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Subject: Rushed Review of Legacy: Gears of Time (Smoothsmith) rss

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Chris Smith
United Kingdom
West Midlands
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Welcome to my short(ish) review! I decided to review every game I own, and seeing as that takes a while, they're kinda rushed! I tried to break things down nonetheless, and I hope you enjoy the review!

Rushed Reviews Of All My Games

The Short Sell:
Time machines are awesome, Back to the Future proves it, Bill and Ted sort of proves it, Doctor Who definitely proves it...So what would you do with access to one, give yourself an awesome legacy might be one thing and you can do that right here.

- Chunky Wooden Player-Pawns in 4 Colours
- Influence Cubes (Wood Cubes) in 4 Colours
- Deck of Technology/Fate Cards (I have the Forbidden Machines deck too, unused as of yet)
- Present-Day Tile.
- Age Tiles (I-II-III-IV and singles through to X)
- Various Cardboard Tokens (Failed tech markers and expansion ones that do...something).
- Character Cards (4).
- Main Board

The components aren't horrendous, but they aren't exactly high quality either. The board has a bit of a dodgy fold-line & influence is just boring ol' cubes. The nice big player pawns are quite nice though.



1. Place the board near the edge of the table (It'll end up there anyway when you run out of space )
2. Shuffle the technology/fate cards to make the technology deck.
3. Place the present day/age pieces on the board (I-IV, plus V for 3-4P & VI for 4P)
4. Each each player a character card & set of cubes in the colour they choose to play.
5. Keep a pile of 'failed technology' markers in reach of players.
6. Put the age & year markers on their starting spaces on the board.
7. Deal 6 cards to each player.

Setup goes by pretty easily, nothing being much an issue. Don't forget to put the extra ages on the board for higher player counts, it really messes with the game if you forget!



In Legacy: Gears of Time, players are individuals that are trying to secure their legacy. They do so using an ancient time-machine artifact that has been discovered, letting them travel back and invent things earlier than they were supposed to be in order to claim credit for themselves/their cause.

The game is played in 4 rounds, with their being 4 turns each within each round (And 3 actions/turn, so 48 actions in total). After each round scoring occurs, with players gaining points based on what technologies they had the most influence over creating.

Each turn, players have 3 actions that they can use to 'invent something', 'influence something', draw 2 cards, or go back in time. First it should be noted that you can only go backwards through time within a round (everyone returns to the present between rounds), so you need to plan wisely (Potentially setting up the invention of the steam-engine, then going back to make sure fire and the wheel actually exist to make it work). To invent something you place the card from your hand you're making in the current age that you're in with your pawn, and discard a number of other cards to do so (It'll have a value on the card for how many discards are required). Influence is only for round 2-4, and lets you place influence cubes you've got in your pool (Gained by having technologies you're involved in earlier succeed) on existing technologies, to prevent them blurring into non-existence or steal the credit from other players.

Many technologies have prerequistes, sometimes in multiple levels, making it important to try and make sure those things exist if you want to score the high-level big point technologies. Of course you might also just set up the prerequisites for other players' technologies, as points have a nice trickle-down effect (So the person who invented flight gets points when someone scores space flight for example).

This all comes together very well and makes for an interesting and brain-burning time to be had by all.



The theme of Legacy: GoT has players being individuals who have access to an ancient artifact, a time machine, that allows them to travel back through time and change events. Each of the characters in the game has a short highly wishy-washy backstory explaining why this is.

So as you may figure, I don't really think the attached story works that well, on the other hand, the time-travel theme overall is met very well with the mechanics, with the knock-on effects making it really feel like you're screwing with time and what's invented when!



I think this game comes together very well, being absolutely the best time-travel game I've tried (From an admittedly small set, but still). I love the things you have to think about with trying to make sure that the technologies you want have the right prerequisite technologies, and how as you splinter and alter the timeline then technologies fall out of existence in need of reinvention.

In short, the game is fantastic, and I'm very glad to own a copy of it!

My BGG Rating: 8.5/10

Overall: 7.9/10
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Kadian O'Reilly
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Like your review,I have the game & expansion forbidden machines but not played it yet.
Really looking forward to it and reviews like yours makes me think I made the right decision on getting the game.
Keep up the good work!
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