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Subject: First impressions based on three games rss

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Ferox Arcanum
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Note 1: This review is based on two solo 2-player games and one solo 3-player game.

So I was curious about the two expansions still available on the Giochix website and in the BGG store. Given their price, I was unsure of whether or not to purchase them. Here I will give my thoughts on the Hidden Terrain expansion.

Components: 8.5/10
The components are exactly the same as the original ones. The new artwork on the tiles provide really neat variance and I like the designs. The 6 silver cubes suffer from the slight miscutting of the wood pieces in the original game, unfortunately, resulting in 3D parallelograms.

Rules: 5/10
The [English] rules look like they were written at 2 in the morning. Numerous typos, misspellings, weird spaces, and ambiguous phrases. The Eremit (why not Hermit?) Cottage, for example, says the players may bid on the first character in the character display once the tile is revealed. Which one is the first one? The one that was drawn first? The one furthest to the left? The character with the lowest number? ...

Here I will review each tile and its function separately.

The Swamp: 7/10
The swamp is a fairly cool idea. Basically, when a unit steps onto the swamp, he can no longer move and cannot be fed by farms. When this tile is placed in-between cities, it creates interesting combat tactics. Unfortunately, sometimes it ends up on the border of the map where it does virtually nothing.

The Eremit Cottage: 8/10
Once the ambiguous rules are sorted out, it's alright. Basically, when a unit discovers this tile, an instant secret auction is started for the first(?) character. It then behaves as a forest for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, this tile is usually discovered early on and no one chooses to bid on it due to the fact that characters normally cost 2 coin. If this happened in the late game, it would be really cool because then players could fight over a discount. Sadly, that does not happen.

The Silver Mine: 8/10
The silver mine is placed in the center of the map randomly and when worked, produces a silver token. The silver token can be sold on the market for the [most] expensive resource. This is really cool because then commerce oriented players drive towards the middle of the board with workers and militaristic players focus on controlling the area with soldiers. However, because silver's price is not adjusted on the market, it causes values to inflate higher than normal. A possible fix is to have it lower the value of the most expensive resource but that is not in the rules.

Overall Gameplay: 7/10
Overall, the tiles provide interesting mechanics to the otherwise simplistic terrain of RoR. One small annoyance was how their addition lowered the chance of water appearing on the map. My first game with them had a single water tile. However, when the swamp is positioned correctly, it and the silver tile can modify gameplay in interesting ways.

Value: 7/10
For 6 cubes and 3 tiles, 8 euros/dollars is fairly expensive. However, the expansions are in very limited supply. If you have the extra money, I would get this expansion but it isn't necessary to enjoy RoR.

Overall: 7
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