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Subject: [WIP] Revamping cards for Daisho rss

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Marc Brooks
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Hey everyone.

I really hope I'm not posting in the wrong thread or anything, my excuses if I do.
I read the rules of the custom card game Daisho by Lloyld Krassner a long long time ago. Maybe some of you are still playing it ?

I just happend to fall in love with the extremely well though of rules, and I wanted to do a little something to show my appreciation, and if it's on my power, to invite you guys to revive this amazing cardgame.

So I decided to redraw the cards, and to make an alternative cardset to be used on the Thoth Engine.

I'm nothing but an amateur artist, and this little projet is nothing but a appreciative fan contribution, so I hope it doesn't infringe on copyright laws (after multiple checks, it doesn't seems to, but I'm not a lawyer at all).

The old cards looked like that :

And the new ones would look like that :

I still have some pixelisation problems due to resize, but they will be promptly solved.

All the materials used on theses cards are either mine or free to use for any purpous, including commercial, so I'm pretty sure I don't infringe any copyright here. By the time this project is finished, I think I will have drawn all the ten cards, plus all of the "fighter" cards available on the rules page ( )

I'm posting that here mostly to know if you guys are still playing this 1999' game, and if you would be interested by a new free cardset for the thoth engine.

Also, if more experienced designers and graphists want to give me advises on how to improve, I would be greatly appreciative.

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Lloyd Krassner
United States
Palm Coast
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Awesome cards!
Age of the game shouldnt matter...
people are still playing chess!
Many creations are not truly
appreciated until the creators are
long dead...
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Andreas Pelikan
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The cards look great, but are a slight step back from a usability point of view. While I appreciate the info given in the text boxes, it should be supported by frame colors and corner icons.

Basically there are three types of cards: Speed (initiative) cards, Attack cards and Defense cards, which all are played in there respective phases. Each phase should have it's own border color.

Speed cards:
Only one type, effect negates attack or defense cards, icon might be a crossed out attack / defense icon:
(x)/{x} Speed

Attack cards:
Three different cut directions. Show cut direction in an attack icon:
(-) Chop
(|) Slash
(/) Thrust
Joker, can be played with any thrust direction, icon therefor should combine those directions:
(*) Hai!
Combo, allowing to play cards of two directions, therefor two empty icons, possibly with a + sign in between.
( )( ) Combo

Defense cards:
Counters to certain cut directions - show the cut direction in a defense icon (shield, no-smoking icon, ...)
{-} Block
{|} Parry
{/} Dodge
Armor counters any cut direction, but only one card, so the icon should either simply be -1, or the "Joker" icon (with or without a small -1 added somewhere).
{-1} Armor

This should considerably shorten the learning time needed, and speed up card selection.

Do you plan on making "combatant persona" cards? They too might benefit from the icons.
Ashigaru, can use Chop cards as Thrust cards, (-) => (/)
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