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United Kingdom
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(Note: This review is taken from my Bordercon 2014 Geeklist - here.)

It's late on Saturday night. What time is it? It's Arabian-Nights O'Clock!

This game of arbitrary bad stuff happening to you is a Saturday night convention tradition for us, and why break a tradition?

Josh pretends to be a teapot. Or rolls some dice. One of the two anyway.

Things started off as usual, with Josh marrying a crafty wizard on his first turn and so having to return to his home city every time he visited another city. It was with much amusement that we celebrated the birth of his first ugly child.

I moved to Europe, not necessarily because I needed to go there, but rather because I was keen to avoid both Jason and Josh who were milling around in the Middle East. They were both Grief-Stricken and no doubt would have loved to occupy the same space as either Adam or I in order to pass on their affliction.

Somewhere in the world, random but hilarious stuff happens to some people.

It's hard to remember everything that occurred over the course of the game, but a particular highlight was Jason being Imprisoned and Enslaved at the same time. Adam and I were both Determined, and abused that status repeatedly to try and avoid bad stuff happening, but there's only so much you can do. I didn't go too badly, acquiring a heap of skills and avoiding most bad statuses, but it was slow going and I never did complete my quest (which was to visit a Place of Power).

Josh ended up Wounded, as well as being On Pilgrimage between visits to his husband at home, but he also repeatedly Seduced people and ended up as a Respected, Robe of Honor-ed Vizier as well as a bunch of other good stuff. Adam became Envious, but had the good fortune to avoid Encounters that had the Rob action until he was able to lose the status by finding some Giant Diamonds. Jason acquired another treasure, the Bronze Horse, which did nothing for him all game. I managed to repeat an Encounter I'd had earlier in the game that I knew would give me a level of wealth, which I needed because I'd somehow ended up Enslaved to a dangerous hag or something.

"You try to trick the bloodthirsty efreet. It doesn't work."

A few of us had enough Destiny and Story points to win the game, but Josh made it back to Baghdad first and took the victory.

Then it was time for bed!

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