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Subject: The Phantom Experience rss

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Mike Mitchell
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So Sunday was a surprise break from parenting for me and I was able to get down to one of my FLGS and give my Phantoms a try.

I decided to just put a list together that would be fun to fly and wouldn't require any synergies to work effectively. So I came up with:

The Baron's Phantom Echo
100 points
Soontir Fel (30) - TIE Interceptor (27), Push the Limit (3)
"Echo" (38) - TIE Phantom (30), Advanced Sensors (3), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Cloaking Device (4)
Sigma Squadron Pilot (32) - TIE Phantom (25), Advanced Sensors (3), Advanced Cloaking Device (4)

Since I love flying Fel, I figured that throwing the two Phantoms in with him would allow me to just fly all over the board, like a drunk pre-teen with daddy's car keys, and hopefully stay out of some arcs.

I was up against:
Ya I forgot all the upgrades
96 points + 4 points of something

Corran Horn (38) - E-Wing (35), Advanced Sensors (3)
Gold Squadron Pilot (23) - Y-Wing (18), Ion Cannon Turret (5) x2
Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)

I thought that I was going to have a tough time of it as I generally seem to against anything with a 360 arc of some sort.

We set up the rocks in a fairly typical way, each of us keeping two of our rocks close to our starting area and one out of the way somewhere else. Keeping with my initial thought of allowing the ships to joust alone, I set the Sigma up on the right edge, outside a line of rocks, Echo in the middle and Fel on the left edge. My opponent set them his squad pretty much to the left of middle.

I started get my Wilma Flintstone on ("CHARGE IT!!!!!" for those old enough to get that reference) but my plans changed slightly when I came to the realization, fairly quickly, that a regular Phantom on the side of the board is incredibly predictable if you want to decloak. So I turned Echo to "chase" Fel and maybe double team a ship or two coming at us. I left the Sigma to charge up the side and hopefully double back in behind his formation.

Long story short, and in spite of some lack luster flying, I was able to eliminate all but one Y wing before my opponent conceded the match. It should be noted that I did manage to regularly get Echo Ion'd (took him down to only one health, around the middle of the match) and the Sigma being down to one hull left. Fortunately I was able to get an early double team on Corran with Fel & Echo before he could use his ability. It would have been a different outcome if Corran survived that round.

Here's what I learned:
1. Echo is too much fun!
2. Not shooting in a round, while beneficial, is a pain in the butt. So plan your movement carefully.
3. Don't get caught near the edges of the map if you have any plans on decloaking.
4. Don't get Ion'd. No maneuver dial revealed thus no decloaking thus lesson 2.
5. The Phantom has enough weaknesses that it's not the invincible ship that I thought it could be after just a cursory glance at it.
6. Paying a ton of attention to pilot skill level is going to be the norm for squad building - at least for me.

Now onto getting an E-Wing or two so I can give that a go. And maybe a repaint of one of the Phantoms decloaking ala - - but I'll see if I'm that brave.
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Ty Volpo
United States
Grand Rapids
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I too am on the Echo train and have been running a similar list. That guy can blink so far around the field it's stupid. I did some joust testing against Corran, in fact, and Echo took it 4/5 games.

I found hanging out at about range 2 was a good place to be, since, depending on what the opposing pilot does, you can blink out of ark and into flanking position pretty reliably. I can see potential as a swarm breaker too, just because it has a hefty hunk of firepower and can be so hard to pin down.
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