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Reels and Deals is an easy to play filler card game. The actors on the cards are parodies of real actors. It is intended to give you a small chuckle while you are playing.

The game is easy to learn and quick to play. It never really over stays its welcome, despite not being an overly good game. If you want a light little filler with a movie theme, then this game will deliver. If you are looking for a great card game, please look elsewhere.

The auctions are a little hard to play and unusual as you do not have money. You are bidding from the numbers you write down (the game does not include the components required to play the game).

The end game is usually a race to finish the second script. Normally, this will be enough to win the game. If someone finishes their first script, you better get your second moving or you are out of the game. This final race doesn't really fit the theme of the game at all.

Personally, the game did have enough strategy. Some cards that are randomly drawn can have a big effect on the game. There is too much luck in the game. If you need an X to finish a script, you just draw and draw if one is not presented. That can get pretty boring.



The only real components in the box are the cards. The cards are over sized and the art work is cartoon-y. The cards are a little thin, but are good quality. No real complaints about the cards.

The bigger story is about what is not in the box. There are no components to keep track of points or money. You are supposed to use a pencil and paper, but this unacceptable to me. I do not like when games do not include all the components required to play the game.

I have to say the box is really crappy too. It is one of those boxes you have to cram the cards and the rule book into. I hate these boxes.

Rule Book:

The rule book is black and white and a smaller rule book. The rules are pretty clear and can be read and understood in minutes. The game is rather easy to play and the rules do not get in the way.

Flow of the Game:

The point of the game is to score the most points. This is normally accomplished by fulfilling scripts with actors etc (whatever is required by the script.

On a players turn, you can do 3 actions:

A. Fulfill a script

B. Auction an actor/card - highest bidder gets the card

C. Discard

D. Draw

E. Put a card in the common pool

You can make money by selling cards and spend money to buy the cards in an auction.

Basically, you are trying to fulfill the scripts with the cards you draw/buy. This will give you money and points. If you do not need a card, then you sell it. Hand management is important, although drawing the right card at the right time might be more important.

In addition, there are other cards like a producer card that gives you a single bonus and enhancer cards which make your scripts more powerful. You get these randomly and they can be powerful.

The game ends when a player finishes two scripts. You then count up everyone's points and the highest points win.

Should I buy this Game?:

Maybe if you want a light filler, but there are better games. The movie theme might draw a few non-gamers in. This isn't a game that many gamers will want to play.

I would have to recommend you skipping the game, but it can be had cheap and might fill a filler spot in your rotation.

As for me, I will purge.
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