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Subject: Too few War of Ideas too late ? rss

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Dampenon Fabien
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Rookies talk about strategy, Grognards about Logistics
Solo play in 1 deck, scenario “Let's Roll”.
This is a short AAR with only main events/operations.

Turn 1 :

Martyrdom Operation in UK ! But plots are cancelled by US play of KSM !
Lashkar-e-Tayyiba set Indian Posture to Soft, as World Posture.
A Minor Jihad worsens Governance to Poor in Pakistan.
US secures Philippines with Moro Talks.
A succesful US War of Ideas (WoI) turns Pakistan to Ally...but with already 5 cells. US then Deploys all Troops from Middle-East to prevent a Major Jihad which would have given 3 WMD to Islamist...
Islamist revenges with Bhutto Shot. Axis of Evil damages US prestige but Covert Action sets Iraq to Neutral, cutting links between Sadam Hussein and Al-Qaeda.

Turn 2 :

US Election confirms US Posture to Hard and US prestige is now low, so USA makes a Reassessment ! US Posture is now Soft, as World Posture.

Turn 3 :

Adam Gadahn fails to Recruit in USA. US Troops disrupt heavily in Pakistan. With low funding, Islamist can't come back...

Turn 4 :

Abbas worsens Islamist Funding and augment US prestige.

Turn 5 :

With 4 cells in a besieged Somalia, a WoI turns it into an Ally and deploys US Troops from Pakistan to prevent a Major Jihad. Islamist plays 2 Oil Price Spike in same turn ! Martyrdom Operation in India gives some valuable funding to Islamist and turns country to Hard Posture.

Turn 6 (and probably last) :

Hariri Killed !

With a successful WoI, Central Asia is first country with Good Governance but before another WoI could influence Turkey, Kurdistan worsens it to Poor. Gulf States gains a Good Governance too. But with last card of the game, USA fails to turn a Fair Saudi Arabia to Good...Pakistan has been cleaned of all cells but Afghanistan stays under Islamist Rule until the end.

After 150 mn of Solo Play, I must constat an US Defeat with only 5 Good Resources at end cry.

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Stuart Cudahy
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Re: Too few War of Ideas too late ? Game or fame.
I just played labyrinth again. What a rush. If you haven't tried it it's a bit like cocaine. Lol. When did history and gaming and the alarming present decide. To mess with us. Labyrinth opens eyes, tries to. I just read , in a war magazine, about the altruism of General Marshall. I never knew, great soul and a great card. In this way we are always taught by others. Stu. Twilight struggle caught the non gamers interest, they hovered, they hover. Labyrinth is a lesson in the assymetric. It's powerful. This designer is worth watching and paying. Past, Present, Future. Assymetric is an imbalance balance has. Maybe not us, or us to a T. Lol. imbalance deserves the shout.
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