and ending on 4.
Jakob first-clicks a The Maker's Eye. I can't let it through - so I rez my Archer, trash his Corroder and stop his run. Jakob had completely forgotten the Breaking News, probably because I mostly used it as a tool to Closed Accounts him.
The game is pretty straightforward from me there-on, as Jakob is fishing for breakers while I use my SanSan to get those agendas scored. He does get his second Corroder, but it's too late to stop the train.

Andromeda vs. Jinteki: Replicating Perfection
Jakob starts out with credits and ICEing up on HQ and R&D. I install a Desperado, run on his R&D and he decides to go for a no-rez. I steal a two-pointer and spend the rest of my turn setting up.
The first few turns are otherwise pretty un-eventful. He sets up a lot of remotes and scores a few points while I make a few attacks and get my gear going. On another R&D run, after getting my Faerie and Corroder down, he DOES rez on R&D - a Rototurret. Faerie dies and I see nothing.
At some point, Jakob ends his turn with 3 cards in hand and 4 credits. I ask him how many cards he has in his hand, and when he replies 3, a Legwork comes down. Jakob replies "then you see them all", I go "yup" and find some economy, a piece of ICE and a Chairman Hiro, which I decide to steal for 6 credits - because surely I don't want that guy to hit the table. 2 "brain damage" would hurt me very much.
It's not until after the run that Jakob comes to think that he could just have rezzed his Quandary in front of HQ, which he then, on a bit of a brainfart, reveals. With new ínfo and a stolen Hiro it's too late and I pass the turn. He sets up some more economy (he's running Pad Campaigns and Sundews). On my next turn I install a Passport and Siphon him for some credits.

We move into a rather tight situation later, as I lose a breaker to an Inazuma in front of the Rototurret on R&D. I dig out my Medium and a Femme, marking the Rototurret, and I start going to town. At 4 points, I find a The Future Perfect a few cards down. I'm running low on credits, 2 at the moment, and I decide to bet them both on the Psi. Jakob bets a single and keeps it.
Next turn, the Future Perfect is on top, and once again, I fail the Psi. Jakob gets to draw it. He's also at 4 points, but I have an extra turn to live as he Mushin-No-Shins and installs a piece of ICE in front. I attack R&D, finding an NAPD I can't steal with as few credits as I have. Jakob does not win, but removes the Inazuma and installs something else. I figure it's the Pup I just saw, and I'm right.
In the end, I win, finding 3 one-pointers with the help of a Demolition Run. Jakob reveals that the Mushin-No-Shin target was a Snare (which would've killed me). Absolutely nuts game, and with everyone watching (as we were almost going to time), I feel pretty pumped moving into round 3.

8-0 after Round 2.

Round 3 - Jens
I'm playing Jens, who is fairly new but also pretty good. Our games are over fairly quickly, as my NBN simply gets some nuts draws and scores Agendas left and right while keeping him poor with Closed Accounts, and my Andy attacks R&D too hard while he plays NBN. Fun games, albeit not very memorable. My decks simply do what they were designed for, and Jens has a very hard time stopping them.

12-0 after Round 3.

Round 4 - Adam
Aside from me, Adam is our youngest player. Adam is also part of a local playtesting group, who got to see the debut of my decks a few days before the tournament, where Adam was the only one who could actually take down my Andromeda.

Ken vs. TWIY*
It's a fairly standard Criminal deck, and one again TWIY* easily prevails. Adam has trouble finding economy with Ken, and I start scoring Agendas. He knows he can't combat my Eli + Data Raven on HQ, as he knows that a Closed Accounts will be waiting for him - he even chooses to jack out when he first meets the Data Raven, during an Account Siphon run - and yes, I would have played Closed Accounts immediatedly.
It's over soon enough, and we look at his deck - most of his economy had unfortunately ended up near the bottom, so he didn't stand a fighting chance - his Corp deck, however, is one of the two I fear most at this tournament.

6-Agenda Harmony Medtech vs. Andromeda
You've probably all seen some attempts at this. Adam is running a one-of Chairman Hiro, and since I mostly end up with 5 cards in hand, having to discard two of them can be tough. Shi-Kyu can be tough to fight.
Adam takes a mulligan, and I happily keep. If you can't ICE both centrals, you're going to have a bad time against Andromeda. He can't, but elects to protect HQ. The R&D pressure is on quite early, and while Adam does get to score one of his Agendas, I have a Medium coupled with Planned Attack to find the Demolition Run, and a Same Old Thing to replay it later, I go through most of his R&D to get the two agendas I need. Adam reveals he actually had most of them in hand since the start of the game, but without a way to really get them on the table for most of the game, that's tough.
I actually considered installing the Sneakdoor I had in hand, which would've won me the game some turns earlier, but as I reasoned with myself, R&D pressure was clearly getting me there.

16-0 after round 4

Round 5 - Dan
Dan is a superb player. He won our Chronos Protocol tour, going 18-2, only losing a single game... To me. I screwed up his perfect run last time, and now he's back to ruin mine.

Kate vs. TWIY*
Dan runs a newly brewed Kate, which seems fairly low on economy - especially as he bankrupts himself to play a Daily Casts. I score Breaking News on SanSan and destroy it before it nets him a single credit, which pretty much seals the game pretty early. It goes on for a while longer than I would want it to, but as soon as I hit 5 points, Dan knows he can't win - rightfully. Being up 5-1 with this deck is pretty much always going to be a victory.

Andromeda vs. NBN
This game pretty much looks like all the others I played - Andromeda gets a few breakers down, runs amok with Account Siphons and Indexes once or twice before I find a Medium and start running and Demolition Running later. Dan does score a few points, but nothing to be scared of, and I get it - perfect run through Swiss.


Elimination Round 1 - Jens
I'm playing against Jens again, my round 3 opponent. I know that I will meet the winner of a match between Søren and Adam. Søren is playing Shutdown-combo-Weyland, and with no Plascretes, I want to avoid that matchup. I choose to play Runner, which gives me a chance to escape certain death as Weyland makes my apartment complex explode.

Andromeda vs. TWIY*
This is a five-minute game. Jens opens out with some fine defence, and it takes a little while for me to get my R&D pressure on, but it's Medium right out of the gate and I take a few points. Meanwhile, however, Jens has scored a Breaking News. I Planned Assault a Demolition Run on his R&D for something like 4, then run for 5 new cards. I get to 5. There's a purge. I run for some more Medium counters. Jens scores a second AstroScript and it's now 5-5, with Jens having 2 AstroCounters and a rezzed SanSan. Alarm Bells are ringing. I know he's winning next turn.
Luckily, Jens had to make a hard choice - scoring the AstroScript or destroying a Same Old Thing. I use it to Demolition Run once more, after a run, then run again, and I do find an agenda which I'm able to steal. A very close game, and Jens took losing with 2x AstroCounter and a rezzed SanSan pretty well. We head outside for some air and wait for the others to finish.

Elimination Round 2 - Søren
Søren is a solid player, and we joke about this being a coin-toss victory. His runner has been performing pretty badly all day, but combo-Weyland is a very tough match-up for Andromeda without Plascretes.
We flip one of my new virus counters and Søren gets to choose side. He goes for Weyland, and I prepare for losers bracket. We talk a lot about how the match-up works, and I wager that my chances are getting an early Account Siphon and then keeping his economy down for as long as possible.

Weyland vs. Andromeda
Søren opens with economy and ICE on HQ, just as placed. Losing the opportunity to Siphon doesn't hurt me much in this match-up, but I think I made Søren believe otherwise. I Index R&D (I think?) and score a Priority Requisition turn 1.
The game quickly goes sour for me. I manage to take a project Atlas as well, but Søren rezzes a Hadrians Wall on R&D, which barely makes a dent in his credit pool, while getting through it makes a huge impact on mine. I do however get to Same Old Thing an Indexing, where Søren accidentally hands me 6 cards - Jackson Howard, Power Shutdown, 2x Accelerated Diagnostics, GLC and Tollbooth. That's just cruel. I end up putting them down like that, and putting some money on a Kati Jones.
He installs Jackson, draws the rest of his combo pieces and we basically begin a game where I build up some money on Kati Jones while drawing for outs, while he uses Jackson and builds up some economy - no way I'm going to run.
After a few turns, he removes Jackson Howard from the game for a quick shuffle and install advance advance something. He's already at two points from Hostile Takeovers, so he's going to win fairly quickly if he just starts scoring agendas. I decide that now must be the most opportune moment to run, and I take 6 or 9 from Kati, install Femme targetting the Hadrians Wall. I run twice, Medium out, seeing nothing.
I ask Søren if he has the combo, but he does not - he didn't have a second Jackson Howard when he removed his first, which means I might just survive another turn. Søren seems a bit undecided about what to do, but he takes my suggestion of scoring his agenda - a Priority Requisition, as far as I can remember.
I Same Old Thing an Indexing and reveal a The Cleaners and a Priority Requisition to Søren, and I somehow manage to win what I would suggest to be my toughest match-up.

Elimination Round 3 - Thomas
Thomas is fairly new, running a mean Andromeda. I open with the classic Hedge Fund, Wraparound on HQ and Pop-Up on R&D.
The game goes a bit back and forth. I score an AstroScript on a SanSan, which he proceeds to trash. A few turns later I Biotic Labor a Breaking News, using an AstroCounter, which leaves me with 2 actions. I trash a Kati with 9 credits on her and play Closed Acounts for 6.
I'm not able to use that window to seal the game, but I do get some economy going pretty quickly and I install an RSVP in front of a SanSan with a few agendas in hand. Thomas draws, gets some credits, Inside Jobs the server and trashes the SanSan for all of his money.
Now I do get to use a scoring window. I draw, install and advance a NAPD behind the RSVP. Thomas goes for draw, 2 credits and another Inside Job on the same server - seeing the NAPD, but once again being on zero, he can't do much about it. I score the NAPD to go to 5. He scores an agenda from my R&D, but I mandatory draw an AstroScript and reveal that, two Project Beales and a Biotic Labor from my hand to push me into the finals.

Elimination Finals - Pedram
Only one opponent left. We've been running for 9 hours, and the fatigue is starting to hit me - and Pedram was also at our playtesting event a few days previously, but I didn't play him and I'm not sure what I should expect.

Andromeda vs. Jinteki: PE
Pedram opens up with his Corp, and it plays much like an NBN vs. Andy matchup, actually. I attack R&D, score a couple of points but get shut out of it fairly early. Pedram goes on to score a few agendas, but as I'm at 5 points, I'm not too afraid. I have a Medium with 2 counters, a Same Old Thing, Index and Demolition Run at the ready and a Femme I just need to install. Pedram has rezzed 2 Fenris, and I have stolen 2 Clone Retirement, giving me 4 bad pub to play around with. My problem is not having a Sentry Breaker for the Fenris in front of R&D.
Pedram goes to 6 points, and I go up to 9 credits, getting myself ready for sealing the game next turn.
However, I don't as Pedram has had the last Clone Retirement in hand for a long time. I had his draws under control from an earlier Indexing, so I felt too safe.

Andromeda vs. TWIY*
We move into the final match. I'm running TWIY* against Pedrams Andromeda in a game that's over fairly quickly. I draw into Sweeps Week with Hedge Fund in hand. I play Sweeps and install a piece of ICE in front of R&D, no agendas in hand. I can handle an Account Siphon.
However, Pedram has two Account Siphons, leaving me at 3 credits. That's just lower than I expected, and lower than I can handle. I got too cocky and can't recover from it. I Closed Account once or twice, but it's no bother to Pedram, as I can't stop the Account Siphons. I quickly lose, not putting up much of a fight, settling for second, while Pedram takes the trophy.
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Tandoori Chicken
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Thanks for this thorough and entertaining report!
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United States
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Congratulations and thanks! How many players?
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