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There's nowhere to hide away, nowhere to run. You should have known when to hold them and when to fold them. From some famous guy on my first record (I'm old, sue me) I ever owned.

Bonnie and Clyde (the party's 2 Charmed Red Dragons) were restless all night, and by morning, they were completely uncontrollable by Seelah and Ezren. The 2 dragons flew off back towards the Runewell, and before the party could gather themselves and chase after them, there was a horrifying scream and a very loud clang that stopped the party short. "Something or someone is in there." said Kyra. "This is clearly a trap." added Seoni. Being completely irrational, Seelah lets out a bone-chilling war cry, "They have Bonnie and Clyde, and whoever has them is going to meet my wrath. If we go out in a blaze of glory, so be it. Charge!"

As they follow the stench of the Runewell and enter the room, the doors suddenly collapse trapping them there. An evil voice speaks, "Thank you for accepting my invitation. Don't worry about your dragons. I have one too, and they will become great friends in no time. Unfortunately, no time is all you have left. I'm the great Karzoug The Claimer, and I have watched you lay waste to my property and guards. It stops NOW!!!room shakes You can fight me if you want. I don't care because, quite simply, you will die. That well has been tainted to sap your strength. Pretty soon, you will be weak little kittens, and I'll dunk you into the well to die."

"Blah, blah, blah. You villains talk too much. Give us back our dragons and let us go, and we might let you live." said everyone.

Okay, here are the ground rules. There's one location, Runewell ("But that screws up my power completely!" said Meri. "I know but Look, shiny!"). You have to bury a card at the start of your turn. The even worse news is that there's no Blessing deck. It is truly fight or die. Also, Karzoug has the only key to getting out so you have to defeat him last to win. Defeating him before is fine and totally not advisable, but he goes back in the deck. There are only 7 Banes, one Henchmen per party member (Karzoug, 1 Dragon, and 5 Warden of Ruins) and 9 Boons. (Oh, and the 2 Dragons never showed up thus the intro. Nice how the game presents a story opportunity.)

Changes from Scenario 4 to now are in bold and what they replaced is in parentheses

Seelah (Crusader) Powers: 6-card hand, Discard to add 1d6+2 to your check, recharge if it is a blessing or spell, When you play Blessing of Iomedae, you may recharge or shuffle it. Skills: Strength+4, Wisdom+2

Weapons (5): Dancing Scimitar+2, Greatclub+3, Chellan, Sword of Greed(Runehill Hatchet+2), Fanged Falchion, Mokmurian's Club
Spells (2): Cure, Aid
Armor (3): Breastplate of Fire Resistance, Chainmail of Cold Resistance, Demon Armor
Items (0)
Ally (3): Mountaineer, Charmed Red Dragon, Svevenka
Blessings (8): Nethys, 2x Gorum, 4x Iomedae, Norgorber(Shelyn)

Merisiel (Thief) Powers: 6-card hand, Weapons Proficient, recharge to add 1d6+2to your combat check, +2 to your non-combat check to close a location, when playing a blessing to add to your Dexterity check, you may recharge it. Skills: Dexterity+4, Constitution+1, Charisma+1

Weapons (4): Venomous Heavy Crossbow+2 x2, Force Sling+3, Returning Frost Spear+2
Spells (0)
Armor (1): Fortress Shield
Items (7): Belt of Incredible Dexterity, Boots of Teleportation, Holy Candle, 2x Magic Spyglass, Staff of Minor Healing, Sihedron Medallion
Ally (3): 2x Black Arrow Ranger, Shalelu Andosana
Blessings (6): 5x Erastil, Lamashtu

Ezren (Evoker) Powers: 8-card hand, +2 to recharge, +2 to your Arcane checks with the Force, Acid, Cold, Electricity, and Fire traits Skills: Dexterity+1, Intelligence+4, Charisma+1

Weapons (1): Returning Frost Spear+2
Spells (10): Disintegrate, Augury, Augury#2(Charm Person), Dominate, Sign of Wrath(Frost Ray), Haste, Poison Blast, 2x Scorching Ray, Bewilder
Armor (0)
Items (5): Headband of Epic Intelligence, Sihedron Ring, Robe of Ruins, Sihedron Medallion, Staff of Hungry Shadows
Ally (5): Black Arrow Ranger, Brodert Quink, Cat, Charmed Red Dragon, Vale Temros(Jakardros Sovark)
Blessings (0)

Seoni (Celestial Sorcerer) Powers: 7-card hand, Arcane Die+1d6+3 with the Fire or Acid trait, Reduce Fire damage dealt to you by 1, Playing Blessing of Pharasma adds a d12 instead of the normal die (this is on anyone's check). Skills: Constitution, Intelligence, and Wisdom+1, Charisma+3

Weapons (0)
Spells (6): Disintegrate, Haste, 2x Lightning Bolt, Poison Blast, Scrying
Armor (0)
Items (6): Necklace of Fireballs, Staff of Minor Healing, Wand of Treasure Finding, Revelation Quill, Sihedron Medallion, Wand of Enervation
Ally (4): Burglar, Morgiv, Father Zantus, Pyromaniac Mage
Blessings (5): 4x Pharasma, Zarongel

Kyra (Exorcist) Powers: 6-card hand, Weapons Proficient, Add 1d8+1 with the magic trait to defeat a bane with the undead or outsider trait, When playing Blessing of Sarenrae, you may recharge it or place it on top of your deck, defeating a bane with the undead trait let's you shuffle 1 random card from discard pile into deck. Skills: Strength+4, Wisdom+2

Weapons (4): Flaming Icy Axe+1, 2x Shortspear+3, Fanged Falchion
Spells (3): Major Cure, Restoration, Summon Monster
Armor (2): Adamantine Plate Armor, Reflecting Shield
Items (2): Sihedron Ring(Masterwork Tools), Emerald Codex
Ally (2): Shaman, Sacred Killer
Blessings (8): Nethys(Abadar), Gorum, Gozreh, Lamashtu, 3x Sarenrae, Shelyn

Lini (Wild Warden) Powers: 7-card hand, Weapons Proficient, Reveal animal ally for 1d4+4 to your check. Skills: Intelligence+1, Wisdom+4, Strength+1

Weapons (0)
Spells (8): Detect Magic(Find Traps), Sign of Wrath, Holy Light, Major Cure, Mass Cure, Scrying, 2x Swipe
Armor (0)
Items (3): Headband of Inspired Wisdom, Staff of Heaven and Earth, Ordikon's Staff
Ally (5): Bear, Eagle, Lizard, Monkey, Sabretooth Tiger
Blessings (5): Gorum, 2x Lamashtu, Norgorber, Shelyn

Turn 1: Seelah buries Shock Greatsword+2 (She has 2 better weapons, an armor, Iomedae, and Mountaineer so yeah). Seoni plays Revelation Quill->Potion of Healing, Light Crossbow+1, 2x Wardens, and Augury. Seelah clearly needs to smash something so Warden of Ruins #1. Combat 23 but first Con/Fort 14 (thanks Kyra for not having a single Sarenrae out of 4 Blessings in hand) Seelah-Recharges Mountaineer, Meri-Discards Black Arrow Ranger, Ezren recharges S. Medallion (have +10 modifiers), Seoni-discards Zarongel, Kyra-discards Gozreh, Lini-14 vs D8+D4+4=9 (1 on the d8 ) Fail Discard Detect Magic.
Seelah recharges Dancing Scimitar+2 and reveals top card (hey, there was a dragon but it is discarded) and shuffle in Iomedae while Kyra plays Gorum for 4D8+3D6+7=39 total overkill. Meri and Seoni celebrate by using their Staff of Minor Healings to recharge BAR and Zarongel, respectively. Seelah draws Iomedae, 2x Gorum, and Aid.

Turn 2: Meri buries Belt of Incredible Dexterity (VHC+2, Erastil, and Magic Spyglass in hand). She encounters the Light Crossbow+1 (Dex 8) and recharges Erastil (her power) to auto-pass the check (+6 modifiers and 2 dice). Kyra plays Restoration on herself and passes the recharge check with a 12 on the d12) to get Major Cure and Shaman. Meri draws 2x Erastil and Sihedron Medallion.

Turn 3: Ezren buries Bewilder (Villain is unevadeable and we can't put a Henchman on the bottom of the deck). He auto-acquires Augury (+8 mods) uses the free explore to pick up that Potion of Healing (Int 5 vs +6 mods). With just one Warden left on top, cast Augury for monsters->Warden, KARZOUG, and Deathbane Shield. Karzoug is now on the bottom of the deck!!!!!!!!! Ezren draws another Augury (good to bury now as we're done with that).

Turn 4: Seoni buries Scrying (I was well-prepared fwiw). Meri plays Magic Spyglass->Incendiary Cloud, Token of Remembrance, and Desna flipping Token and Desna. Incendiary Cloud (Arcane 8) D12+5=10 Pass. She draws Father Zantus, Pharasma, and Haste.

Turn 5: Kyra buries Shelyn. Desna (Divine 5) auto-acquire. Play Nethys->Token then Warden keep same order. Don't even try on Token (ugh, why is that not Basic or Elite). Play Major Cure on herself D4+2=4 (only 3 cards in discard), and she fails the recharge check 10 vs 7 (I blame the Token). Kyra draws Shortspear+3, Restoration, and Sarenrae (about time).

Turn 6: Lini buries Scrying (yep, 2 Scrying, Quill, and Magic Spyglass to start for the party. Can't ask for more than that.). Warden of Ruins#2 Cbt 23 Con/Fort 14 Seelah-discard Chainmail of Cold Resistance, Meri-discard Sihedron Medallion, Ezren-discards Potion of Healing, Seoni-discard Haste, Kyra-discard Shortspear+3, Lini-Kyra plays Sarenrae (on top) for 3d8+d4+4=21 Pass.
Lini plays Swipe while Seoni plays Incendiary Cloud (2d4) and Pharasma (2D12) for D10+5+D8+3+2D12+3D4+4=29 (17 on 7 dice yuk). She does auto-recharge (10 vs +9 mods and 2 dice).

Kyra plays Shaman (seriously awesome card for this scenario btw) to shuffle one random card from everyone's discard pile. Seelah-Dragon, Meri-Magic Spyglass, Ezren-Potion of Healing, Seoni-Haste, Kyra-Major Cure, Lini-Detect Magic. At this point, I realize I screwed up. Kyra plays Restoration (Sarenrae was on top) to get Adamantine Plate Armor (which protects her as it is reveal for 1 damage of all types) and Reflecting Shield (which needs to be passed off. She fails the recharge check 14 vs 12. Lini draws Ordikon's Staff, Swipe, and Eagle.

8 Cards left in the deck, 3 Boons and 5 Banes.

Turn 7: Seelah buries Aid. Warden of Ruins#3 Seelah discards Gorum, Meri discards Erastil, Ezren discards Scorching Ray (Disintegrate & Poison Blast in hand), Seoni discards Father Zantus, Kyra reveals Shield, Lini discards Ordikon'sStaff. Seelah reveals Greatclub+3, discards Gorum #2, and reveals top card (Dragon again so discarded) for 3D8+6+D10+3+D6+2=35 Pass. Lini plays Eagle to reveal Deathbane Shield. Seelah draws Norgorber, Breastplate of Fire Resistance, and 2x Iomedae. Remember this!

Turn 8: Meri buries Light Crossbow+1. Deathbane Shield (Con/Fort 6) D6+3=6 Just Pass. She draws VHC+2, Lamashtu, and Shalelu.

Turn 9: Ezren buries Augury. Warden of Ruins#4 Seelah discards Breastplate (This is where everyone screams at me. Don't worry, I scream at myself too here in a minute. Dumbest move I've ever done in over 150 plays of PACG.), Meri-Deathbane Shield, Ezren-Cat, Seoni-Pharasma, Kyra reveals Shield, Lini (14 vs 12) discards Sign of Wrath. Ezren plays Disintegrate and recharges Vale Temros (2D4, they are Giants) for D12+8+4D6+2D4=30 and just passes recharge with an 18 vs that 16. He draws Sihedron Medallion, Staff of Hungry Shadows, Potion of Healing, Dominate (way too late), RFS+2, and Sihedron Ring (about time).

5 Cards left (Villain, 2 Henchmen, and 2 Boons)

Turn 10: Seoni buries Pyro Mage and is down to just one card. Granted it is Disintegrate. Flaming Mace+1 No chance. She draws Incendiary Cloud, Haste, Zarongel, Morgiv, Lightning Bolt, and Staff of Minor Healing.

Turn 11: Kyra buries Desna (2 Armor and 1 Weapon so no choice). She gives the Reflecting Shield to Lini. Enslaved Blue Dragon (Cue my screaming) Combat 23 but first Dex/Acrobatics 14 Pass take 2 Electricity; Fail D4+1 Electricity damage. Seelah-No chance D4+1=5 for a total hand-wipe. shake Meri-D12+6=17 Pass discards Shalelu&VHC+2. Ezren Fail D4+1=2 Reveal Ring. Seoni Fail D4+1=4 Discard Morgiv, Lightning Bolt, Haste, and Incendiary Cloud (3 cards left in hand). Kyra Fails D4+1=4 Discard the Adamantine Plate Armor (its "Bury" power), Lini Fail D4+1=2 Reveal Shield.

Kyra discards Flaming Icy Axe+1 and picks Fire trait and Seoni plays Zarongel (2D6 due to fire trait)5D6+6+D12+1=26 (so many 1's). Seoni plays Staff to recharge Zarongel. Ezren plays Potion of Healing on Seelah D4=2 to put back Gorum and Chainmail (She now has 11 cards in deck and none in hand w/6-card hand-size). Kyra draws Nethys, Major Cure (YAY!!!), Sarenrae, Sihedron Ring (Double YAY!!!), Fanged Falchion, and Sacred Killer.

Turn 12: Lini buries Staff of Heaven and Earth. Kyra plays Major Cure on Seelah D4+1=4 to put back 2x Iomedae, Norgorber, Greatclub+3) while Kyra gets her Adamantine Armor back. Lini finds Dominate (Divine 12) D10+5+D4+4=18 Pass. She discards Dominate and Tiger (2 cards left so I need Blessings) to draw Eagle, Swipe, Shelyn, and Lamashtu. I think Kyra passed the recharge on Major Cure but I forgot to write it down though it won't matter.

Turn 13: Seelah has no hand so does nothing. She draws Mokmurian's Club, Nethys, Cure, Greatclub+3, Iomedae, and Mountaineer.

Turn 14: Meri buries Erastil (have VHC+2 and Lamashtu in hand). Seelah plays Cure on Seoni D4+1=5 (All but 1 Pharasma and Incendiary Cloud) and fails the recharge 8 vs 6. Warden of Ruins #5 Con/Fort 14 Seelah-recharge Mountaineer, Kyra plays Sarenrae on Meri (has to keep that Lamashtu) 3D6=16 (Got 2 6's and a 4!!!) Pass, Ezren and Kyra reveal Sihedron Rings and Lini reveals Reflecting Shield. Seoni discards her only card (Disintegrate).

Meri discards her Venomous Heavy Crossbow+2 and Seelah discards Nethys for 3D12+4+D10+2=35 Pass. She adds to that Lamashtu Boots of Teleportation, Fortress Shield, Erastil, Staff of Minor Healing, and BAR.

Karzoug bellows "You are all mighty heroes, but I'm going to grind you all into dust now. Taking out my dragon was beyond rude. Prepare to die!"

Turn 15: Ezren buries Dominate. Meri uses Staff of Minor Healing to recharge Erastil. Karzoug The Claimer First a Con/Fort 15 Pass take 2 Poison damage/Fail D4+1 Fire Damage (oddest thing about AP6 as Fire damage is much easier prevented than Poison so why that order?). Seelah-Fail D4+1=2 Discard both weapons, Meri-Fail D4+1=2 Recharge Fortress Shield, Ezren Fail-D4+1=3 Play Medallion (auto-recharge), Seoni has no cards so who cares, Kyra Fail D4+1=3 Reveal Ring for 2 and discard it for 3rd. Lini plays Shelyn for 2D8+D4+4=15 Just Pass Discard Shield (doesn't protect against poison but didn't want to risk rolling a 5) and Swipe#1.

1st Check Combat 30: Arcane 15 to play spells Ezren D12+8=20 (I had RFS+2 in hand if I failed). Poison Blast plus Meri plays Erastil and Lini plays Gorum for 5D12+8 (Headband and +6 mods)=2+8+7+3+10+8=38 Scared for quite awhile there. Recharged 14 vs 22. I panic as I realize that the Staff of Hungry Shadows needs a spell to discard, and I don't have any in hand. What does Ezren draw? Scorching Ray.laugh

Okay, I have 3 choices. Lini has Swipe and should make that Divine 15 check. Kyra has Fanged Falchion, and Ezren has Returning Frost Spear+2. I go with Kyra.

2nd Check Combat 40: Kyra discards Fanged Falchion, recharges Sacred Killer (D6+1) and plays Nethys. Ezren reveals Staff of Hungry Shadows and discard Scorching Ray D12+6=15. Lini and Meri both bury Lamashtu and Seelah shuffles Iomedae. 8D6+4D4(4's count as 6's)+24=6+2+4+6+5+5+3+2=33 off D6's +24=57 Pass. Oh, Meri takes one Fire Damage being the only one without Arcane or Divine (another reason not to face him more than once).

Meri rips the key off from around Karzoug's neck and opens the door. Seelah and Ezren charge into the room and blast the doors open much to the delight of Bonnie and Clyde. Meri lets out a large cheer as there are 3 cool things over in another corner, but the cheer gives it away as the party spots the cache (she couldn't use any of it anyway). The 2 Dragons easily blow a hole in the wall to let our heroes escape. Where will they go from here? Unfortunately, nowhere as the story ends.

The party does get Robes of Xin-Shalast, Karzoug's Burning Glaive, and Sihedron Tome, and the much derided 2 card feats (one for AP6 and one for completing the entire series). Here's what they took:

Seelah--Spell (Mass Cure), Ally (Toad)
Meri--Items x2 (Amulet of Fortitude and Crown of Charisma)
Ezren--Spell (Incendiary Cloud) and Item (Sihedron Tome)
Seoni--Blessings x2 (Desna and Pharasma#5)
Kyra--Spells x2 (Augury, Dominate) Also, replace 1 Shortspear+3 for the Glaive
Lini--Item (Robes of Xin-Shalast) and Ally (Cat)

A few tips for this scenario: Augury/Scrying/Magic Spyglass/Revelation Quill/Nethys are all must haves to successfully win this scenario. The AP6 Rings (including the one I didn't get) and Armors make it a lot easier too. Seoni really benefits from her one power that will prevent 1 Fire _ Electricity Damage if you can get to it. It is a very fitting end to the adventure, and if you do dumb things, like discarding armor when the dragon is still out there, you can end before you get there. Thanks for reading.
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Robert Ahearne
United States
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Thanks for this excellent, detailed write-up. It was thrilling; I really enjoyed it.

You give me confidence for facing this scenario. It sounds quite difficult! Great job putting Karzoug on the bottom. A crucial achievement.

I'm glad you took the trouble of taking the game-ending card feats. I plan to do the same, and to look for fan-created scenarios to assail with the conquering heroes.
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