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Subject: [WIP] Zahlenfeld - Looking for criticism rss

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Kevin Jeffrey
British Columbia
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I have just completed my first, rough, hand made prototype. I was looking for some feedback and suggestions. I'll post the play cards and objective cards when I get on the computer and make them. Just know I am not an artist or graphic designer.

This is my first WIP post, and the second game I've designed. The inspiration for this game came from my wife's love for Jaipur, Takenoko and Ticket to Ride. My idea was to make a set collection card game with the addition of hidden objectives.

My initial idea was seashell collection, which then became a robot junkyard theme. I didn't feel either theme was satisfying, so I went basic which became:


Players: 2
Time: Approx. 30 min.

At the end of each round the player with the higher objective point total receives a Star. The first player to collect 2 Stars wins the game.

54 cards - Number Deck
23 cards - Objective Deck
3 cards - Stars
1 card - 7 Bonus Points
1 rule book

The Number Deck consists of 49 cards, in 3 suits (Circles, Triangles, Hexagons) of with varying numbers of 1 through 6. There are also 5 zero (0) cards.

1 - 11 cards (6-3-2)
2 - 9 cards (4-3-2)
3 - 9 cards (4-3-2)
4 - 7 cards (3-2-2)
5 - 7 cards (3-2-2)
6 - 6 cards (3-2-1)
0 - 5 cards

The Objective Deck consists of 23 cards which show a point value, and the card requirement needed to complete the objective.

1) Remove the 5 zero cards from the Number Deck.
2) Shuffle the Number Deck.
3) Layout 9 cards from the Number Deck in a 3x3 grid, face up on the table. This is referred to as the Zahlenfeld.
4) Deal 4 number cards to each player.
5) Shuffle the zero cards back into the Number Deck.
6) Shuffle the Objective Deck, and deal 5 cards to each player. Each player chooses 2 objective cards and discards the rest.
7) Set the Star and Bonus cards aside.
8) Choose a starting player.

On your turn choose one of the following actions:
1) Take cards from the Zahlenfeld;
2) or, complete an objective.

After you complete your action, your turn ends.

1) Take Cards - When taking cards from the Zahlenfeld, you can either a) pick up two face up cards, or b) exchange with one face down card.

a) A player can pick up TWO FACE UP CARDS that are adjacent, but not diagonal, to each other. Face down cards cannot be picked up with a face up card.

Replace empty spots with cards from the top of the Number deck, placed face down.

b) A player can pick up ONE FACE DOWN CARD. Face up cards cannot be selected with this action.

The player must replace the empty spot with a card from their hand placed face up in the Zahlenfeld.

Hand Limit - If a player's hand exceeds 7 cards, they must discard down to 7 at the end of the turn.

2) Complete Objectives - A player can discard cards from their hand that meet the requirements of an objective card. The player can place the completed objective on the table in front of them. Only one objective can be completed per turn.

When a player completes an objective, they draw 3 new objective cards from the Objective Deck, chooses at least one, then discards any unwanted objectives. More than one card can be taken.

When a zero card is revealed, immediately set it beside the discard pile. All cards that are adjacent, not diagonal, to the spot vacated by the zero card, are discarded. The player that revealed the zero does not get to pick up any cards.

Replace the empty spaces with cards from the deck, placed face down in the Zahlenfeld.

There are three ways a round can end:
1) A player has completed 3 objective cards;
2) or, the fifth zero card is revealed;
3) or, there are no cards to replenish the Zahlenfeld.

1) When a player has completed 3 objectives the end of the round begins. Each player has one last turn to complete objectives. The player who triggered the end of round receives the 7 card, which adds an additional 7 points to their end of round point total.

After each player has completed their last turn, they add up the points on the Objective cards they have completed. The player with highest number of points is given a Star card.

2) The round ends immediately if the fifth zero is revealed.

3) The round ends immediately if there are no cards left in the Number Deck to replenish the Zahlenfeld.

The player who has won 2 Star cards wins the game. If neither player has won 2 Star cards, play another round.
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Kevin Jeffrey
British Columbia
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Completed a hand made alpha prototype using blank cards I purchased from Print & Play Productions. I'll have to conduct some solo playtests before introducing it to someone else.
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