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Haven't seen one of these on the geek for a while, so I thought I'd add it. Some folks like to play by faction, and want this info, so here it is. Wave Five is on the horizon, and looks like it may boost every faction a bit more, but full info is not known at this time.

Here are the factions up through Wave 4.5 (Raknar's Vision and Thaelenk Tundra)...the letter/number following the name of the set the card came from indicates the unique/common status (U or C) and the number of figures that go with the card. This is followed by the point cost of the card.

As you can see, Utgar still has a serious lead on any other faction, with Jandar trailing by seven cards....but the three "minor" factions have caught up a lot lately. Looks like Hasbro is slowly trying to even it all out, thematically.

1-Sgt. Drake Alexander (Master Set, U1, 110pts)
2-Airborne Elite (Master Set, U4, 110pts)
3-Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (Master Set, U1, 80pts)
4-Finn the Viking Champion (Master Set, U1, 80pts)
5-Thorgrimm the Viking Champion (Master Set, U1, 80pts)
6-Tarn Viking Warriors (Master Set, U4, 50pts)
7-Omicron Snipers (Wave 1, C3, 100pts)
8-Kelda the Kyrie Warrior (Wave 1, U1, 80pts)
9-Sir Denrick (Wave 2, U1, 100pts)
10-Knights of Weston (Wave 2, C4, 70pts)
11-4th Massachusetts Line (Wave 2, C4, 70pts)
12-Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan (Wave 3, U1, 65pts)
13-Sentinels of Jandar (Wave 3, C3, 110pts)
14-MacDirk Warriors (Wave 3, C4, 80pts)
15-Alastair MacDirk (Wave 3, U1, 110pts)
16-Concan the Kyrie Warrior (Wave 3, U1, 80pts)
17-Nilfheim (Wave 4.5, U1, 185pts)----->NEW THIS WAVE
18-Dzu-tehs (Wave 4.5, C3, 75pts)----->NEW THIS WAVE

1-Mimring (Master Set, U1, 150pts)
2-Marro Warriors (Master Set, U4, 50pts)
3-Ne-Gok-Sa (Master Set, U1, 90pts)
4-Zettian Guards (Master Set, U2, 70pts)
5-Deathwalker 9000 (Master Set, U1, 140pts)
6-Grimnak (Master Set, U1, 120pts)
7-Arrow Gruts (Wave 1, C3, 40pts)
8-Blade Gruts (Wave 1, C4, 40pts)
9-Taelord the Kyrie Warrior (Wave 1, U1, 180pts)
10-Tornak (Wave 1, U1, 100pts)
11-Anubian Wolves (Wave 2, C3, 75pts)
12-Khosumet the Darklord (Wave 2, U1, 75pts)
13-Krug (Wave 2, U1, 120pts)
14-Me-Burq-Sa (Wave 2, U1, 50pts)
15-Marro Drones (Wave 2, C3, 50pts)
16-Minions of Utgar (Wave 2, C3, 110pts)
17-Swog Rider (Wave 2, C1, 25pts)
18-Dumutef Guard (Wave 2.5, C1, 25pts)
19-Brunak (Wave 2.5, U1, 110pts)
20-Su-Bak-Na (Wave 2.5, U1, 160pts)
21-Deathwalker 8000 (Wave 2.5, U1, 130pts)
22-Obsidian Guards (Toys R Us Exclusive Volcarren Wasteland, C3, 100pts)
23-Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider (Gencon Exclusive 2005, U1, 50pts)
24-Marrden Hounds (Wave 3, C3, 90pts)
25-Deathwalker 7000 (Wave 3, U1, 100pts)

1-Syvaris (Master Set, U1, 100pts)
2-Venoc Vipers (Wave 1, C3, 40pts)
3-Venoc Warlord (Wave 1, U1, 120pts)
4-Charos (Wave 2.5, U1, 210pts)
5-Shaolin Monks (Wave 3, C3, 80pts)
6-Saylind the Kyrie Warrior (Wave 3, U1, 80pts)
7-Elite Onyx Vipers (Walmart Exclusive Master Set, U3, 100pts)
8-Aubrien Archers (Wave 4, C3, 70pts)
9-Armoc Vipers (Wave 4, C3, 65pts)
10-Morsbane (Wave 4, U1, 100pts)
11-Deadeye Dan (Wave 4, U1, 60pts)
12-Jotun (Wave 4.5, U1, 225pts)----->NEW THIS WAVE
13-Theracus (Wave 4.5, U1, 40pts)----->NEW THIS WAVE

1-Agent Carr (Master Set, U1, 100pts)
2-Krav Maga Agents (Master Set, U3, 100pts)
3-Dund (Wave 2.5, U1, 110pts)
4-Gorillinators (Wave 3, C3, 90pts)
5-MicroCorp Agents (Wave 3, C3, 100pts)
6-James Murphy (Wave 4, U1, 75pts)
7-Seduma (Wave 4, U1, 140pts)
8-Major X17 (Wave 4, U1, 100pts)
9-Gladiatrons (Wave 4, C4, 80pts)
10-Braxas (Wave 4.5, U1, 210pts)----->NEW THIS WAVE
11-Major Q9 (Wave 4.5, U1, 180pts)----->NEW THIS WAVE

1-Izumi Samurai (Master Set, U3, 60 pts)
2-Roman Legionnaires (Wave 1, C4, 50pts)
3-Roman Archers (Wave 1, C3, 55pts)
4-Marcus Decimus Gallus (Wave 1, U1, 100pts)
5-Guilty McCreech (Wave 4, U1, 30pts)
6-Tagawa Samurai (Wave 4, U3, 120pts)
7-Sacred Band (Wave 4, C4, 50pts)
8-Parmenio (Wave 4, U1, 90pts)
9-Valguard (Wave 4, U1, 110pts)
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Jordan Elton
United States
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I'm sick and tired of the bad generals getting all the good stuff, and the good generals hardly getting anything! Hopefully wave 7 will have lots for Jandar!
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