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Alexandre Ashwinds
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Hey all, here is a rundown of our 3h playthrough of the Feast for Crows expansion.

We were 4 players with experience playing the standard game and this was the first time we tried the expansion. It is worth noting that we played it over Vassal with skype as we are all in different countries, so diplomacy was not what it could have been.

Lannister: A very cautious and defensive player, prone to taking time with his orders. Quite honest.
Baratheon: Very aggressive player, often goes all-in with his moves, for better or worse. Could be devious but you know if he's coming for you.
Arryn: Utilises the game dynamics very well, very sly order placements and often devious.
Stark: myself, probably the one with the most played games.

So most importantly, the objectives:
Apart from me, they all had objectives that were relatively "neutral" (like occupy the most sea areas, have all your knights on the field, go to the Arbor) which also tend to give 1 VP. I chose two objectives that were complementary: Control the Eyrie (3VP for Stark) and Occupy someone's home territory (1VP). So I came out gunning for Arryn, and Lannister and Baratheon were naturally at war over King's landing.

First move I take the Narrow Sea, and Arryn's ship is destroyed. Preparing my siege army in Moat Cailin but sacrificing the 5th castle that would give me my House objective. Crackclaw point changes hands 4 times between the 3 others, and Arryn doesn't gain any pts with his card. First turn Baratheon gets KL (denying Lanni muster) and is the only one to score a VP.

A clash of Kings gives Arryn the sword but nothing else, with Baratheon getting the other two. Mustering makes everyone grow their armies except for Arryn who only has a castle. I build a second siege tower, but with the 6 garrison on the Eyrie, loads of support and the sword, I don't want to risk my SEs (we play with ToB cards). Arryn turtling well, but not getting any pts. The southern armies grow, but Lannister is still very spread out. Baratheon surprises with an attack from KL on CCP on the soon-to-march Lannister and wins, attack is the best defense in this case. Lannister seems like he doesnt know what to do with all his troops, and doesnt manage to mount a suitable attack force.

Only Stark and Baratheon score house objectives. Turn 3 and Lannister's ship is somehow still in blackwater bay, utterly surrounded. By luck Lannister keeps his ship against 2 Baratheon ships. On land there is a completely defensive front from Lannister, especially after Bara and I forge an alliance. Absolutely no attempt to reclaim KL. I attack mountains of the moon, removing large support force in preparation for next turn.

The westeros cards make us switch some objectives round twice, and collect pts. Small wildling invasion, and a no cp that hamstrings Arryn.

Round 4 and Baratheon goes back into Blackwater bay, 3 ships this time. All in, no ships left in shipbreaker. Lanni-luck again, and Gregor takes them all out. On land barely a raid, a silent cold war. Having gotten 5 barrels (they are updated at the end of each turn in this expansion), I organise a huge push on the Eyrie that is effectively unbeatable (15 vs 11). I score 3+1 VPs and win the game, to mine and everyone's surprise. Final Score: Stark 7, Baratheon 5, Lannister 0, Arryn 0.

Quite quick to play (2-3h) so it's a welcome change from our usual 5h-6h games. Everyone enjoyed themselves and want to do it again. In retrospect, we all agreed that the Narrow sea for Arryn is absolutely crucial as he cannot muster any ships if it's taken. And once he lost it he was completely confined in the Vale. He did not have any luck with his cards for VP farming (Cersei vs Littlefinger, ouch...) either, but I think their cards could be really powerful with a good start.

Of course it depends on the objectives you get, so every play through will be interesting. The game also ended quickly because my objective netted me 3 VPs, so that definitely changes things. Lots of fun and looking forward to trying it again.
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