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Subject: 5 player and more complex (shares, etc) rss

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Aaron Medvick
United States
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Variant for both a more complicated game, less luck-driven, and more strategy. Also allows for 5 or more players.

Game Background:

There are four owners of a park (the 4 colors) and they are competing against each other and at the same time trying to make the park better.

Now we have some mystery shoppers (the players – will use 5 in my example) that travel around the park and play and/or invest in the four owner’s ideas/concepts. They seem like average guests that enjoy the rides and facilities, but they have the ability to invest in the four owners of the park.


- Each company gets one guest point, 13 stock cards (Use a deck of cards?) , and $5,000,000 net worth -- consider it money they started up with.
- Each player gets $1,000,000 to start with
- Have a turn order indicator (thanks to Puerto Rico like games) with the number of players on it.
- Take 2 of each color company tokens and randomly give out two to each player. (or you can take the deck of cards and deal out 2 to each player, which may result in someone not being vested in a company. - I do not like that idea – but could be an option)
- The player that is in the worst position of ownership gets to set the turn order.


1.) You have a choice on your first move of your turn:

Stock Purchase
- You can buy up to three different stock or two of the same stock
- Price: $100,000 per guest point of that company.
- Money goes to the bank

Move Customer
- Move as normal.
- If guest lands on a park ride – you can get $300,000 or 2 guest points (your choice)
- The owning company of that ride gets $100,000 and 1 guest point.

2.) Option variant for engineer

Each player does their turns.

3.) Next is the turn for the companies.

- Each company appoints a president in the order of how you set them up on the game.
- If you are the majority share holder you are automatically president.
- If there is a tie for majority – thus no majority some sort of tie breaker will occur or negotiations (which ever method you want)
- You can only be the president of one company (in 4,5 player game) If someone is president of two companies they have to step down in one of them.
- After president is decided, the cards are taken for each company – and the owners act for the best interest of that company as the normal game – using the company’s money.
- 6.) If engineer or mechanic comes up then pay its price – no insurance (see variant at bottom to add a mechanics union to the stocks)

4.) Determine Next Turn player order
- the person who was not president in 5 player game automatically determines player order
- in 4 or less person game – the person with the least stock value, count, whatever determinate want to use.

Game End:

Divvy Out Company’s Players Points:
1.) Give 2 points to the majority owner and alternate giving the rest out with the non-majority getting the first one. Example: a company has 7 points – give 2 to majority then the rest get split up (giving the non-majority the next one) thus the majority will have 4 and the non-majority will have 3. If there is 6 points, the majority will have 4 and non-majority will have 2.
2.) Any splits that occur will be divided in half (rounded down) -- the remaining one (if odd) will be donated to fixing back the park and thus goes to bank.

Turn in stocks:
1.) 2 points for the majority owner for each stock owned
2.) 1 point for each minority owner for each stock owned
3.) If ties occur, then split points with the same rounding down formula as above.

Your Money:
Will count only in ties

Add all your points up to determine winner. Ties (Money, number of stocks owned, dice roll, age, whatever)


1.) Engineer variant: trash etc
2.) Having a fifth entity to invest in ( the maintenance union)
a. Their union get paid $100,000 or 1 player’s point for each time a ride is fixed or trash is removed.
b. Stocks are not divvied out, but can be bought (you have 6 tokens -- won’t need them)
c. You can have your park have 2 maintenance guys that do everything and can move up to 6 spaces on any turn. (and can do only one thing per turn – pick up trash, or fix a ride) Place this turn for each player after they select their first move.
d. Or when the $200,000 comes up – if you want have that just be paid to the maintenance union? (Have not thought of that one yet)
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