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Subject: Noob Wars rss

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Andrew Finney
United Kingdom
S. Yorks
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This is a report on the most recent game I played, it was my 3rd full game and my opponent Dan's 2nd. Both spell books were built out of 1 core set plus NvsD, and what I guess to be the best cards are spread throughout the six mages as so far it's a very civil war between them.

Rolling randomly for mages, Dan got Wizard, and I got Warlock.:sauron:

Winning initiative, I moved out and slapped down a pentagram in the centre. I then slapped my forehead realising unlike other mages the Warlock can't also afford a moonsilver pendant on turn one:wow:. Resolved to swap out fot a mana flower. My opponent moved and deployed his gate and mana crystal.

Next turn my opponent played another crystal and hoarded mana. I advanced twice and played a battle forge on his centre left.

T3 was a blood reaping dark pact slayer for me, plus melee gauntlets, while he pulled a hydra out the gate and put on much less snazzy leather gloves. My warlock ran up and delivered a devastating pimp slap for three damage, receiving only a single point in return.

This was followed up with mage bane onto his wizard, and the mana leach he summoned became the new target of my ire as a suppression cloak was now protecting him. DPS tangled briefly with the hydra guarding his gate, but that was clearly a hiding to nothing, as it regen'ed the damage almost instantly while counterstriking back.

My team ganked the mana leach, while his hydra slithered to the graveyard to start working it down over the next 4 turns or so. Necropolitan vampiress and a mountain gorrila would pop out before it died, while the gate vomited out a familiar, devouring ooze and hydra 2. For several turns I was chasing him around the map, me accumulating equipment; lash, fire ring, demon armour, whilst melting/exploding his cloak and a wand with disolve in it. He meanwhile stole my mage bane, healed, and disolved the pimp gauntlets, he also put on boots and dragon hauberk, for 4 armour and fire resistance. Grrrr.

A vamipiric gorilla, the DPS and defiling the graves in my yard were enough to keep his creatures busy, and when he ran to be guarded by his forward hydra, it got murderised by a dog pile. DPS finished smashing his gate and then ran off to hide in the corner, being low on hp and with it's armour melted off.

Run as he might around the back of my base, he couldn't shake off my warlock and vampire. An acid splash corroded his armour a bit and I managed to finish him off with a drain life just as his creatures were making it forward to help. I was down to about 10 life and all three of my creatures had significant injuries, with 6-10 health left.

Evil triumphs! :devil:
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