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Subject: Month 1 OP Report Fresno, CA rss

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Steve Cates
United States
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So we had our first tournament at Crazy Squirrel Game Store in Fresno, CA. There were 7 players and the tournament organizer playing the bye. We played 3 rounds of swiss. Most of the players were new and a couple only had starters with a smattering of one-of-dice in the few packs that picked up before the sudden lack of product.

My deck:
Angel: Soaring x 4
Beast: Genetic Expert x 4
Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts x 4
Human Torch: Johnny Storm x 3
Venom: Angelo Fortunade x 2
Mr. Fantastic: Brilliant Scientist x 1
Phoenix: Ms. Psyche x 1
Siver Surfer: Silverado x 1
Power Bolt

(I bought about 60 packs not all at once but I never got a Super Rare).

My main strategy is to rush Angel and power bolts and set up Beast as a barricade. I almost never swing outside of Angel being unblockable.

Round 1 I played MiddleClassJoe a stellar Android: Netrunner player. He was running Beast: Mutate #666, the Black Widow rare, and Colossus rare and some starter set Avengers that I wasn't too worried about. He ran Power Bolt and Gearing Up.

With two power Bolt Action cards I was able to work Angel to great effect, winning 2-0.

Round 2 I played Jason, his deck was all starter characters except Warmachince, so I just rushed with Angels and blocked with Beasts, won 2-0.

Round 3 I played the only other undefeated guy, Frag. He had and interesting deck and played it well.

His deck:
Black Widow: Killer Instinct x 3
Gambit: Ace in the Hole x 4
Mr. Fantastic: Elastic x 2
Human Torch: Johnny Storm x 3
Storm: Wind-Rider x 4
Loki: Gem Keeper x 2
Professor X: Charles Francis Xavier x 1
Colossus: Pitor Rasputin x 1
Gearing Up

He grabbed nothing but Gearing Ups in the beginning until he had all 3 and then he would grab Storm to try to wipe my sidekicks to deal damage to me. He had a good string going and was able to swing in for the win. I got close but couldn't get my beasts to roll a character side.

Second, game I was able to keep up my wall and got the damage home with Angel and Power bolts for the win.

Third game I used Human Torch: Johnny Storm and he couldn't get rid of him with Storm. He was able to prevent my Angel for a turn or two with Loki: Gem Keeper until I forced him to attack, he also used Distraction to keep me at bay but ultimately Johnny and the Power Bolts finished him off.

The store gave away a playmat to the victor which I'm very pleased with.

My friend said he faced Gobby and Tsarina but I never did. I had Venom: Angelo Fortunado and Beast: Genetic Expert in there to deal with them but I think the newness to most people meant they weren't using them that effectively.

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