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Repost from Doomrock forum since I'm not sure it get alot of attention right now.

Note that I've only watched the youtube demo/review of doomrock and haven't played the game yet.

Why mix the 2? Doomrock seem to have more epic combats and more tactical combats to improve on what is probably the weakest part of pathfinder. What I like the most of pathfinder? The character progression (powers and cards), the campaign mode with small adventures that you link back to back.

So the idea is to keep the adventure mode of Doomrock, keep similar abstract battles but use a card deck and a character progression similar to pathfinder and like adventures into campaigns.

Part of a game would be similar to this:
-Adventure mode, probably using time token ala doomrock, going around, exploring, rolling some dices, getting loot and gold, etc. When you get a potion of healing, you add it to a player's hand. Then, you move on to the first combat:

-Draw up to your hand size (probably no discard before that so you could have gained some cards).
-Initiative Strike.
-Enemy attack using an AI deck.
-Player attack.
-Draw 1 card at the end of the turn and start again with initiative strikes, etc.

Card type would be as follow: Maneuver, Armor, Weapon, Ability, Item, Ally. Similar to the video game card hunter, race could affect the number of cards of certain type. Example if you are a dwarf, you get -1 maneuver and +1 armor.

Each character would also get a basic attack based on his class and a basic maneuver based on his race.

Example: Dwarf Warrior (2 maneuver, 4 armor, 3 weapons, 4 abilities, 1 item, 1 ally). Get the following basic powers:
-Attack; Recharge a card => Attack 1 Adjacent Character for 1 damage.
-Once per turn Recharge a card => Gain 1 Shield.
-Maneuver; Recharge a card and gain 1 Expose Marker => Move.

Human Ranger: (4 maneuver, 2 armor, 3 weapons, 4 abilities, 1 item, 1 ally).
-Attack; Recharge a card => If no enemies are adjacent to you: Attack a far away enemy for 1 damage (ignore 1 armor).
-Maneuver; Recharge a card => Move.

Elf Mage: (4 maneuver, 0 armor, 1 weapons, 7 abilities, 2 item, 1 ally).
-Attack; Recharge a card => If no enemies are adjacent to you: Attack a far away group of enemy for 1 damage each.
-Maneuver; Recharge a card => Move; You may remove one expose marker on yourself.

Wooden Shield: Off-hand; Recharge => Prevent 1 Ranged Damage then Draw a Card OR Recharge => Prevent 1 Combat Damage.
Leather Armor: Armor; Recharge => Prevent 1 Combat Damage.
Wooden Sword: Attack; Reveal => Attack 1 Adjacent Character for 1 damage.

When you take damage you have to either discard a card in your hand or the top card of your deck. If you don't have any more cards you die. You will take a lot more damage in this system then in pathfinder so armor are probably alot more usefull.

This would be the basic framework of combat using cards. On top of that you create abilities like you have in doomrock, frost nova, heroic strike, cleave, backstab, vanish and weapons, armor and items.

You can also have non combat power on some cards like alchemy (let you "create" potions or allies could be usefull outside of combat by having stuff like discard this card instead of spending a time marker (could be specialized like having an ally shop for your or more generic like questing for you, etc.

Let me know if you feel these ideas have potential or no.

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